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  1. But Penguins aren't from the arctic. Sorry, just giving a hard time. 4-3 Canucks. Daniel, Sutter, Edler, Horvat
  2. It doesn't, I can only last a short time before I have to switch to another station or go crazy. Bro Jake and Pratt is a terrible show, but when guests are on, they get to talk. There are some stupid questions, but overall there is some good insight from the guests. With Patterson, his questions are so long and contrived that even the interviews are unbearable. There was a show last year where he interview Chris Higgins and opened with one of his typical questions and Higgins gave him a quick answer which was obviously not what he wanted, so he asked the same thing again, just as long winded to try and get the answer he wanted and Higgins just gave another quick answer that Patterson didn't want. It was hilarious. My appreciation for Higgins grew three sizes that day. 
  3. Hunter Shinkaruk Talk

    Not sure what confuses you about your bold section. Is your title suppose to be ironic or something? 
  4. Already beat you to it. Keep up. 
  5. Hunter Shinkaruk Talk

    How long until Shink gets a chance and shows he is better than Baer? I don't know why, but of the 4 first rounders we had in 2013/2014, Shink was the one I was most excited about being a top flight scorer. Bo I think will end up our 2C for long while, Jake is a power forward and if he meets his potential, a top line power forward. McCann has surprised me and I think he has the better potential to be our 1C in the future. Shink McCann Virtanen - Future first line of the Canucks.
  6. Well yeah, obviously I'm not going to listen to it. But he is on during the week sometimes and is there top fill in guy. The show just reminded me how much I dislike him on the radio. 
  7. Oh... and just to preempt it... How is this even a thread?
  8. I heard a bit of it this past Saturday, primarily talks Canucks and some other NHL stuff. But to the point, I can't be the only one who can't stand him. His voice is part of it, but I can get past that. It's the way he takes 5 minutes to say something that would take a normal person 30 seconds to say. The way he makes long winded questions to guests that try to direct them to the answer he wants them to say. The way his questions all include a statement with his own brilliant thoughts. I would rather listen to Bro Jake and Pratt than this guy. But anyways, we get him for 3 hours now on Saturdays unless the Canucks are playing. Happy days. 
  9. Idea for Re-alignment post Expansion (If it happens)

    NHLPA would never agree to losing 2 teams. Also NHL Revenue would go down, salary cap is linked to revenue, not profit, so every team would lose cap space. US TV deal would be less on renewal. 
  10. Idea for Re-alignment post Expansion (If it happens)

    NFL has 8 divisions... 
  11. Idea for Re-alignment post Expansion (If it happens)

    I hope not. Right now just over 53% of teams make the playoffs, with 20 out of 32 it increases to almost 63%. It would cheapen the regular season. 
  12. Idea for Re-alignment post Expansion (If it happens)

    I apologize for the snapping, it's this place I tell you. I have never been on a forum before where every second post has some snarky remark, comment or "How is this even a thread" post, granted yours wasn't too bad but its cumulative really. Just want to discuss some hockey. 
  13. China to end one child policy

    I think it had more to do with registration and benefits. If you had more than one the government would stop sending any benefits they would normally and any children after the first couldn't be registered, so they essentially didn't exist in the governments eyes, so no passports, ect. 
  14. Idea for Re-alignment post Expansion (If it happens)

    Like I said, an idea of divisions. If not SJ, who comes up north? Arizona and LV are both farther south. And in the east, do you split up Montreal/Boston? if you take Detroit out for Ottawa sure but that leaves Quebec as the lone Canadian team in that division. It's the concept I was talking about, not the exact Division organization. 
  15. Just kicking around an idea for re-alignment here as most people say Quebec would be a problem with the current East/West set up, unless Detroit or Columbus moves back to the West. Basically is this, Each conference has 4 divisions, maybe as follows (just an idea, obviously could differ) West Div 1 - Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, San Jose Div 2 - Los Angeles, Anaheim, Las Vegas, Arizona Div 3 - Dallas, Colorado, Nashville, St.Louis Div 4 - Winnipeg, Chicago, Minnesota, Columbus East Div 1 - Toronto, Detroit, Montreal, Boston Div 2 - Ottawa, Quebec, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia Div 3 - New York, New York, New Jersey, Buffalo Div 4 - Washington, Carolina, Florida, Tampa Bay So each division would be paired with a partner division from their conference which would rotate on a 3 year cycle (like the NFL) Schedule - 6 games against Division = 18, 4 games against partner Division = 16, 2 games against everyone else = 48, Total = 82 Playoffs would be top 2 teams in each division play in round 1, Round 2 the winners play the winner of their partner division (so it changes every year), Round 3 the winners play the other remaining conference team, then the Stanley Cup Finals.  Basically, this could foster great division rivalries, gives some different playoff scenarios as the partner division changes each year and would cut on travel because it is division heavy. Cheers