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  1. For 17, you're a sharp pencil
  2. Haha, true,true... Maybe not slaves, but very interested.
  3. He's a slave to religion threads on CDC.
  4. You dumbass, you used slavery to talk about ones faith 3 posts above. Please put me on your block list, I shall do the same.
  5. Yet you pay taxes (I assume), buy insurance etc... Your a slave whether you want to admit it or not. If your creator gave you everything, why wouldn't you humble yourself and say thank you all the time?
  6. None of them...
  7. Wow, those are epic
  8. Get Hard 6.8/10. A few lol, on par with bad neighbors.
  9. Jamie Benn comes to mind.
  10. Maybe Mike Milbury
  11. Its either going to be Jake V or the next time we pick a forward in the top 2
  12. Main Tailors on Main St. George is great.
  13. That was a great shift. Good speed, good shot.
  14. Once drafted, your team mates will share less, they need to pad their draft stats.
  15. Quinoa is the new zombie