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  1. Horvat = Toews + Kane!
  2. People ripping on his playoff performance before he's made the bigtime is pretty laughable. True, being small is rarely an asset, but does anyone remember Camalleri's playoff performance for the Habs a couple years ago? Or St Louis' consistent play in the regular season and playoffs? I'd say it's more about compete levels than size. I'd rather take a pumped up little guy over a hulking monster that can't take it up a notch or two when it counts.
  3. One thousand sixty-third.
  4. Love this pick. This is exactly the kind of kid you pick in the late rounds. He could turn out to be a gem, but if he doesn't he cost a seventh rounder so it's all good. I like what I've seen so far.
  5. It is pretty obvious that he prefers vets, but I don't think he'd hold Jordan back just because he was young. Cody didn't get moved to the second line because whenever it was tried he showed no chemistry with Kesler. If Jordan gets a good look there and puts up points, I'd say he'd stay there until he wasn't looking effective. Of course, we may be seeing a different coach next season, so that changes everything.
  6. I'd love to see him with Kesler and Booth, they need a real playmaker on that second line. Still counts as Amex too!
  7. Garth, that was a haiku.
  8. Thanks. Good read. I've got high hopes for this kid. I'm going to have to disagree about MPS possibly becoming a top 10 point-getter in the NHL though. It's surprising how quickly the prospect cupboard can be refilled when your GM doesn't throw away draft picks like crazy. Although Gillis obviously ditched some picks to improve the team right away, he actually did, as opposed to the old regimes just adding broken down plugs.
  9. Awesome! I've got high hopes for this kid. I like the way he plays.
  10. When does the college season start? What's with the lack of Schroeder news? I'd like if they played more games in college, but it is good to see he can thrive playing with bigger players. I think he's the real deal.
  11. It sounds like his minutes have decreased. With three goals in four games, you'd think they'd want him out there more. They are preseason games, maybe they want to look at some other players? Maybe he needs to work on his defensive game? Still, three goals in four games is very promising.
  12. ^Am I missing something or are those both the same article? Earnings!
  13. I love what I'm hearing about this kid. Obviously the great skating, shot and puckhandling are nice, but I'm mostly stoked about his reported tenacity. Anybody who plays like a checker but has loads of talent is ten times better than a talented but disinterested player (Yashin). Canucks have a few foreward prospects with very high ceilings after all these years of nobodies. If even half of Rodin, Hodgson, Grabner, Schroeder, Raymond, Bernier, or White turn out, that right there takes care of five of our top six, what with Hank and Dank being locked in for five. I'm stoked about the fact that we finally have some decent prospects. Hopefully this is just the beginning..
  14. I think we should keep him.