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  1. How bout you watch the clip I asked you to watch again. That's EXACTLY what happened in that video. He hit the shoulder first. You can see the jersey move before contact with the head is made. If anything, Kadri's hit is worse as Smith is moving and does adjust his position whereas Daniel is skating in a straight line and doesn't alter his position.
  2. Watch from 4:27 of this video to wherever the end of that clip is. By this ruling, it is clear Kadri should have been suspended for his hit on D Sedin. This alone leaves me to call this video useless, as clearly they don't give a #^&$ about the rules they themselves set, and I don't agree with them anyways. The idea that 'targeting the head' is a requirement for suspension is a joke, as they can whim any way they want with regards to any possible suspension
  3. you have a link to said rule? I've never heard them say anything like that (aside from incidental contact). The whole point of this thing is to mitigate the amount of concussions
  4. I'm sure Burrows is considered more offensive with the various comments he's made on the ice throughout the years
  5. Not the principal point of contact? The only thing that hit first before McLeod's arm into the side of Baertschi's head was their feet. Go watch the video again
  6. You drink their Koolaid. What a dumbass
  7. I can't even continue reading this thread on Page 2. Intent? STFU. Where was Kassian's intent when he got 8 games for high sticking Gagner? THERE WAS NONE. &^@# YOU NHL
  8. Gotta love the Canucks getting called twice for stuff that isn't penalties (touching someone - Tryamkin, and lifting the stick nowhere near the hands) and not calling a stick chop to the back of the head while a player's on the ice (Larsson on Sedin). Most biased reffed game of the season, though they're all biased
  9. Nah, he's still hung up on McCann
  10. If you want to take a more relevant career to compare to Jake's, Dustin Brown's might be that. While he put up way more points in the AHL (I'd give a decent amount of consideration to the team he was playing on vs what Jake is, though, especially since that was the lock-out year, so there would have been more talent to play with in the AHL), he didn't exactly light it up in the first 2 seasons of his career Drafted in the 2003 entry draft, 2003-04 Los Angeles Kings NHL 31 1 4 5 16 0 -- -- -- -- -- 2004-05 Manchester Monarchs AHL 79 29 45 74 96 7 6 5 2 7 10 2005-06 Los Angeles Kings NHL 79 14 14 28 80 -10 -- -- -- -- -- 2006-07 Los Angeles Kings NHL 81 17 29 46 54 -21 -- -- -- -- -- 2007-08 Los Angeles Kings NHL 78 33 27 60 55 -13 -- -- -- -- -- 2008-09 Los Angeles Kings NHL 80 24 29 53 64 -15 -- -- -- -- -- 2009-10 Los Angeles Kings NHL 82 24 32 56 41 -6 6 1 4 5 6 2010-11 Los Angeles Kings NHL 82 28 29 57 67 17 6 1 1 2 6 2011-12 Los Angeles Kings NHL 82 22 32 54 53 18 20 8 12 20 34
  11. A better comparable might be Bertuzzi. Drafted in '93, didn't play in the NHL until 3 years after his draft, in which he put up 39 points in 76 games. When the Islanders traded him to Vancouver in the '97-'98 season, he had only 18 points in 52 games for the Islanders at the time
  12. Is Robin related to Sami?
  13. You could add Grenier to the AHL list, and McCann is now back in the AHL. Thanks for taking the time to do this, regardless
  14. Nothing new. Jokingly predicted this would happen at my work
  15. PVRed the game so I'm currently in the first, watching it, but man, this dumbass color commentator. "The canucks only have 21 powerplays in 9 games. Maybe they should be working harder to get more powerplays." How bout you go f^&* yourself and tell the referees to actually call the penalties. I hate the NHL so much.