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  1. Why can't I clicko n the webcast yet! on CBC
  2. Just eat lower than your maintenance calories and you're good to go. Doesn't matter how much carbs you get, but then again guess everyone's different. I lowered my sugar intake and calories and that was that
  3. Ironman 3 --> 9/10.
  4. $37.50 with unlimited social networking (BBM, facebook, MSN etc)
  5. I have a blackberry 9780 with Fido and I don't have a data plan
  6. Uncaught Error
  7. Total for both combined was $30? Nice
  8. What are your blackberry phone plans like? I recently just got this 200 minutes Unlimited evenings/weekends 2500 text messages Caller ID/Voice mail BBM/Unlimited Social Networking $42 after taxes. Just wondering if this is a good deal, what are yours like?
  9. Join up tournaments and battle us on PS3.
  10. Anyone wanna clan battle? (PS3)
  11. Is there a CDC clan for PS3?
  12. Oh sorry forgot to mention it's for PS3 (My clan) looking for clan battles 6v6 preferably
  13. Anyone here have a clan that wants to have a clan battle? 5v5 or 6v6 Search and Destroy PM me if interested. Time usually is after 930 and we're usually on after that time
  14. LOL why did that guy run away did he not want to fight him?
  15. This game isn't even that hard stop crying it's like the same as CoD4, KDR doesn't mean much anyway I got a 1.88 KDR on CoD4, 1.04 on MW2