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  1. Lol. No the right wing parties in Europe are far more extreme than anything in North America. The AfD isn't just extreme at it's more extreme elements. The party leaders themselves go on about the "father land".
  2. It's baffling that pre-sales are exempted from the 15% foreign buyer's tax. Makes no sense whatsoever.
  3. I agree. Why on Earth would you come all the way here only to have a crappier version of food you have back home. Vancouver has world class sushi. Try that. As far as Canucks tickets go, they are really easy to get right now. Unless you are going to a Toronto or Pittsburgh game, you should be able to find them below face value.
  4. People realize that Merkel is running a center right party right? Even if she wins by a significant margin, this could still signal a significant shift to the right. If the main party is centre right and the rivals consist of far right parties, that makes for a fairly conservative parliament overall.
  5. You don't think that had anything to do with external factors outside of any politician's control, for example oil prices?
  6. I have no idea how the government measure inflation. Everything is clearly more expensive than it was 5 years ago, yet our inflation is almost non-existent.
  7. Even if you were to run for 1/2 hour a day, it'd be pretty substantial. You could do 5-6 km/ day. Everyone has time for some kind of exercise.
  8. I'd agree. If anything I'd say the squat is high, and he needs to increase the ratio of both his bench and deadlift to squat. Everyone is different though.
  9. Why do you need to be 160 lbs? If I were you I'd stop worrying about weight loss and start exercising.
  10. You can't really measure weight loss accurately week to week. Too many variables like bloating, water weight, hydration, etc... How tall are you?
  11. Great post. To add to this, you would have to be very naive to assume that on the international scale things are just about climate change. If you look at the international schemes each country essentially tries to shift the burden to everyone else. Unfortunately if you're not "playing the game" you're going to end up getting f-ed.
  12. are housing starts still down. We have a massive shortage of condos, which is propelling our market up.
  13. I'm don't know too much about the political climate in the UK, but what is making it such a huge target right now?
  14. The vast majority of gun violence involves suicides, drugs, or domestic violence.
  15. The act itself does not make a mass murder/shooting a terrorist act. You also need to have political intentions. If someone is insane and incapable of understanding what they are doing that's not terrorism. If someone is killing for personal reasons, that's usually not terrorism either until they ally themselves with a political movement and seek to gain political goals. I'm assuming you're statement about toddlers is in reference to the Sandy Hook shooting? The shooter was Adam Lanza who had a long history of autism and mental health issues. He was also diagnosed with Aspergers, OCD, anorexia, and potentially schizophrenia. He had sensory issues that made exposure to every noises and lights torture. It was a tragedy that someone with all of those issues was allowed access to weapons. However, as Lanza had no political motive, it was not terrorism. Refusing to describe Lanza as a terrorist has nothing to do with racism. I don't know why you can't seem to grasp this concept. It's been explained to you several times. The issues surrounding Sandy Hook have to do with mental health and gun control. Whereas terrorism is a political force that has to be dealt with differently. Dealing with terrorism involves disrupting networks that provide support and funds. Hence, the separate legal designation.