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  1. I'm assuming it will have a maximum months of the year it can be vacant as a stipulation, but I guess we have to wait and see. I have snowbird clients as well and they are also concerned. I think somewhere between 3 to 4 months would be a sweet spot.
  2. Hey everyone, I've been tracking this thread but it's my first time actually posting in it. I'm in the industry as a mortgage broker, so I see a bit of what is going on at the ground level and wanted to share my thoughts on the recent stats showing foreign ownership is not as seemingly high as it is. (1) I think the foreign ownership is specifically targeted to very select markets, such as Coal Harbour, Shaughnessy, Point Grey, etc. I'm sure if we had numbers run on these specific areas, it would be higher (2) I feel the "foreign ownership" problem is a slight misdiagnosis. I think a lot of the problem is the money that came into the country when the the government allowed applications for citizenship based on net worth. This happened a lot in late 2000's, right before the olympics. I've seen from some reports as high as 100,000 citizens admitted under this net worth program in Vancouver alone over a 10 year period. A majority of these new citizens are from mainland China, and many go back and forth, and continue to bring money out here as their economy proves to be unstable. I think we are also seeing massive continuous reinvestment from their earnings so far playing this market. As they are Canadian citizens, their transactions aren't classed as being foreign. I think due to this, even when the government starts putting in regulation on foreign investment at some eventual point, it won't have the desired effect, since the actual major problem won't be being tackled. I think the best policies to actually help will consist of targeting speculation, and also taxing homes which are empty and not being rented out. This also will help with our second problem, a lack of supply of rental units.
  3. Schreli is actually a good guy. He doesn't take a salary from this pharmaceutical project. The drug he raised prices on has many issues and needs improvement, and there hasn't been any research done on it since the 1940s. 60% of revenues go towards research and development, compared to 15% of companies like Pfizer. He's taking advantage of larger companies who have to pay for it at exuberant prices, such as the insurance companies. He's publically stated if anyone needs this drug and cannot afford it, he will find a way to get it to them for free.
  4. Having trouble finding a clip of what he did to Bennett. Can anyone help me out?
  5. What about when making voting mandatory, having an option to submit your vote as a blank ballot? That way people who don't support any candidates still have a way or exercising their voice, and we'd see how well that group of people are represented.
  6. Well there's your solution. Go out with him, and pick his poop up when he poops and he won't eat it. Problem solved.
  7. I feel the reason for the reduced ice time is not directly cause of Bo, but cause of his linemates(Defazio, Jensen etc.), and cause the coach is easing him into his role. Once the team gets healthy, I don't see why he wouldn't be given 10-12 minutes a night. Kesler was able to develop to his potential and beyond this route, so I don't see why Bo can't.
  8. Thanks for this. Someone had to!
  9. I don't know if you were following the conversation properly, but the reason I said that was one user suggested going around and applying for loans from different banks. That is why I said "from various multiple sources". For someone with sparkling credit, a few pulls from shopping around isn't the biggest deal, but for someone who's credit is at a point where they would barely get approved, or get approved on exception, those multiple credit pulls over a short period can really hurt them.
  10. You are correct. Multiple credit inquiries from various sources can reduce your credit score.
  11. Unless the system has changed recently with Equifax, I believe if you call them and ask them to mail you a credit score report, that will be at no cost. It is just a charge to acquire it instantly from their website.
  12. Acquiring a higher limit, despite what another user said, will not effect your ability to get a mortgage, as long as you have a healthy credit score. It would only effect you if you were right on the border in regards to credit guidelines for the mortgage approval. If you have a healthy credit score, just take the limit increase. Also, to protect your credit score from now until you get a mortgage, make sure you don't miss any payments on any of your credit lines. Try and keep balances below 30%, as that is very good for your credit score. If it means having to make a mid cycle payment to do that, do it. Good luck! Source: I'm a mortgage broker
  13. I think a lot of it is due to the team he was on. The save percentage spread between the two is quite small, while the record is significantly different. Obviously indicates the difference in team quality.
  14. Hey Canucklelion, want to speak on how bad Bieksa's start to the season has been? Just for old time sake?
  15. If my memory serves me correct, he was incredibly injury prone over here. This might be one of the causes for his lack of success here