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  1. I don't think it's silly. There were some red flags with his production and why he dropped so much in the draft and he isn't doing anything to erase those concerns. He's starting to remind me of JV. A guy who was drafted because scouts got all hot and horny about a players physical tools and ignored the rest. Like JV it there was always some excuse why he wasn't producing from coaches and deployment to teammates but as we've seen with JV most of that has held true. He's a decent 3rd liner and an ok 2nd line player. Not a bust but not good for a 6th overall pick. I can see the same trends with Pod, has a lot of tools to get excited for but the production isn't matching and there always seems to be an excuse why. In the end Pod has a really high floor so he should at least be an NHL player but unless his production starts matching his tools it's unlikely he becomes much more than a 3rd line player and we'll be looking back wishing be grabbed Caufield, Soderstrom or Heinola.
  2. You know he couldn't make his KHL team right? He's in the VHL a worse league than the AHL
  3. This is good to hear. Juolevi has always had the smarts and talent to be an NHL level defender but it seems that since he put on weight after his draft year his foot speed and skating really slowed down. It's something he's going to have to improve on but at the same time he might just be smart enough to overcome the lack of foot speed to be a solid defender at the NHL level. Just looking at Edler you can see how a guy can be effective at the NHL level even when he can't keep up with fast forwards. You just gotta take a few interference penalties a game like Eddy so you don't get made to look silly. Lol.
  4. Nice. He looks a lot better than last year then?
  5. Any team that has Leivo in their top 6 does not have enough depth for a guy like Baertchi. He'll be back
  6. My point is that it wasn't either of their faults. It was a turnover in the Neutral zone to the fastest and best player in the league.
  7. McDavid also blew by Tanev. Why aren't you pointing out how bad that play was by Tanev? Hughes was at least able to get a stick on the puck on fastest player in the league after a turnover in the neutral zone and McDavid having momentum.
  8. He's not saying Ferland isn't a good fit just that Miller is a better player and is promoting stacking the 1st line vs spreading out the scoring. Also while we haven't seen them play yet lots of people will argue Ferland shouldn't be on the top line because if you look at his possession metrics he's always made his lines worse when playing on top lines in Calgary and Carolina. Not my argument but something people have pointed out
  9. 7th round pick. What do you expect?
  10. It's because his ceiling is a bottom pairing defender with little to no offensive upside.
  11. Some psychopaths were trying to suggest moving Stecher to make room for Rafferty after one decent game. Glad we can put that to rest with him being sent down
  12. I like the idea of sending Gaudette down. He looked good against a terrible Edmonton squad but IMO more time in Utica getting top offensive minutes with the puck would be great for him. Don't agree with Goldy on the 2nd though, he looked way out of place with Horvat and Miller. The styles of play just don't mesh and you could see Horvat avoiding passing to Goldy even when he was open. Bae or Pearson are better fits
  13. Lots of good opportunities to score in 16min of ice time. Kids got great offensive instincts.
  14. Offensively maybe but Gaudette has what it takes to be a bottom 6 player. Lind is top 6 or bust, I'd he can get better off the puck and learn how to be effective when he doesn't have it his chances of having an NHL career would be much higher
  15. How did Woo look for those who watched that game?