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    Canucks obv, everything hockey. Soccer (Mexico national team), Baseball (Seattle Mariners), Basketball (Phoenix Suns), Football (Seattle Seahawks).
  1. Tennis

    Nadal is a better player, and will only get better while Federer is on his decline. Nevertheless, Federer is the man. They're both great players with a great attitude toward the game and eachother/rivalry, so it's just great to watch. I"m gonna have to give a "hells no" to Djokovic, he's such a d-bag
  2. me of course lol... nahh just kidding. I like argentina!! Almost better than I like croatia!

  3. ugh but he's argentinian!! haha...who's the first?

  4. hes only the second most amazing thing to ever walk the planet

  5. whaaaat? noooo, don't tell me you like sergio aguero....

  6. not if thats you in the picture ;)

  7. oh jeez, I did didn't I...ah well, looks like a definitely no, doesn't it :P

  8. nope, i believe you proposed

  9. haha hey, medal boy? Oh are you the one who i called my hero for asking someone if they wanted a medal :P

  10. you look like john connor...

    hey :)

  11. hey, you're the medal boy!

  12. ah sweet, I'm living in van now but i graduated from Howe Sound a year ago...nice sig by the way, barcelona's doope

  13. wow i just saw your birthday is 1 day before mine!