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  1. The liberals receive more donations, as they're the ones in power. I wouldn't worry about the donations though, these are small potatoes compared to the billions made off real estate development.
  2. The NDP is in the pockets of the unions and developers too. BC has not real choice for good government. Both major parties were bought a long time ago.
  3. I disagree. It's supply and demand...So both are factors contributing to costs. The extra demand is coming from foreign investment and low domestic interest rates. The lack of supply is caused by Vancouver's archaic and corrupt zoning laws and the government's inaction towards cracking down on empty units. Condos trickle out, and demand is never reached. Due to the increased price, it only makes sense to create luxury units. If demand were to be hampered, via cutting down on foreign investment, and the supply were to increase dramatically, via higher density, we'd finally see a drop in prices. There are entire swaths of the city that need to be converted into towers, but red tape is holding up the process. For example, the areas around commercial, main street, terminal avenue, west hastings, etc... are all prime examples of areas that should be high density already. Instead the city allows a few permits to preferred developers. They trickle out a few luxury units and supply never catches up to local demand. Anyways, it's clearly both increased demand and lack of supply that are the issue. That's how simple economic pricing works. Stating that it's not one or the other is ridiculous.
  4. Sounds like its just a precaution. She had a cut on her finger, which was nowhere near where the sealion grabbed her.
  5. This story doesn't fit into either the Liberal or the Conservative propaganda so we won't hear much about it. Liberals don't like it, because: 1. It interferes with their narrative that all people of colour are noble savages. 2. It cannot be easily blamed on the West or used to attack the current administration. Conservatives don't care, because: 1. It doesn't really directly fuel their us vs. them war. 2. It's unlikely to affect business.
  6. If your goal is to gain weight what is holding you back? Are you having trouble putting on weight? Are you looking to change your body composition and lose fat while putting on muscle? 30 minutes is also plenty of time for meal prep. I'd recommend slicing up and frying some chicken breast ahead of time. You should be able to do that in around 10 minutes. Once cooked you can keep that in the fridge for 4 days or so no problem. You can then build your meal around that protein source. If you're looking to lean out, you can combine that with vegetables that are also pre-cooked. Throw them in the frying pan to heat them up to crisp them up. Use different spice combinations to provide flavour and variety. If you're a hard gainer and having trouble putting on weight, then the only solution is to eat more calories. It's a myth that bodybuilders eat clean all year round. They eat clean and calorie restrict when trying to cut. Otherwise, just make sure you get enough protein.
  7. Half a pound a month is pretty easy. Regular compound workouts and calorie surplus will get you there pretty easily.
  8. A police officer has been named as a victim. It's very possible the bomber was being confronted by police as he blew himself up. Edit: never mind. Police officer was off duty.
  9. if those time stamps are correct, the tweets would have been made several hours before the attacks. It's almost 5:00 AM in Manchester right now.
  10. Liberals are to are conservatives. It's the false liberal/conservative dichotomy that trumps rational thought that is leading to this. We have conservatives who want to bomb everyone. We have liberals who put political correctness above all else. Preachers in the UK are allowed to openly preach about terrorist attacks, but political correctness prevents the authorities from dealing with them. People need to end this whole liberal/conservative thing and acting rationally.
  11. You cannot calculate body fat with a formula. You can get a rough idea with visual inspection, but even then, people carry fat in different places. Only a precessional can estimate body fat with any accuracy. Also unless your prepping for mr. Olympia, you probably don't need to pay so much attention to your macros. Get the right amount of calories and protein. Don't worry too much about the rest.
  12. With increased property prices, comes increased rent. The absurd amount of money people and businesses are spending on rent is stifling the economy more than any decreased in property prices ever would. You also have to look at who actually owns the homes....sorry we call it "wealth" now. Increasingly, it's not people who are actually living and working in the city.
  13. Not anymore. I'm going more minimalist, and they take up too much space. I collect hockey cards still, and a lot of the same principles apply. Stuff from the 90s is largely worthless. Stuff from the 60-90s is relatively common, but very uncommon in high end condition.
  14. The value of those books in the ASM 122 era really depends on condition and grading. You can find slightly beat up copies of books like that for about $100. It's books like ASM #1 that have crazy value regardless of condition due to extreme scarcity.
  15. Exactly this. He's done a great job of forwarding battery technology, which had done wonders for the world. However, a lot of his other "big ideas" are just kind of impractical and lazy. Essentially so many of them break down to him building some kind of tube to transport people in or putting solar panels places.