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  1. Definitely a good sign he's getting into the positives, with his lack of foot speed it will be interesting to see if he can either get faster or be able to simply be smart enough to defend at the NHL level.
  2. He's getting plenty of playing time in the VHL. It's just in the KHL games he doesn't get as much but I'm pretty sure he's getting close to 10min a game even in the KHL games now.
  3. Pretty quiet gold medal game for Pod. Made a few good plays in the PK and the one drive to the net to draw a penalty near the end. Dumb to come to any conclusions of a player during the WJCs but from what I saw he's going to be a responsible player who distributes the puck very well but not sure if he has the offensive instincts to be a very effective offensive player at the NHL level. Watching him play makes me think they should convert him to center. The way he focuses on defensive play and distributes the puck makes me think he's a perfect 3rd line center that could be a solid 2nd if he develops his offensive game more.
  4. Yes you can. Its entirely possible he'd be in the NHL or its possible he'd still be developing in the AHL. Maybe have some call ups but I'm just not sold on Juolevi's foot speed being NHL caliber and I'm not sold that that's because of the injuries
  5. That's no guarantee. I just addressed this a post above. When I first made the point I was more alluding to his pro scouting and evaluation of defensive talent overall rather than just drafting. I'll agree he hasn't made enough draft picks of defenders to really decide either way and because quite a few are still developing.
  6. Gudbranson, Sbisa, Pouliot, Clendenning, Pedan, Larsen, Bartakowski
  7. I don't think it's a guaranteed. People have short term memories around here and forget that red flags were going off with Juolevi's play in his D+1 in London. People forget him coming to camp and getting absolutely turnstyled and already showing some warning bells of his agility on his skates. I don't think it's 100% injuries that have caused Juolevi's problems with mobility and quickness as he was already showing some signs that it may be a problem before the injuries occured. I remember people using the excuse that he put on too much weight too quickly and he just needs to grow into his man size body. Now it's that he has had back and knee issues that are causing quickness and mobility issues. I've followed Juolevi closely since he was drafted and I'm not going to pretend it's all been roses and there hasn't been some warning signs right from the get go.
  8. Sure. If you think one NHL player and bunch of guys that are hopeful to maybe have an NHL career in 5 years of drafting proves that Benning is good at finding defensive talent then fine. Agree to disagree. But really I was more alluding to his overall ability than his drafting. We've seen him target some fairly garbage defenders over the years. Anyway. Juolevi talk
  9. One of those players is in the NHL. Having a good chance doesn't mean much.
  10. Burr is a good comparison for Pod, an elite complementary player that won't be a driver of a line but can go get the puck and get it to someone who can do something with it. He definitely needs to learn how to protect the puck better and hold onto it longer when appropriate. He tends to unload the puck almost immediately after getting it. Sometimes it works out great but just as often its a pass to nowhere for a turnover.
  11. Yaya. That's obvious, anything is possible. Crosby was not a guaranteed NHL player theoretically. The point is that some prospects like Pettersson or Hughes are almost guaranteed to be NHL players before they made the NHL.
  12. Quinn Hughes is the only defenseman on the roster that Benning has drafted. And please don't just list a bunch of prospects like that's proof that he's doing a good job of it. None of them are stud blue chip prospects. They are good but none are guaranteed NHL players. I don't really have a beef. I was just pointing out that I think it's not an accurate statement to say that since Benning was a defender he knows a lot about what it takes to be a defender in the NHL and therefore he's good at finding NHL level defensive talent. Ironically he's been much better at finding talent for the forward lineup. I didn't think it would be that controversial of an opinion since it seems pretty obvious looking at the defenders that have come and gone.
  13. Wow. I'm just impressed. You should be a politician with the way you managed to make it seem Benning has done absolutely nothing wrong and is perfect in every way. Bravo
  14. I like the post but Benning being a defenseman and knowing a thing or two about playing defense has not gone so well for him as a GM. I'd say it has been his weakest attribute as a GM, the defenders he's targeted from Sbisa to Gudbranson to Pouliot. It's a laundry list of bad defenders and even Myers is questionable. Benning has done a nice job of drafting, trading and signing with our forward group to create a decent lineup. Defense.....not so much
  15. Lol. Juolevi on the ice for 5 of 6 total goals tonight. Last night he was on the ice for 8 of 11 goals scored. That's 13/17 total over the weekend where he was on the ice for a goal being scored for either team. That's just kinda crazy. High event hockey. At least tonight he was on the right end of the spectrum