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  1. When I look at how he plays and how he looked in prospects camp Juolevi definitely looks like he's going to take a few years to adjust to the pace of pro hockey. He really tries to be calm cool and collected out there but I think the speed of pro hockey is going to be a bit of a rude awakening for him. Kinda like how when Gaunce first came into the league, his smarts had always let him cruise around and still be ahead of the game but now he's learned he's gotta up the tempo and hustle. Juolevi is so calm and cool that once he puts on size and adjust to the speed of the pro game he's going to be one hell of a defender for us. It will take some patience though.
  2. Boeser with an assist. Jost also assisted. I'm assuming they are playing on the same line which is good. Hopefully Boeser can get on a hot streak to end the year here on a positive note Edit: Make that 2 assists
  3. Another goal for Gaudette on the PP Aston-Reese has 4 points on all 4 goals scored for NE.
  4. It would be really nice if Boeser went on a hot streak to end the year. North Dakota sucks but it would be great if he can show he's good enough to carry a line in College hockey.
  5. Pretty sure thats just what Jake has always done. Same thing in Junior, except in Junior he could score on those shots or he could beat the defenders wide. I dont think he'll ever be much of a scorer in the NHL. As long as he's skating hard though I can see him being a decent 3rd line guy. His speed is truly incredible for a guy his size.
  6. ? Do people actually say that?
  7. It would be really nice if him and Boeser sign pro contracts. If they play amazing in training camp and make the team then great, but if not it would be even better to have some actual talent in Utica and some actual talent to call up during injuries. There is seriously zero top 6 talent in Utica
  8. Only a whiner would whine about someone whining about someone whining.
  9. Thats just not a west coast thing to do. Reveling in doom and gloom is just part of our nature
  10. Not even a shot on net?
  11. Sami Salo had a similiar frame to Juolevi. Skill and smarts beats brute and strength.
  12. Nice move and paas by Bo
  13. Expecting anything closely related to Hansen out of Virtanen is about as realistic as expecting Subban to turn into a Tanev type guy. Hansen is probably one of the most hard working guys in the entire league, Virtanen is probably one of the laziest players I've ever seen. For a guy with such amazing wheels and size he floats like he's playing beer league hockey. Sure he had that one game where we all got excited but from all accounts he's gone back to floating around again. Sure he may do a complete 180 and start having a work ethic like Hansen but Subban might all of a sudden learn how to play defense like Tanev as well. Chances is that's not going to happen.
  14. Ya I think this year just brings Boeser back down to reality which while it would have been great to have him continue his destruction of the NCAA I think this year is more of an indication of what we have in Boeser, a player with some absolutely elite tools but still needs to significantly improve certain areas of his game. Hopefully people will lower their expectations for Brock and stop penciling him in for a guaranteed spot in the lineup next year and potting 20-30 goals. He is still a few years off and it's just a dam good thing he didn't turn pro after last year and have all those massive expectations on him, it would have been a disaster and major confidence downer.