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  1. had a feeling it was gonna be shogun vs machida v2 at the end there good fight
  2. fitch vs alves as per danas twitter!! damn thats a good fight
  3. Struve has no chin.. obviously nelson was going to knock him out no matter how tall he is.
  4. i could see JDS vs KONGO on this card...because Cain will fight the winner of carwin/lesnar..and JDS is not going to fight CAIN, that is just my wishful thinking though.
  5. machida shouldnt have won that fight but, did Shogun really do enough to win that fight and Machida DID defend his title in that fight but he didn't win it.
  6. danawhiteufc I hear you all. They have both agreed to a rematch.2 minutes ago from TwitterBerry
  7. wow did that crap looked fixed or what what UFC FIGHTER lets someone toy around with them like that AND run out of the ring ? Griffins more of a man then that he must of got paid big bucks to be dicked around with.
  8. u guys actually think its gonna snow
  9. 3rd round was definitely rampages 5th was kinda close i dunno good on griffin tho
  10. cuz that shows how much heart and ???? these guys take in these fights why throw in the freakin towel? LOL what times rampage griffin start