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  1. Laying in my hammock, sipping on a sleeman. life is good!
  2. Patrick came from open wheel but I do think it would be more for publicity than her skill. Doubt that would happen though. Love the Canadian Grand Prix!!
  3. And coaching.
  4. Woooohoooo! Merci Beaucoup Bruins! Thats what happens when you don't get sucked into bruins BS...and they actually have to play hockey.
  5. lol @ Keselowski!!
  6. Maybe it was just the camera angle but not sure what Busch could have done there.
  7. It's going by week. Last week it was all Packers.
  8. God I hope not. It won't be long before everyone hates him too. Stay away Trev!!!
  9. Heard the "dream team" Bronco's a few times in the last little bit....much to the chagrin of Eagles fans.
  10. Talib to Denver. Good move for them, IMO. Tough loss for Pats.
  11. HUGE that Seahawks re-signed Bennett!!
  12. god I miss football.
  13. Can't believe you didn't use niners seahawks as an example!! Some of the finishes you get in football are what sets it apart from other sports, IMO. Unfortunately the super bowl often doesn't live up to the hype(especially this year, #1 O vs #1 D, Manning, Sherman). I know I'm bias but I thought it was an amazing game, Pete Carroll said it, "nothing was going to stop them." And correct me if I'm wrong but if the super bowl is any indication, it seems the AFC and NFC are on different levels right now. Wondering your thoughts on this.
  14. While I agree with you that from a nuetral standpoint, the game probably sucked. But, believe it or not, I have heard a few people in the biz say they really enjoyed the clinic put on by the Seahawks. A game plan really couldn't be executed more perfectly.
  15. Thanks NPF. Its been a crazy few days for sure...I've been pretty much glowing since Sunday. Yes lots of bandwagon Hawks fans recently but I think 2011 Nucks cup run severly trumped with bandwagoners...at least where I am. So many people who we cheered with in 2011 couldn't even tell you who the coach is this year. That's just how it is, people wanna be part of something special...which this season truly was for the Hawks and 12s. I just wanna know where Canucks_fo_life is?? Wouldn't shut up about the Ravens last year and now the Hawks win and he is MIA. Pretty sure I saw him whinning on twitter about the Seahawks media coverage...hypocrite?? Seahawks super bowl champs has an awesome "ring" to it!! And no more "how many rings??" jokes when I wear my jersey out!!! Wooot!!! Gunna soak this one up. But I really don't think anyone should be talking dynasty. Heard that word come up quite a bit now but I hate hearing it. Yes this team is geared to be good for a time....still getting out of the NFC is a battle and you can bet niners are pissed, possible injuries, etc etc....way to many variables to be even close to dynasty talk.