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  1. Yes, yes there is.
  2. well i guess i jinxed myself...its reeaaally coming down out there! i hope my teams provincial game doesnt get cancelled
  3. oh and as soon as i typed that, it starts snowing. Its mixed with rain though
  4. Really? its been pouring rain where i am all day! (metrotown area)
  5. the return of sfu guy tonight?
  6. not sure about everywhere, im right by metrotown.
  7. snowing like crazy in burnaby
  8. freakin waited 1 hour for a bus to get to school. All of them were full. I just gave up and came home. frack this
  9. Done I'll never forget SFU guy. May he never get stuck again
  10. booooo *throws popcorn at screen*
  11. i miss sfu guy
  12. well there goes the latenight entertainment
  13. hes free!!
  14. one can dream
  15. same for me! but noone replied to help me