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  1. First off, nothing says he HAS to keep Luongo. You don't think Luongo would waive his NTC to go to an eastern contender? He'd still have a chance to win and he'd be a lot closer to his family during the season.Secondly, I'll be the first to agree that Gillis has made some questionable moves. The Ballard trade was one of the worst deals in club history, and that's saying something for this team. Now, he did overpay on a few free agent signings like Sundin and Demitra, but 95% of the time, when you dip into free agency, you have to overpay to beat other offers. Just about every GM in the league had overpaid to land the services of a UFA at one point or another.However, let's not throw the baby out with bathwater, here. The trade that brought Ehrhoff here from San Jose was a great trade, and was due exclusively to MG's patience. While the Malhotra signing was viewed as an overpayment at the time, until Manny was hurt last year it was be touted as one of the best UFA signings of that summer.I criticize Lou as much as anyone, but getting him for a 5.3 million dollar cap hit given what he could have earned on the open market was a great signing. As was getting the Sedins for 6.1 per each, and Kesler for 4.9.And while the jury may still be out on the Booth deal, you can't possibky say it was a bad move. Gillis surrendered two aging players who are both UFA at the end of the season and who are both coming off major injuries for a younger player who is signed for a few years and a depth centremen with plenty of experience who could still major a mjor factor for Vancouver moving forward.MG has his warts...everyone does. But as long as he keeps this team pointed at the Stanley Cup, he has my vote. He's certainly better that any of the jokers and clowns we've had to this point, save maybe Pat Quinn. Then again, Quinn didn't have to operate with the restrictions of the salary cap.