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  1. What was Jim Benning's best and worst move?

    LOL Schneider made the All-star team BECAUSE Luongo was there. How about Schneider made the team cause he has the 4th best GAA and the 5th best SV% in the entire League. Both of those stats are better than Luongo's Or how about the fact New Jersey missed the playoffs because they are the lowest scoring team in the league. Stats show Schneider did everything to let New Jersey win except score goals (Isn't that what everyone said here with Luongo?) I am probably in the minority here, but I would still rather have Schneider than Horvat (as good as he has been) Dam Logitek beat me to it lmao
  2. PlayStation 4 Thread

    in disc form the PS4 is not backwards compatible. And to play older games on the PS4 you have to subscribe to Playstation Now, where you rent games. Gran Tourismo is not one of the games. I think there is a monthly fee where you can choose from just over 100 games for the fee, otherwise, the good games are for rental, where I think you can rent for a couple of hours to a couple of days. I don't subscribe to Now, only PS+ so I am not 100% sure
  3. PlayStation 4 Thread

    Pretty sure Gran Tourismo 6 is only a PS3 game. For PS4 you will have to wait for Gran Tourismo 7. Hopefully it will be good.
  4. PlayStation 4 Thread

    I had/have the same problem. If you go to setting/psn/account information, then sign into email. you should have an "!" mark next to it, saying your email need to validate. Click the validate button, wait for the email, click the validate link in the email (people seem to not do that and think only clicking validate on the PS4 works) After you click the link in the email, go back to the PS4 and click the alrady validated button. This seems to have worked for me and my buddy. Fingers crossed. I got this fix from a commenter on a website who said he changed to the Anywhere Net+ source on his TV and it actually showed him the PS4 screen, and it was stuck at a validating screen. Not sure this will work for you. But good luck Went back to that website, and people are saying that it works for a while, then goes back to not turning on. I think I may just start shutting down till Sony has a fix and not risk it.
  5. When did Lack falter? He stopped 24 of 27 shots. The last goal he should of had. The first two, Luongo wouldn't have even stopped them. One was a screen shot that he might of seen if the Canucks defensman did his job and clear the front of the net, and the first goal was Bieksa's butter fingers not catching the puck and redirecting a shot that was wide, right into the net. I don't care who started or who should have started, but Lack played good enough that we should have won. The first two Ottawa goals are completely the fault of the teams crappy play in front of the goalie
  6. ZOMG k0PTAr1!sin-1 Gulz.