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  1. Thanks for the link. Got to catch the 3rd Unfortunately NE mostly coasted through the 3rd so didn't get to see much of Gaudette's offensive stuff but he cause a few turnovers due to his great hockey sense and quickness.
  2. Meh. The comments I hear from Green are identical to the comment you heard from WD. It's a process, working on the fine details of the game, putting in the effort. Green gets praised for this but WD gets $&!# on. It's just rhetoric from coaches that are looking for anything positive to say because they are obviously not going to come out and trash a player. The AHL is the right place for Jake to be right now though and you are probably right that right now he is stabilized in his development but that development has regressed to a 4th line AHL role so it's true that he has regressed but if you try hard enough to find a silver lining it's that his development has stabilized and it will hopefully just go up from here. Also another thing that bothers me about the whole Virtanen thing is that he obviously came into camp out of shape and overweight and nothing was made of it yet Tryamkin was forced into a training program to loose weight. Just another example of Virtanen getting special treatment and hindering development. I mean Green was just quoted saying Jake is still getting into shape halfway through the season. That's pretty bad
  3. I get calling for patience and having hope that Jake will figure it out, I don't understand how it's not obvious that Jake is trending in the completely wrong direction and that it's not OK to say that. Sure he might figure it out and turn it all around but the truth is he's trending in the wrong direction and thing are going to have to change just for him to make the NHL at all. It's the truth and it's not a bad or wrong thing to say. There is a big difference between hoping a player does well and telling it like it is when they are trending in the wrong direction. Sure there are the odd assholes that just belittle and say I told ya so but for the most part people are just calling it like it is because he is trending in the wrong direction and the whole PF's develop late excuse is just what it is...an excuse for his poor play yet not based on the truth at all.
  4. Good write up. A demers or Oduya would be amazing. He looked pretty average in the young stars tourney. Not bad but nothing special either. Has a ways to go yet but will be fun to watch his development.
  5. Arguable. I'd think he'd slot in just fine on Horvats wing and be putting up some fine numbers. Now would willy bury him on the 4th line. Probably. But Juolevi is doing just fine anyway.
  6. Agree for the most part except for Rodin. The guy is obviously still dealing with lingering injury issues and on top of that he's trying to enter a new league, the best one in the world with the best players half way through a season. It's frusting as a fan for sure because you want to see what this kid can do but there is no reason to rush him. Let him slowly get ice time over the course of this year then hopefully he can have an injury free off season and come back fresh next year with a little bit of experience. There is absolutely no reason to rush him.
  7. Ryan Whitney was drafted in 2002 and didnt play til 2006 Blake wheeler was drafted in 2004 and didnt olay in NHL til 2009 Thomas Hickey was drafted in 2007 and didnt play in NHL until 2012
  8. This. With Stecher and Tanev ahead of him on the depth chart for the right side it makes zero sense to sign him to a 5mil per year contract. The argument could be made to trade Tanev and keep Gubranson as Tanev will probably be passed his prime by the time we are truly competitive again but I'd still rather keep Tanev
  9. I noticed that as well. Would like to hear from anyone who watches the games who carries that line. It kinda deflates the hype a little when you see that Gaudette is playing on what is probably the best line in NCAA hockey (I'm just going by stats, heck I don't even know if they all play on the same line, I'm just assuming so). Maybe Gaudette is the driving force or maybe he's riding the coattails of these guys. Would like to know because right now Gaudette is the highest scoring sophmore in the NCAA which is pretty impressive.
  10. Ya wasn't he up around 235lbs or something? Considering we were told he was working out with the Canuck staff daily he must have been gulping down some major cheese burgers. Maybe he got into those milk hotdogs
  11. Planning a team based on fighting goons is kinda silly to me. Fill a 4th line spot with a guy like that if the team needs it not a top 4 defending role. I do agree that Gud is a good defender and is young but like I said before Stecher has made one of him or Tanev expendable and Tanev is just miles better and still young as well, he could still potentially be good enough when this team has turned the corner to be worth keeping. Just look at our record with and without Tanev.
  12. What if you could get a 1st for Gud and keep Tanev? For me I look at where this team will be at in 5-8 years. Tanev is 27 so we have 6-7 more years of his prime years. A top 4 with Tanev and Stecher in it is a lot more Cup worthy than a top 4 with Stecher and Gudbranson. I see the arguement for Trading Tanev but for me I'd rather trade Gudbranson. and then you could keep Sbisa/Edler and loose one of Granlund or Baertchi. The team just wins games with Tanev, the Hutton Gudbranson pairing has just been a tire fire
  13. He can be as big and mean as he wants but I'd still take Stecher any day of the week over him and Tanev is miles better. No one expected Stecher to be this good and I think he's made either Tanev or Gudbranson expendable. I'd rather get an OK return for Gudbranson and keep Tanev rather than trade Tanev.
  14. Is Gudbranson the defender we've been waiting for for all these years? An average stay at home defender? If so who's we cause it's def not me. I like Gudbranson, he's a decent 2nd pairing guy. Maybe its just me but by watching this year Sbisa has been equally as good and we are deeper on the right side then the left. Tanev and Stecher are ahead of him and it would mean trading Tanev or paying him 5 mil per year to be a bottom pairing guy.
  15. I'm not sold on moving Tanev because we could get at least another 6 years of his prime. Having a right side of Tanev, Stecher and Tryamkin (Tryamkin prefers to play right side i believe) for the next 5+ years sounds good to me. However if we do Trade Tanev then keeping Gudbranson would be the way to go. I'd be happy to try and get a 1st round pick for Gudbranson and Keep Tanev. Protect Sbisa and loose Granny. I just can't believe that Sbisa is playing well enough to make this a serious conversation And i don't really buy the whole more "quality" on the left in the system. It's only Juolevi. Everyone else are longshots. Pedan isn't going to do much.