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  1. McIlroy wins Open championship

    ^^^ certainly seems that way. I thought he was an idiot for blowing off Caroline but seems he knew what he was doing. Congrats to Rory...glad to see him back at the top!
  2. Getting a cat

    some funny posts in here. Have fed my aging cat "whiskas" all his life and have never had a problem. Also feel it would be downright cruel to not let him outside as he has a desperate desire to be outside(just like us humans do...and we fully accept the possible risks of leaving our houses). Thankfully, we live at the end of a cul-de-sac, he doesn't go very far(prefers to lounge on the back deck) and always comes in at night. Good luck with your new pet, OP. Cats are a great addition to the family!!
  3. So you didn't actually see the interview?? Sorry not everyone deals with disappointment as good as you do.
  4. He's an 18 year old kid, just put through an extremely stressful situation(to the likes you and I will probably never understand), his whole life has been working to this moment, they stick a camera in his face five minutes after its over...jeeesh...lighten up on him, dude. Crying and pouting is beyond a tad harsh.
  5. lol knew some nucks fans would jump all over him about that.....so sensitive sometimes.
  6. What it takes to be a FAN.

    Welcome to the age of "internet sports fandom." Get used to it, OP....every idiot has a voice now.
  7. That was quite a run Canada had in the Glasgow 7s til the All Blacks spoiled all the fun. Glad we are putting a bid in and I will certainly support it if we win the bid. Was hoping the 7s success would translate to the 15s but that was a disappointing last 3 matches....work to be done before 2015.
  8. what are you doing this very second(?)

    Laying in my hammock, sipping on a sleeman. life is good!
  9. I don't know that they should have beat Scotland(too many mistakes) but they were definitely able to keep up and make a good match of it. And I'm certainly not giving them the W against the Americans yet. Work to be done on passing and set pieces.
  10. Good effort but two tough losses in a row for Canada. Still work to be done before 2015 as careless mistakes happen to often and cost us bigtime. HAVE to beat the Americans next weekend!!! Saw most of the Springboks match against Wales.....wow, different level. Hope we can be competing against them soon.
  11. Motorsports 2014

    Patrick came from open wheel but I do think it would be more for publicity than her skill. Doubt that would happen though. Love the Canadian Grand Prix!!
  12. It has been awesome to see how quickly we have climbed the world rugby ranks in recent years. I think our heart is a big part of that - although I know the last world cup was a bit of a disappointment in the end. But it must have been a good learning experience for our guys. Cannot wait for world cup next year!! You get a good rugby match and there isn't a better sport in the world....as this years premiership has proved.
  13. Love the new gear!! Can't wait til the game on Saturday...looks like it's almost sold out. To think some idiot on here said no one gives a shit about rugby in the lower mainland.
  14. Once again, Chiarelli forced to comment on Marchand's 'antics'

    That's all news to Boston media.
  15. Maybe that'll make the cat haters round here think twice...but doubt it.