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  1. I don't think the classic has a touch sensitive keyboard.
  2. 1) September - November 2) I'm sure they will all carry it, but they might not stock it in stores. I'm really intrigued by the Capactive keyboard on the Passport. The only thing that concerns me is that it looks uncomfortable, although people who've seen it in the flesh say otherwise.
  3. Thanks
  4. I'm guessing most of you don't use BBM and therefore wouldn't have seen this, but I thought I'd post it for anyone who cares. BBM was updated today to include stickers (or bigger emojis), and one of the sticker packs they launched with was WWE Superstars. Too lazy to crop out shaun the sheep.
  5. I hate the keyboard.
  6. Good, cause I was going to say, Q5 sucks. Although, I never liked the Curves anyways. As far as your data goes, you will probably need more. I got myself 8 Gigs the day I got my Z30.
  7. frack season 4, give me Winds of Winter!
  8. How much did you end up paying?
  9. I bought it out right and think it was 100% worth it. Having said that, there will be deals on it for sure.
  10. You know, you constantly come talk about how Android is better, and yet whenever I've provided my opinion about why BB10 is better, you suddenly disappear and don't care to respond.
  11. So, the latest 10.2.1 leak is an absolute game changer. I see zero benefits of iOS over BB10, and only customization as a benefit of Android.
  14. Have you tried the unlocked runtime?