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  1. Pretty annoyed with the Powerplay staying the same. Only got that first goal because of a broken play, which won't normally happen, and the 2nd because Edler was out there. Not sure why Edler isn't on our first PP unit. It's not like going 1 for 10 is an acceptable powerplay percentage. Please, coaches. Change it up...
  2. except that we played better than the other teams and did come back, so ya, we did have business coming back in our 1st 3 games, especially considering it wasn't even Calgary that scored the goal in our game against them. Edit: I suppose you meant that we came back in all 3, as opposed to only 2 or 1 of the 3. Ya I suppose that's a valid point
  3. well since it's only been 4 games, no. We couldn't have been 1-4
  4. Glad Moynihan's getting a look. I liked what he showed. Would have liked to see him and Mackenzie on a line with Cassels instead of D'Aoust in that 3rd game, though D'Aoust didn't look bad.
  5. Thanks!
  6. Which is nice and all, but there's no link to it on the front page of CDC, and there's no link on the Canucks' Youtube channel
  7. Smith is great. Played with Cassels in Oshawa when they won the memorial cup. Liked his game there, and have liked him in the youngstars since
  8. Didn't see anyone mention #79, Moynihan. Thought he looked good among the forwards of people I didn't know anything about. Hope he gets more ice time in future games.
  9. yes. They stated as much in the youngstars 2016 tournament preview video. It will be streamed on youtube, with a link on CDC's front page. Same as the last number of years (possibly every year the tournament's existed?)
  10. I dunno. Assuming Edler stays healthy, he's still our best option on the PP, and with Eriksson on the team, I think he's likely to se a .5 ppg season. It's hard to imagine Burrows having as bad a start to the season as last year as well, so his points per game will likely improve over last season, but ya, not likely to hit his average.
  11. Except I'm pointing out 1 instance of a fairly consistent disparity. I could take the time to go through the games and find more, but frankly I don't feel the need. Draw what conclusions you want.
  12. I totally understand that some calls are going to be missed due to human error, whether that's positioning, or not focusing on where the infraction takes place due to other factors (players pathing into the ref, fight happening somewhere else, etc.), but when you can objectively see via a replay an infraction, there should be no ambiguity as to what is or isn't a call. Take a look at the last video I posted. I had posted multiple clips of stick lifting in the Ottawa game that was posted that Kragar indicated he didn't think was a penalty, and yet, in the Feb 28th SJ game, the Canucks get called when a Canuck lifts some player's stick and the guy falls into a different Canucks player. If something gets called sometimes, it should get called all the time. Now you could argue that because he lifted the stick as opposed to hooking near the hands that the ref probably didn't see the infraction properly and penalized the result, but the intended infraction that the ref was trying to call remains an inconsistently called penalty.
  13. The point is to make the calls not ambiguous. The reason this is the case is the same reason it is for the refs. Make all the calls and there's no ambiguity. Read my response to his post " The point isn't whether or not something is easy to call, the point is that stuff that's in the rulebook as a penalty isn't getting called. If they called everything, then there would be no ambiguity with regards to what is and isn't a penalty, which is why in some of my earlier vids I was adding all the stick taps near the hands. Stopped doing that due to the amount of time it takes, not that I think less of taking that away from the game so that real slashes/hooks actually get called, as well as the fact that the vast majority of those have no/very little impact on the play "
  14. Well if you can't analyze data, that's your problem
  15. But these videos show that it is happening. I'm not making this up, and as I've said before, anyone could point out any plays that I've missed in my videos, so it's not like I'm doctoring what I've recorded for the sake of proving my point (not that at this point, since I'm taking so long, people likely have the games saved still). This isn't the first year this has happened either, and it certainly won't be the last