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  1. It would've been something if JB had pulled that off. Losing Horvat would suck, but: Subban-Tanev Juolevi-Hutton Gudbranson-Tryamkin Demko Markstrom That's how you build from the net out...
  2. Larsson>Gudbranson Hall>>>McCann I like our deal more than the EDM deal just based on what they had to give up, but I still don't like either of them. Puck possession and puck movement are so important in today's NHL, and everything I've seen/read/studied on Gudbranson demonstrate that those are his weaknesses.
  3. Anything not size related is just theoretical. I'm excited about tryamkin, and I really hope he pans out, but he's as likely to be out of the league next year as he is to be a fulltime Dman.
  4. I don't see how replacing hamhuis with gudbranson is a huge improvement. And while I'm optimistic about Tryamkin and pedan, realistically, odds are that they're no better than Bartowski.
  5. Was he? His first year here he was +18. The next year was the Torts fiasco. Sure Garrison went -5, but Edler went -40 and the Sedins couldn't even hit 50 points. He also never had a problem putting up points when he was here. Garrison was a very good 2nd pairing Dman who was in his 20s, and who was essentially traded for Vey. It's maybe the worst move Gillis has made so far, and he hasn't recovered from it.
  6. What? Garrison is crunching minutes on a team about to head to the SCF. We basically gave him up for free, and Benning has been trying to fill that hold ever since.
  7. Benning's guide to fixing the Canucks defense: Step 1: Trade a great 2nd pairing Dman on a great contract for a 2nd round pick (Garrison)Step 2: Hope Sbisa's awfulness is situation-related, and make him a key piece in a trade for a Selke-caliber C to fill that hole you created when you traded GarrisonStep 3: Even though Sbisa remains awful, sign him to a $4mil/yr contractStep 4 :For reasons known only to God, don't trade Hamhuis at the deadlineStep 5: Finally realize Sbisa is awful, trade a top asset for a 2nd pairing Dman who isn't quite as good as the one you originally traded away Step 6: Don't re-sign Hamhuis
  8. Currently? Kendrick Kanye A$AP Rocky Run The Jewels Pusha T J. Cole Joey Bada$$
  9. Optimism is good, but that's absurd. It's not even in the same ballpark.
  11. Please tell me how this show is openly racist towards white people. Have you even seen the show? As other people in this thread have said, the concept of white privilege is not about shaming white people. It's just important to be self-aware and acknowledge the privileges that being white in predominately white-dominated society afford you, so that you don't end up believing all the ridiculous crap that you just posted. To paraphrase Louis CK: "I love being white, but if you're white and don't admit that it's great, you're an asshole."
  12. I just finished a 2-week roadtrip starting from Vancouver. We did: Vancouver-->Kelowna-->Yellowstone-->Grand Canyon-->Las Vegas-->Disneyland-->San Fran-->Oregon Dunes-->Portland-->Home It was a lot of driving over 2 weeks, but 3 would be a lot more comfortable.
  13. Attention anti-vaxxers reading this thread. Stop and read this post: Now let it sink in that you're arguing on the same side as this guy, and re-evaluate your life choices accordingly.
  14. I wouldn't. You're much stronger at C and D than at LW. Plus Parise has a long history of being this good, and I'm not convinced that Johansen will keep up the pace all season (although he's super talented). I'd be willing to move MacKinnon if the return was decent. He's not going to be this bad all year, but I don't think he'll be as good as he was last year either. Typical sophomore slump.
  15. Well the rule of thumb is to never sell low. 100% you hold onto Hall as he's one of the best LWs in fantasy. RNH I would move if you can get value for him. If not hold on until he heats up a bit and try again.