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  1. Most of the attackers in France are not new arrivals.
  2. There's no definition of a "crash". I'd be pretty unhappy though, if I bought a house and 6 months later it was worth 500k less though. Obviously, if you wait a decade it'll be more or less guaranteed to go back up, but the extra 500k you'll be carrying on your mortgage is going to sting.
  3. Never said that. But 1981 was definitely a crash.
  4. But that's really incorrect. Humans have been killing eachother in large numbers for a long time for all sorts of reasons. Religion is just the excuse for one tribe to wipe another tribe out and take their resources. Here's a list of wars by death toll: Almost none of the top have anything to do with religious beliefs.
  5. There was approximately a 50% crash in 1981. Also, you logic about there not being a crash in a while meaning we won't ever get a crash is highly flawed. If anything that's the opposite of the way it works. The fact that we've seen 3 successive sudden spikes in prices over the past 10 years, most certainly does not mean we are more sheltered from a crash.
  6. So if you ignore all the other reasons people kill people, religion is the only reason. Brilliant.
  7. It was high interest rates in 1981, now it's unregulated foreign investment. In the USA it was sub prime mortgages. A lot of factors can lead to a crash, and Vancouver having nice beaches does not make it immune.
  8. The Chinese government does not like its citizens pulling money out of the economy and putting it into speculative real estate markets.
  9. In 1981 you had almost a 40% drop. It's hard to see it on the chart you've provided, but it's there. The prices go from about 200k to what looks like around 130k. Just prior to that prices also accelerated quickly. Kind of like they have over the last 10 years. The only thing that's never happened before is the giant spike we've just had. We've actually had 3 of them in a row. That's what's unheard of. Once again, I'm not saying that a crash definitely will happen, but there are plenty of experts out there saying it is likely. I'm curious what you think it is about Vancouver that makes it special?
  10. Clark should have done something at least 2 years ago.
  11. OMG who do I trust? The politician looking for votes or the resident realtor who continually assures us all there is no way prices can drop and we'd better buy now.
  12. If you actually read the legislation, even partial foreign ownership is enough. But yes, putting the property in someone else's name is an issue. The legislation does address this though, as holding the property in trust for a foreigner and not disclosing it can lead to up to a $200k fine and 2 years in jail. How much will the government pursue this? That's another issue. You're comment about "students" and "caretakers" appears to be made up.
  13. You don't think a "rich foreigner" will think twice about losing $300k on a 2million dollar purchase? You don't get rich that way.
  14. I posted this in the other thread but: The tax applies to everyone but permanent residents and citizens. Any corporation even partially owned by foreigners is taxed. Putting property in someone else's name does not make you exempt. I see no fine print about "students" and "care-takers".