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  1. Brock Boeser Talk

    What excites me most about Boeser is that he seems to be the first guy that the Canucks have drafted in a long time that has an extremely high offensive hockey iq. He just has that instinct that you can't teach. 
  2. Daniel & Henrick

    I don't ever see any Vancouver fans trashing the Sedins ever. Mainstream media tends to underestimate them every year but other than that I don't get the frustration. Some people say we should trade them and fair enough, this team isn't going to win a cup. If they wanted then they deserve the Ray Bourque treatment and get a shot at the cup. I think they'd rather retire as Canucks though.
  3. ** Is there anyone Else but the Canucks...**

    Double post 
  4. ** Is there anyone Else but the Canucks...**

    Baertschi  McCann  Vrbata  Horvat 
  5. Hamhuis and his place on this team

    He's one of our most valuable trade assets but our d is sooo bad already, without hamhuis it would be even more grim. I think he stays as Benning likes to have his vet guys to mentor the young guys,  plus most likely we'll be within fighting distance of a playoff spot come trade deadline. Only chance he goes anywhere is if we're out of the playoffs and someone come with a knock your socks off trade 
  6. When I look around the league I continually see rookies getting under 10 min a game so WD isn't the only coach who shelters his rookies. Problem is we have so many of them.  I'd prefer to see Virt and McCann sent down and developed slowly and let the guys who've put in the time get the spots they've earned (Gaunce mostly).  However I like that Gaunce and Shinkaruk are getting the opportunity to be the go to players in Utica, they're getting lots of playing time and gaining confidence and developing properly. Better in the long run. 
  7. Pass the torch to Markstorm already

    This will turn into the Burrows thread 
  8. Jake Virtanen Talk

    Derp is right.  You really don't believe some people are just born smarter than others? We're not all created equal, some people are stronger, some are better looking. You don't learn smart like you don't learn big.     
  9. Jake Virtanen Talk

    You don't learn intelligence. You have it or you don't. 
  10. Is this real life? No room on pp? Cause Hansen and Burrows are using the spots... Right that's an all Star pp right there.  Play late in games? He's routinely benched for the entire 3rd period.  Is WD trolling the fans?  
  11. Jake Virtanen Talk

    ?? 1 goal in 16 games. I hate to be that guy but he doesn't score or really create any offense when he is on the ice. 
  12. I think baertchi is getting a little more confident game by game, it's a slow process for most young guys because of the pressure to preform in the bigs. I agree that WD is definitely not helping the case when baertchi plays extremely well like last night then is benches in the 3rd when down a goal.  The only hope that iI have is that apparently one of willies strengths is his communication skills with his players. Baertchi seems to be like edler where tough love doesn't work, he needs to be coddled and supported to help him gain confidence. Hopefully what we don't see behind the scenes is positive reinforcement from Willie 
  13. Agreed, as long as a guy shows glimpses of his potential and keeps improving I can support him. It seems Baertschi plays best when he's the go to guy on a line to setup the play. I'd like to see WD give him more pp time as well, have no idea why he doesn't do this 
  14. [PGT] Another loss...now 7-7-6

    Down by a goal and bench Baertschi?! He had one of his best games of the year and you bench him when you need a goal? WD decisions on playing time is sooo frustrating 
  15. [GDT] - Canucks @ Jets

    Can someone pm me link to stream for game please? Out of country but really want to watch! Thanks!