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  1. None of them...
  2. Wow, those are epic
  3. Get Hard 6.8/10. A few lol, on par with bad neighbors.
  4. Jamie Benn comes to mind.
  5. Maybe Mike Milbury
  6. Main Tailors on Main St. George is great.
  7. That was a great shift. Good speed, good shot.
  8. Once drafted, your team mates will share less, they need to pad their draft stats.
  9. Quinoa is the new zombie
  10. TV? Shaw 4?
  11. Someone is babysitting again. I hope you are getting paid for it. Dral can take care of himself, he doesn't need your help. If you don't like what I post, ignore it and keep your mouth shut if it is not directed at you (like Dral's was at me). There are enough mini mods trying to become real mods here already. Nobody knows what is going to happen, NO ONE. It is hypothesis and just like when they SPLIT THE ATOM, there are very severe consequences (evidence: See Hiroshima, Russia or Japan). Otherwise, Stephen Hawking can keep blowing into his straw...
  12. If anyone ever wanted to see Plum it her words, the video is of Jake and his poor hands... Nice try Plump
  13. Faith and religion are two different things. No one hijacked anything and you still haven't contributed anything original. Time for a copy and paste maybe?
  14. Great,copy and paste...
  15. Why? Radiation, Nuclear explosions, black holes etc. You should try contributing more.