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  1. Name That Goalie!

    Stephane Fiset
  2. Snowboard & Ski Thread

    I can see how sport chek can be hit and miss for expert advice, but ive been in the snowsports industry for 15+ years and can tell you we have some really great shops, service shops and guys that know their crap. frankly, i could be a ski snob all i want, but we arent all dicks and their are some great dudes at sport cheks. Ive been to a ton of super lame small shops in my life where guys are complete dicks blowing it out their asses. I work at sport chek cause I get to help a ton more people.
  3. Snowboard & Ski Thread

    we charge $15 for an iron hot wax, which is the best choice as it allows the wax to properly penetrate the base and will last longer. personally at my shop I buy and use a Kuu graphite wax that has a huge temperature range and lasts longer than traditional waxes. I use it for hand iron waxes and on the belt wax machine ($7). The belt wax is fast and on the spot, but it wont last as long. A hand iron wax needs to sit at least an hour or two before you scrape and buff, but we arent that busy at my location at marine and byrne road, so for the most part we have same day turnaround...if youre ever in a pinch just call and ask and I can hook you up. Just ask for Mark.
  4. Banned the user above you

    Banned for posting 1 minute ago.
  5. Happy Birthday!! :P