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  1. How injuries are affecting management decisions

    It's a good thing that Edlers and Tanevs are greatly available on the market with the assets we have in return...
  2. I'd say the Vey acquisition was a well planned out move. We had WD as our coach at the time, who had had Vey on one of his teams in the minors (Medicine Hat Tigers) and had good point production in the AHL playing for the monarchs. If you want to compare the 2 that way, Vey's numbers look better, just didn't have the playing time in the NHL to form a comparable there. Unlike Toronto, Vancouver had a big hole in talent within that age group and looked to acquire a player in Vey that they had direct knowledge of via their coach (Baertschi was also in this boat when he was traded for) to start to fill that gap. Benning was hired in May 2014. Here are the rosters from the 2013-2014 season of each club Vancouver:,gte,1&sort=points,goals,assists Toronto:,gte,1&sort=points,goals,assists
  3. How injuries are affecting management decisions

    Totally. Boeser falling into an open door and injuring his back was 100% because some program that you think isn't in place isn't in place. On an actual note, we played more defensemen during the season due to injuries in 2010-2011 than any season Benning's been our GM for and during his tenure, on average Benning's teams have had to dress less defensemen than during Gillis' tenure as GM.
  4. Battles at camp

    That's pretty much the lineup I'd like to see, though I'd rather see Leipsic on the 3rd than Roussel, not to say that Roussel wouldn't be a good fit on that line. Also like the idea of that but switching the top 2 centers with their linemates at times to see how they gel.
  5. With regards to that text look at the injury situation. Toronto's defense:,gte,1&sort=points,goals,gamesPlayed Vancouver's:,gte,1&sort=points,goals,gamesPlayed Only player on our blueline that played over 71 games was Del Zotto. All 3 of Toronto's top defensemen played 76+ games
  6. Did you even read the post of the guy that was talking about the Montreal article? Toronto would look a lot better if they did, is the point of that post. Their D is bad, they should sign one of those Ds. On the actual topic, I'd say the Canucks are doing a better job of the rebuild. If you're looking at recent success of the 2 teams, let's take injuries into account The canucks have finished top 3 in man games missed/ cap hit of injured players (CHIP), meaning they had the 3rd most salary of players lost to injuries which is considerably significant when it comes to how well a team does during the season, the past 2 seasons, where in that period of time Toronto was bottom 3 in the league. The previous season to that, Toronto had slightly more games lost than the Canucks to CHIP and won the lottery for Matthews, getting to put him into their lineup right away. The previous season to that, both teams had about the same injury/CHIP, slightly worse than the middle of the league, yet the Canucks finished 8th in the NHL to Toronto's 27th place finish. I certainly don't believe our position would be anything close to as bad as it has been, particularly these last 2 seasons, had it not been for the injury situation we've been plagued with, but maybe it's a blessing in disguise. Then I look at who's in the pipe, and while I don't know a great deal about many of Toronto's picks over the last few years ( other than looking at their stats on HockeyDB (looked back through to the 2014 drafted players) I'm certainly liking what we're bringing to the table ( Personally I see us making the playoffs as I did last year (can't really predict 2/3 of your top line getting injured for over a month, along with 2 top 4 defensemen, though I suppose I really should with the Canucks), assuming we don't have the injury situation we always seem to have, and I think those FA signings Benning made will help with that, and get good experience for our young players/stars for the following year. I think the biggest difference between the 2 teams will be how the defense pans out. If Hughes steps in in 2 years (I'd rather see him in College this year, regardless if he could play for the team), I see our team having a better record than Toronto, and that's ignoring any potential defensemen signing next offseason. If Toronto lands a top pairing defenseman that can keep the puck out of their end more often than not then in 2 years it'll be interesting to see how this idea stacks up. But I agree that the 2 GMs didn't start in the same place. Would have rather had Toronto's situation to work with for sure, especially if I knew I'd win the lottery and get a franchise centerman. I also agree that intentionally tanking for a high pick is a joke of a strat. Congrats for being sore losers to Edmonton for years (though that wasn't always intentional, heh) and Toronto the year they got Matthews.
  7. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    So during spring/summer, then, As opposed to fall?
  8. 2018 Canucks Summer Development Camp

    Double post.
  9. 2018 Canucks Summer Development Camp

    Was at the game thanks to @DonaldBrashear sitting in white's defensive end on the right side. Saw quite a bit of Woo and Utunen and I was impressed with Utunen. Quickly relieved the pressure pretty much every time it was there while he was on the ice. Looking forward to seeing how he develops. Rathbone did a pretty good job of that too. Was hoping to be able to watch the full game afterwards as it wasn't very easy to see the action at the other end of the ice where the majority of the play was (looks like there's a 3 part link to the game here: Lukosevicius certainly has a good shot. Him and Copeland probably looked the most dangerous for team blue from what I noticed. McMaster played well at times in the offensive zone as well. Woo had some nice hits.
  10. Will we finish higher or lower in the standings?

    I'd say it depends on injuries, as usual. I expected last season to be significantly better than the previous, but when 2/3 of your top line gets injured for a significant period of time along with key defensemen...
  11. Quinn Hughes | D

    That's pretty unrealistic projections, man.
  12. Say what you want about Bettman (get that scrub outta there is what I say), but he is certainly helping the sport grow in the states in particular.
  13. I think this is a good deal for both teams, honestly
  14. A Case to Draft Jesperi Kotkaniemi

    I find it amusing that people keep complaining about our D and yet keep wanting us to draft forwards. I'm not saying don't draft forwards if they're clearly better, but we need high end D, which we've basically never had (I'd say best we've had is solid #2 defensemen, predominantly in Salo or Ohlund). We have high end players at those other positions (Boeser, Petterson, Horvat), but not at D (Though Juolevi did have an impressive season in Liiga).
  15. Joseph LaBate | C/LW

    I've liked his game. Was a little disappointed he didn't make the Canucks last year.