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  1. His dad looked pretty solid so genetically wise he has the potential to put on size. But ya it's a pretty big gamble picking a kid with such a small frame
  2. He will? Is this just a hopeful guess posed as a fact or is there some truth to this?
  3. Surprised the consensus is Glass over Mittelstadt or Vilardi. I really hope whoever we pick works out. We really need a few homerun picks in the next few years to turn this franchise around quickly
  4. There really is no difference between picking 3 or 5. It was a top 2 or bust kinda year. Not much separates Mittelstadt, Vilardi, Liljegren, Heiskenen, Makar, Glass, Necas, Vaselainen. (I'm sure I butchered some of those names) We'll probably end up getting one of Mittelstatd or Vilardi as I bet at least one defenseman will get taken ahead of us. It really isn't that bad dropping 3 spots vs one or 2. Same same, if not top 2 then whatever
  5. Philly is stacked on D. Can't see it happening. I could see Dallas trading their pick for a top pairing defender though.
  6. If we land Hichier I believe he's allowed to play in the AHL as well. Goldobin could spend time there as well. Goldobin - Hichier - Boeser Dahin - Zhukenov - MacEwan Virtanen - Cassels - Valk Big change from last year Be a pretty sick top line for Utica
  7. You would be hard pressed to get a 6th round pick for Sbisa. Why would you protect him when #1 he's basically a terrible defenseman and #2 you're not going to be able to trade him for anything of decent value, the slight chance that Edler will waive his NTC is worth more than what you would get for Sbisa. Plus having Edler on the team eating up big minutes against top forwards protects our young defense from getting exposed and lets them develop at a proper pace rather than getting thrown to the wolves.
  8. I would love to see this happen. Without any depth on the Canucks team there will be spots available for guys that could use more time in the AHL like Goldy and Virtanen, maybe even Boeser but he's looked pretty NHL ready in those last games. Iron out the kinks in their game and let them develop slowly and come into the league when they are properly seasoned and ready for it. Unfortunately I can't see it happening just from a business perspective as owners will expect to see the young guns in the lineup to sell tickets. The Aquaweenies don't seem like the type to embrace the full rebuild and eat some profit.
  9. Ya it's a pipe dream but having 4 mobile puck moving defense in the top 4 like Dahlin, Liljegren, Juolevi and Stech would be incredible. As far as Tryamkin in the top 4, I think he still has a ways to go yet and as far as building a cup winning lineup having a guy like him on the bottom pairing is a sure sign of success. To me he needs to make to big strides in his positioning and puck handling before I would bank on him being a top 4 guy on a cup winning team. If he gets there...fantastic, we'll have to trade someone in our top 4. If he makes some strides toward that but nothing major I think he's the kind of guy that anchors a great bottom pairing.
  10. Dahlin Liljegren Juolevi Stecher Brisebois Tryamkin FTFY....:)
  11. Ya I get that, I can't imagine how hard it would be on the human level to be a young drafted prospect that is struggling a bit and trying to find his way. Nothing can weigh heavier than not performing and knowing the worlds eyes are on you watching you fail. I can see how being more positive and constructive with prospects would be better but with large passionate fan bases there will always be dicks and they will never go away even when you become a pro so it's probably good to get used to it early. But ya I agree, constructive criticism is good but making $&!# up and trash talking young prospects isn't.
  12. Are you suggesting that any negative criticism of a prospect isn't valid because they are young?
  13. Sounds like he wrist was still bothering him. Kinda goos news because as long as it does heal properly over the summer he'll be shooting better next year. Some work on his skating and getting his lethal shot back will be an even more exciting Boeser next year.
  14. Because they deserve it.....God this argument drives me bananas. If Jake got to play with better players he would have more goals???? Maybe if Jake was a better player his coaches would play him with better players, unfortunately he isn't good enough to play with good players. It's not a conspiracy to keep Jake down, coaches play to win and they put players in positions to help them win. Jake not getting an opportunity to play with good players isn't a sign that he could get more if he did it's a sign that he isn't good enough yet to play with those players.
  15. I think Benning has Necas pretty high as well. Even above Vilardi and Petterson. Something like Patrick, Nico, Liljegren, Necas, Vilardi