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  1. The BC Real Estate Discussion Thread

    It's not just the "1%" who are creating this crisis. Every time someone sells a property to a foreigner for 10x what they paid, they're adding to the problem. That being said, how many people would be wiling to take less profit on their property to help local people? But yes, our government should have stepped in a long time ago. Homes are more than just an investment.
  2. Who is to blame for the Palestine/Israel Conflict

    The Nazis also exterminated Roman's, visible minorities, the handicapped, homosexuals, Jehova's Witnesses, communists, and many other groups. Jews had the unfortunate circumstance of being one of the larger minority groups within Nazi territory, which is why they had it so bad. Nazi philosophy was about purging all people that didn't fit their ideal, and not specifically about the Jews.
  3. Who is to blame for the Palestine/Israel Conflict

    After 1949 until 1967 Jordan also controlled the west bank.
  4. Who is to blame for the Palestine/Israel Conflict

    I have a prediction..... This thread will in no way be constructive.
  5. The BC Real Estate Discussion Thread

    That's a very specific date.
  6. Get a grip...the bill needs 3 more rounds of voting before being voted in. It also doesn't apply to that 16 year old girl who slapped the soldiers, which had that happened in any other country in the world, the soldiers would not have just stood there and done nothing. Current Israeli law allows for the death penalty to be used for MURDER: This illustrates the major problem with the anti-Israeli side. You stifle any kind of a fair settlement by exaggerating everything Israel does to the point it's no longer remotely truthful. Somehow Israel changing the procedure for the death penalty dealing with convicted murderers results in Israel executing a 16 year old girl for slapping a soldier?
  7. What makes a country legitimate exactly? Canada exists because a bunch of British colonists invaded indigenous Canadian people. Britain itself exists because various groups, including the Romans, Anglo-Saxons, Danes, Normans, etc...., won wars to conquer it. Israel not only won their war but got legitimacy from the UN. That puts them above the vast majority of countries that exist today.
  8. Unrest in Iran

    I really feel for the Iranian people here. Overthrowing the regime will be very difficult. The regime is deeply embedded into the fabric of their society. They control the Shiite religion, which is a huge part of the lives of many of the people. They also have civilian spies everywhere that are tasked with spying on and reporting their neighbours.
  9. Israel civilians are under threat from constant attacks. You can argue against that all you want, but if Israel were to stop defending itself, it would be a massacre. The Palestinians also use every opportunity Israel does give them to further their attacks. Israel left Gaza and the Palestinians destroyed the farms and elected Hamas. There's supposedly a shortage of building materials, yet Hamas can spend millions building networks of tunnels into Israel. The Palestinians will be a lot better off when they cease their pointless military campaign and focus on their own well being. Also the Israel /Palestine conflict is one of the smallest currently occurring in the middle east. The conflicts in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Iran etc have all resulted in far more casualties and suffering. You're clearly trying to blame Israel for all of the problems in the middle east. This constant blaming of Israel is a tactic used by Hamas and Iran, and only makes the conflict worse and things worse for the Palestinians.
  10. And Israel won't provide a fair settlement until their security needs are met..a real chicken and egg scenario. Jerusalem was most certainly not the safest in the middle ages. I'm not sure how you can state that is a fact. Only a small number of Jewish families were allowed to move back into Jerusalem and they had to live as Dhimmi.
  11. I think you have a very romanticised view of what the world was like in 600 AD. It was a very brutal place. Caliph Umar may have been ahead of his time, but everything is relative. The world even 100 years ago was pretty shocking.
  12. There are many Palestinian groups who see Palestine as including all of Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza. There are people on both sides with viewpoints that are likely to result in ongoing conflict.
  13. To further clarify, there have always been disagreements about exact borders, but to say that Israel has never offered a part of Jerusalem is false.
  14. Israel has offered the Palestinians control over the Arab neighbourhoods in Jerusalem multiple times.
  15. Israel offered East Jerusalem to the Palestinians at the Tabs summit in 2001.