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  1. I think you have a very romanticised view of what the world was like in 600 AD. It was a very brutal place. Caliph Umar may have been ahead of his time, but everything is relative. The world even 100 years ago was pretty shocking.
  2. There are many Palestinian groups who see Palestine as including all of Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza. There are people on both sides with viewpoints that are likely to result in ongoing conflict.
  3. To further clarify, there have always been disagreements about exact borders, but to say that Israel has never offered a part of Jerusalem is false.
  4. Israel has offered the Palestinians control over the Arab neighbourhoods in Jerusalem multiple times.
  5. Israel offered East Jerusalem to the Palestinians at the Tabs summit in 2001.
  6. A lot of people forget that the UN initially designated Jerusalem an international city not owned by either side. Jordan invaded East Jerusalem in 1948 and expelled all the Jews and annexed Jerusalem. Israel gained control in 1967. Prior to 1949 the area changed hands often with many massacres of the local population. The population until migration in the late 1800s was also a extremely small, and not dominated by any specific group. It's not as simple as this group was here first. The term East Jerusalem only exists because Jordan invaded it and forcibly removed the Jewish population, including the population of the old city, which had been there a long time.
  7. If you're referring to Khadr, you know it's more complicated than that. Chretien allowed him to be brought into Guantanamo. Then Harper, a couple of years later, did nothing to free him.
  8. Does Canada have a choice here? These people are pieces of @#$#@ but still Canadian citizens. The correct mode of action should be to allow them back into Canada and then try them for their crimes.
  9. Have you people ever been to Las Vegas? The place is absolutely packed. Seriously, using a helicopter to place snipers in an easily visible place? There would be thousands of witnesses to that. That would be an absurdly sloppy and poorly planned way to proceed.
  10. I agree 100%. I don't think that SA and Iran have any real desire to go to war. As long as the USA remains an oil importing nation, they will do everything in their power to avoid that war. Instead we'll see an escalation in proxy wars. The citizens of Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Lebanon, and basically everyone else in the region will continue to suffer horribly.
  11. These were after relatively minor disruptions in supply. If the Saudis were to completely cut off supply there'd be big trouble.
  12. A major issue would be what follows them. ISIS with major oil reserves wouldn't be good for anyone.
  13. Lol So now Israel is responsible for the Shiite Sunni conflict too? This is happening because Saudi Arabia is losing a war in Yemen, and Iran is the one providing weapons to the other side. Iran now has control over Yemen, Syria, and Lebanon. It's putting it's hooks into Iraq and Libya. Countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran aren't western puppets. If anything it's the opposite. Saudi Arabia has enough wealth, oil, and influence to collapse every economy in the world overnight.
  14. Mass Arrests in Saudi Arabia This is very interesting and seems to coincide with all the purges, The most interesting part is the way women are being portrayed in the promo video. This could just be a way to attract foreign interest, or it could signal genuine change.
  15. Here's the thing. If I go out and make my own money, I'm being taxed on it heavily, but the politician who passed the laws creating those taxes isn't being taxed at nearly the same rate. What you're essentially pushing is a free market. How is there supposed to be a free market if the elite are paying fewer taxes than the people attempting to work their way up? I don't have as much of a problem with private individuals doing this, as I do the politicians. If Trudeau is going to impose tax, he should not be hiding behind a shelter.