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  1. For 17, you're a sharp pencil
  2. Haha, true,true... Maybe not slaves, but very interested.
  3. He's a slave to religion threads on CDC.
  4. You dumbass, you used slavery to talk about ones faith 3 posts above. Please put me on your block list, I shall do the same.
  5. Dirty Dangle
  6. He won't
  7. WTF
  8. Whoever gets the Peg in the first round is in trouble
  9. That post was the sound of game over.
  10. You mean 2
  11. It just doesn't make sense. How can this group constantly come out flat and get scored on first (and second)
  12. Shocking, we didn't score first...
  13. 3-1 for the winners
  14. Yet you pay taxes (I assume), buy insurance etc... Your a slave whether you want to admit it or not. If your creator gave you everything, why wouldn't you humble yourself and say thank you all the time?
  15. Subban destroying Narchand is one of my favorite of all time