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  1. Groan...After the London attack on the mosque last week, it was immediately stated that it was an act of terrorism. Usually, the police say they are investigating the motives. Even in this case they used the word "possible". Why? Because he was shouting Allahu Akbhar as he committed the crime.
  2. My biggest issue with the NDP initiative is that unless city by-laws are changed to allow for more building, you're just further drying up the supply by making homes that not everyone can purchase. There are entire areas of the city that remained underdeveloped, for example the are along Terminal, the cambie corridor, the Sunrise area, etc... all of which would be prime area for higher density. Instead the cities zoning, heritage, permit, etc... laws all stop development. It reeks of corruption to me, as the same small set of developers seem to be the ones profiting.
  3. The problems have more to do with the city and its bylaws than the Provincial Government. Until the city allows the proper high density building, what you're talking about will never happen. The city is set up to slowly trickle out condos, so demand remains high. Building X amount of low income units or banning non-rental units is useless as long as the market conditions haven't been fixed locally.
  4. How is this any different than what's been going on for the last 20 years consistently? Obama sent 80,000 new troops to Afghanistan in 2009/10.
  5. The world has been 4 degrees warmer before and it wasn't some dessert like waste land. Not saying we should mess around with the temperature of the Earth, just that the effects are likely to be far more complicated than the middle half totally drying out.
  6. There aren't enough jobs in these small towns to support what you are proposing. Where do you expect people to go exactly? Places like Coquitlam are unaffordable. The only reason some cities remain affordable is because they are low demand. If there was mass migration there, they'd be unaffordable too. Foreign investment, low interest rates, and lack of supply are the issues.
  7. Some have as much as 5%. People also have Denisovan DNA, another hominid, and likely lots more we haven't identified. People native to South Africa may be mixed with hundreds of hominids.
  8. Very cool. Also very neat they found such a complete skeleton. IMO the biggest issue is with our overly simplistic and linear view of evolution. Humans didn't evolve in a straight line, there was constant offshoots and re-integrations of hominid species. At one point, we probably shared the Earth with various human-like and ape species. Pretty cool to think about.
  9. People should read up on the history of middle east if they think that what's going on now is a big deal. Diplomatic riffs and even wars are quite common between members of the Arab League. The only imminent crisis I'd be worried about as a Canadian is the fallout from our current housing crisis.
  10. I agree with this. $1300 is likely the cost of sanding and painting a bumper or repairing a minor crack in it. At most you're looking at taking a dent out of a fender. This is not the same as structural damage. At $5000, you're looking at taking a dent out of a door. I had a dent in my door from an accident, it involved sanding down both doors (so the paint would match), pounding out the dent, and then repainting both doors. It's not an issue that will affect the structure of the car. This cost about $5000 in the end, but in no way affected the structure of the vehicle. The actual panels on a vehicle are meant to be removed and put back on. You want to avoid anything structural. So things like frame damage or heavy damage to the trunk. Dents in panels and bumpers are nothing to worry about. You might want to find out where the work was done though, to ensure that you won't run into any rusting problems later on if poor paint product was used. I would see if you can look into it further, but I definitely wouldn't walk away from a good deal over $1,300 in damage.
  11. I disagree. It's important to focus on this too. If the authorities were to totally let down there guard, there'd be a lot more attacks.
  12. I disagree. Radicalizing angsty teenagers/young adults is pretty easy. Young people are generally angry and illogical. Authoritarian figures have been giving young men weapons and pointing them in the direction of their "enemies" since humanity came into existence.
  13. There actually is something that can be done about it. The UK has stopped several attacks this year. The quick response of the police in this incident also minimized deaths: I also think there is something we can do. It involves not allowing extremist preachers to openly call for violence. Enforce the laws that exist.
  14. My worry would bet that Vancouver businesses are under extreme stress from rent that they may not be able to deal with increased wages as well. Seattle, unlike, Vancouver, still has lots of affordable locations that you can rent office and retail fronts. Restaurants and retail locations are already having a very tough go at it. Any more pressure could simply push many businesses over the edge. Vancouver has artificially low office/retail space due to its incredibly restrictive zoning laws. Seattle also does not seem to have been hit by the real estate crisis as badly as Vancouver has. Quite frankly, it's not going to make a difference what wages are until the crisis is solved. If you increase wages, people will just increase rents accordingly. There aren't enough rental units in Vancouver being built and too many are empty.
  15. Not the same. It won't cover issues with the individual unit and non-strata property.