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  1. Juolevi usually makes those passes from the left side to the right side no? Juolevi being a lefty and Boeser being a righty I don't think It will work with Boeser being the recipient of Juolevi's patented cross ice passes.
  2. Fat boy Kessel or tiny Cammy? I think Mittlestadt has a better body type than those guys. You could be right about compete level but Mittlestadt is a pretty solid kid at almost 200lbs, I'm sure with some proper training he'll be fine body wise. I think Mittlestadt will be a decent NHL player just based on his hands alone, they really do look elite. It's the rest of his game that will determine just how valuable he will be.
  3. Really good breakdown of Petterssons play. I too was incredibly impressed by the way he thinks the game, on offense the puck just follows him around the ice. Like you said unfortunately he doesn't have the strength yet to make a lot of the plays he wants to, which was compounded by playing on the small ice. You could tell he was used to having more room to make plays. I came away most impressed by his ability to create turnovers, with his elite hockey sense and ability to track the play and be where the puck is going combined with his incredible hand eye he was repeatedly knocking passes out of the air or intercepting them, it's an undervalued commodity in a player. Being great with the puck and creating offense in one thing, but being able to get the puck back from the opposing team so you can put those tools to use is a big deal. Ask Sens fans how undervalued Mark Stone is. That guy is a turnover machine, it leads to so many offensive opportunities. I hate getting too excited about prospects before they've even played in the NHL but a trio of Pettersson, Horvat and Gaudette down the middle could be a nightmare for opposing teams. All 3 are hardworking puck hounds.
  4. Anderson did look great, definitely a do it all kind of player, no real weaknesses. If he develops a high end offensive game he could end up being one of the better players drafted. Liljegren I thought looked great at some points but made a few plays that made me understand why he fell so far. One point at the end of the game he had the puck on his stick and a defender right on him, instead of making a pass he blasted the puck right into the defenders shin pads and the puck bounced out. Another time the puck got dumped into his own end, it was a 1v1 battle to retrieve the puck and he literally just backed off and let the forward take the puck, he didn't even engage at all. That was a play I could see how scouts would have warning bells going off. That said he still dropped to far considering his talent. Mittlestadt looks amazing when he has the puck. Such great quick hands and makes great cuts with the puck. Pretty invisible otherwise though, kinda reminds me of a Kessel or Cammerleri type player, amazing if they're scoring goals but useless otherwise.
  5. Looked decent. Would have preferred to see him playing center as that's his natural position. You can tell he has phenomenal hockey sense, really tracks the puck well and has great hand eye coordination, knocking pucks out of the air and causing turnovers. Didn't really stand out that much but you can see the potential
  6. Ya but it was never reported he refused to waive his NTC. He was just asked if he would want to leave if the Canucks were rebuilding like Kesler did, he replied he would go down with the ship. Different case than Edler who has reportedly refused to waive his NTC.
  7. Not sure, As with the majority of times when it comes to asking a player to waive his NTC it won't be made public because obviously you don't want to have a player on your team have to deal with the media if you made it public that you asked him to waive his NTC and he refused. If I remember right is was someone with ties to the team making reports that they asked Edler to waive and he said no, there won't be definitive proof. I don't remember if it was this regime or not but it's more the player than the regime. Like I said before Edler is a notoriously shy person and if there is one guy who wouldn't waive his NTC just for personal reasons it would be him. Maybe he will change his tune with the obvious rebuild happening or maybe he is comfortable with his life in Vancouver and wants to go down with the ship like the Sedins.
  8. CDC never said that Burr, Hansen, garrison and Bieska would never waive. Maybe a few guys said it but there were never reports that they were asked to waive and refused to like Edler. Edler is a notoriously shy person so it's very believable that he won't waive, basically don't get your hopes up. It's more likely Hutton gets traded to make room for Juolevi than Edler.
  9. I stand corrected. Figured I should have looked it up before I spouted off but Lucic just seemed so big even when he first came into the league. Lucic is what 230lbs now? Not sure if Gadjovic has the frame to be that big but any sort of skilled power forward on this team would fit in well with all of our smallish skilled wingers.
  10. Lucic had 20lbs on Gadjovic at draft though. Gadjovic is a strong big kid bit he's not in the beast category like Lucic who can overcome his poor skating by just simply overpowering guys. Gadjovic doesn't quite have that size and will see have to become an at least average for the NHL skater to be effective.
  11. As nice as it would be have Dahlin keep forming that chemistry with Pettersson I'd almost like to see how Dahlin fairs without Pettersson setting him up. It might be good for Dahlin to be forced to adapt and get creative with his game with new players on the smaller ice surface. Either way it's a good situation thankfully.
  12. Sutter will be long gone by the time Pettersson and Gaudette are truly ready to take over full time roles as center. Gaudette may have to do a year or so at wing or 4th line center but Sutter is only signed for 3 more years after this one and he can be traded in 2 years plus the Sedins may even be gone after this year. Pettersson Horvat Gaudette Usually I try to have low expectations but the chances of this actually being a really good trio down the middle for us is looking good.
  13. Ya guys like Juolevi who play structured pro style games will never stand out in games like this. Horvat was the same way, looked like dog $&!# in the prospect games but then fit almost right in once he played with the pro's.
  14. Ya with Macewens size and skating I can see him being a decent 4th line guy. Breisbois made some good defensive plays out there against Pettersson. See potential there. Rathbone looked shakey as well as Palmu. Good fun watching even though I fell asleep for the 2nd...woops. can't wait for young stars!
  15. He's def got skill but even in this game there were a few times he was easily pushed off the puck. Def will need a solid 20+lbs on his frame to be a successful NHL player. Shouldn't be hard for him to do though.