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  1. I don't think many are expecting Woo to be an offensive dynamo or top pairing guy because he's put up solid numbers this year. It just shows he got some skill with the puck to go with his game, more potential to be a top 4 guy that can play a 2 way game rather than a puck is bomb Gudbranson type defender.
  2. I love Juolevi as a prospect but a lot of this is just misinformation. Most who are London Knight fans will say that Mete was the #1 Dman on that team and played many more minutes than Juolevi. Juolevi fans will say that because he had to babysit Bouchard but Juolevi was on the second pairing so it's not quite accurate to say he was the #1 Dman on the team Timmonen was the #1 Dman in Liiga. Juolevi played the most in the playoffs because Timmonen was injured. Very impressive for Juolevi to elevate his game to be the guy but he only became the #1 guy because Timmonen got injured. He was the #1 offensive dman in Utica but he also was leading the team and the league for having the worst +/-. I don't think he was their number 1 defender. Pretty sure Sautner would have been considered the #1 defender. With the injuries Juolevi has had and the question marks with his defending it's very reasonable for people to be hesitant about him being an NHL defender. He has some elite abilities that should allow him to be an NHL defender but he has some big hurdles to overcome and is far from a guarantee.
  3. Bo is an outlier and not the norm. You rarely see guys improve their skating to the extent Bo did.
  4. I would disagree. He has a massive hole in his game that is caused by slow foot speed. He has trouble containing defenders in a stop start situation. Once up to speed he's an excellent smooth skating defender but he is far from agile and it will be a large hurdle for him to overcome to be a quality defender in the NHL.
  5. Enough players came out and basically said they didn't understand their roles on the team after WD left. He ca have all the degrees he wants but he was not a good communicator or coach in comparison to Green
  6. I agree I hate his attitude but at the same time I'd love him to come back and work under Green. Green is such a good communicator that maybe Tree would actually be understanding of his role on the team whether it be in the top 4 or not. If he still acts entitled and spoiled, &^@# him but I'd like to see him one more time under green
  7. This guy seems like a massive longshot to make the NHL. Don't really understand this trade
  8. Stupid plays how? Turnovers with the puck? Bad positioning? I see the turnovers and occasional bad positioning as he tend to be a bit of a rover but I don't see it enough to say he regularly makes stupid plays and doesn't have a high IQ. I say those are more of a result of the style of game he plays rather than low IQ. The amount of times I see him break up plays just by reading the play before it happens and being in the right spot shows me he absolutely has excellent IQ.
  9. Krug is a tough comparison because other than height they don't really compare very well, Krug is very stalky and strong and his bread and butter is his cannon for a shot. Tyson Barrie and Sam Girard are the best comparables I can think of. Small smooth skating defenders, Hughes has the potential to be better than both but I see them as the best comparables
  10. Yes he will though. His passing and IQ are also excellent. He's not a complete one trick pony with his skating however his skating is so elite and he utilizes it so well he will be an impact player despite his lack of size.
  11. It really seems as if you are only focusing on Quinn's negative traits and basically ignoring everything he does well. Yes due to being a small player Quinn will often loose battles for the puck along the boards, yes Quinn will skate himself into trouble and cause turnovers, yes Quinn has a muffin for a shot. However Quinn also does a lot of things incredible well. As often as he looses a puck battle in the corner he'll beat the forward to the puck and quickly transition the puck out of the zone whether it's a pass or simply skating it out. That small size and quickness also allows him to consistanly break up plays throughout the neutral zone and in the defensive zone. Countless times I've seen him strip guys of the puck one vs one in the defensive zone or simply break up rushes through the neutral zone by making a break on a pass or a player. He's a small guy, it's going to come with problems defensively but with Quinn you have to look at the overall picture and see that he also uses his small size and quickness to his advantage defensively. As for turnovers from doing to much, yes he could be better and he will get better as he works with NHL level coaching and systems but he's a guy that has the puck on his stick a lot during the game so turnovers will happen, looking at his overall game how many times did he skate the puck out of his own zone successfully vs how many times did he turn the puck over? How many times did he gain the offensive zone vs times he turned the puck over? I bet you'd see he's got pretty impressive numbers for zone breakouts and zone entries vs turnovers. As for his shot, ya it's unfortunate he can't shoot. There's no way he falls to us if he has an NHL level shot. He's a puck distributer and I'm excited to see what he can do on the PP because he doesn't stay static and uses his skating to attack open areas on the ice and force defenders to guard him which will hopefully create space for Boeser and Pettersson. We shall see but IMO Quinn is going to be a very polarizing player who is going to be on opposite ends of the spectrum very often with bad things vs good things he does on the ice and in the end the good will outweigh the bad.
  12. The good news is that we've already seen him play with NHL level players with that sort of structure and he played well, getting rave reviews from coaches so it does seem like he's intelligent enough to adapt to the game as needed.
  13. While I 100% agree that Pettersson would be better suited to playing on the wing to start his career the one thing I worry about would be how often to player that come into the league as center but start at wing because they are too small transition back to center? It's a tough league to learn how to play any position and to learn how to play wing then be given the leeway to learn center after a few years doesn't seem to happen. Happened with Reinhardt and Nylander. Can't think of any other players that switched back to center after startng at the winger spot. That would be my only concern about starting Pettersson at the wing, we need him to be a center eventually.