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  1. Yes, but the statement isn't that it has to. It strictly states that it's the first palindrome, which isn't correct, because there's also been the same in the US (where day and month are reversed for the other format)
  2. Bieksa was excellent. Would enjoy the broadcast more if Sportsnet had him as the color for the Canucks.
  3. Top 5? hmm 1. Warcraft 3 2. Sid Meier's Civilization 3. Final Fantasy Tactics 4. Gran Turismo 2 5. Super Mario RPG HM: Starcraft Rock Band (whole series - 2 was the best for the songs on the game) Top Gear 2 Diablo 2 Mass Effect 2 Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past I'm probably forgetting about something as well
  4. You shouldn't have just yes and no answers for the poll. Trading for the sake of trading isn't a good idea. If the question was for the return of a rental, then definitely not. But if we're getting back a good roster player, like Miller, then it's worth trading for. Both picks and prospects can be upgraded if the price is right IMO. Benning has done a good job of attempting to do this throughout his time here.
  5. Consistency issues? Looks pretty consistent to me: I don't remember why he was out of the lineup at the end of February-early March, but other than that his ice time was pretty consistent over the whole year (anywhere from 12 minutes to 22 minutes a night. He was a rookie and Willie D was our coach). Guy is now 3 years older (at the end of the season). I can't imagine him coming back worse than before, let alone not decently improved from how he last was when he was here.
  6. He more than proved he was good enough to be a full time NHLer when he was here. He's a legit top 4. I actually would probably prefer a lineup of the following if Tryamkin were to come back: Edler Myers Hughes Tryamkin Tanev Stecher (didn't consider handedness here)
  7. I'm surprised people are so down on Tryamkin. He'd easily be better than Benn on our bottom pairing and I feel like he'd be able to slot anywhere in the bottom 6. Guy was a beast last time he played for us.
  8. Stating "It has nothing to do with the way Green is deploying them." is completely ridiculous. So you're saying that despite whatever system Green has in place Petterson and Boeser would have put up the points they put up? As if to say another system would have no effect on their point production? I'm not saying the OP is completely right in his assessment, but a different system designed better around offense could certainly improve the production of our stars. That's not to say that we should go away from a solid defensive system.
  9. I really don't understand why Eriksson isn't playing here. So dumb.
  10. Nice mask. Love the rafters/retired banners on the back.