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  1. Op is a huge Canucks fan and has surfed this site daily for the last 10 years.. Op just doesnt post often Op likes to surf the Web in Hawaii when taking a dump which happens to be 2-3x a day thank you very much......... except right now.. Op is laying on the couch in Hawaii watching fast n loud while Op wife puts Op baby to nap.
  2. What makes you press the reply button and say anything at all? You're the exact problem with any online forum- a pompous jackass who thinks that their opinion matters more then anyone else's. You have nothing to add whether positive or negative, you clearly just felt the need for attention. What I asked was if there were anyone here who travels to Hawaii on a consistent basis. The reason for this is because in Hawaii the weather varies from region to region and anyone who travels here quite a bit MAY have had some relevant information. No where did I say "who on CDC thinks I should take my one year old into a hurricane and risk her life for the sake of vactioning" So, as I sit here in Maui and my wife puts our daughter to sleep I decided I'd get into a pissing match with some random and reply to your ignorant post. The weather has been exceptional and I'm glad we didn't cancel. Aloha.
  3. Thanks to Weasel and Swedehockey for your input. I have been monitoring the hurricanes second by second. I'm not surprised at the rest... I'll post in another few years..See ya
  4. We are supposed to depart YVR at 6:30pm tomorrow for kihei... Looking at the hurricane situation is anyone here an avid Hawaiian tourist who can give advice on this. I've obviously been watching this all day but people who travel and know the isles are more help then google... So please we need to decide if our first trip with our 1 year old should be cancelled last second Thanks!
  5. My wife and I are from Surrey and moved to Pitt Meadows 5 years ago. She works for the City of Surrey and loves it. I am involved with the City of Pitt Meadows and love it. Surrey is a big city with a ton of growth and the opportunities are endless, that is the benefit of working there. Pitt Meadows is a small city that is resistant to growth and there is not a ton of opportunity. That being said we are getting our own parks and rec section and they have posted a few positions for that. The best part is living and working here you get to know a lot of people. Tolls are the killer for my wife adding up to $130+ a month and $75 to park at city Hall. I guess it depends on your age and what you are looking at for future opportunities.
  6. Easy explanation, you thought wrong. Who the hell ever said that there was a 5 year rebuild?
  7. Most likely the complete opposite.. The hand held will probably be on him the whole time so everything is done 100% proper and recorded.. Don't need a charter issue or technicality screwing the investigation up.
  8. We will see a couple depth moves nothing major... We will get the same speech, "we are healthier now, I think you will see what we have here, I'm not going to trade the future or our top players, it's a tight market and teams just aren't willing to make moves" Then everyone will come on here and bitch..
  9. Bieksa just hobbled out of urban fare on crutches...the short ones that brace around the forearms..
  10. Cena draws 13 and under kids.. Kids have parents that 2 tickets plus if mom wants to go 3 then little Julie has to go that's 4.. The 24 yr old fat dude with long hair and pimples in moms basement is still going to watch because he grew up on it... 14-18 wrestling is not cool so who cares about them... It's business us attitude era guys don't matter either...
  11. .
  12. Diaz vs Penn Lol!!
  13. Dec 30- Lesnar vs Overeem!!!!!!
  14. I know it's on here a few pages back but Dana White did/has/uknowthis confirmed that it is Lesnar vs JDS in Vancouver on OTR with Botox lips