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  1. I just went to nk'mip winery and it was georgeous. Excellent wine, outstanding food and amazing story.
  2. [Signing] Canucks sign Ryan Miller

    Easy explanation, you thought wrong. Who the hell ever said that there was a 5 year rebuild?
  3. Congrats Higgins

    Your abs and infectious smile will always be in our hearts... Enjoy Cleveland!
  4. Most likely the complete opposite.. The hand held will probably be on him the whole time so everything is done 100% proper and recorded.. Don't need a charter issue or technicality screwing the investigation up.
  5. **The 6th pick Scenario nobody is Talking about**

    You can trade a 6th + for a 20-30 goal guy with an attitude problem in Winnipeg... You could draft a 10-30 goal guy who may be a bust or develope and attitude Either way lets just watch some entertaining hockey
  6. Stoked for...

    I hope to hell it's just been a one off and I love the enthusiasm but get ready for this.. "We refuse to over pay July 1" "We refuse to trade the future" "This is the tightest off season ever, no one is really talking" "This is a competive league we were injured, I think we have the right squad" "He was just not ready for the nhl, he will go to Utica and hopefully develope more and we will go from there"
  7. Heritage Classic Tickets

    I absolutely agree, this is the first and last time I'll be doing this. I will be looking to donate them to a family in my community who can't afford it if I still have them by Saturday.. Or should I just say screw it and do that anyways?
  8. Heritage Classic Tickets

    I will be there enjoying it.. I bought 4 tix thought hey maybe I can make a little or break even..
  9. Heritage Classic Tickets

    I bought presale and received the nice, fancy ones.. I've had them on craigslist for about 3 weeks, not a sniff!! I started at 275 now at face value (150) and still nothing! This is why I don't gamble.
  10. We will see a couple depth moves nothing major... We will get the same speech, "we are healthier now, I think you will see what we have here, I'm not going to trade the future or our top players, it's a tight market and teams just aren't willing to make moves" Then everyone will come on here and bitch..
  11. Tickets to the 2014 Winter Classic between the Nucks/Sens

    Was contemplating listing them even though they didn't arrive until mid January but just didn't think I'd get any hits...
  12. Tickets to the 2014 Winter Classic between the Nucks/Sens

    Well.. I thought during presale I'd buy 4 tix keep two, sell two and maybe break even or make a couple bucks.. Looks like that will not happen lol...
  13. [OFFICIAL] Canucks Injury Thread

    Bieksa just hobbled out of urban fare on crutches...the short ones that brace around the forearms..
  14. The Newer Newer Official WWE/TNA thread.

    Cena draws 13 and under kids.. Kids have parents that 2 tickets plus if mom wants to go 3 then little Julie has to go that's 4.. The 24 yr old fat dude with long hair and pimples in moms basement is still going to watch because he grew up on it... 14-18 wrestling is not cool so who cares about them... It's business us attitude era guys don't matter either...