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  1. Emergence of Nilsson

    4th for GAA 3rd for SV% Taking out Luongo and Ullmark 3 wins in a row. Run with it Nilsson.
  2. Yay Team. Three in a row.....how many times did we do that last year?
  3. Calgary sportsnet host pokes fun at EP concussion

    What a dirt bag, gave a nicely worded negative tweet, so maybe his bosses will give him the boot.
  4. Emergence of Nilsson

    When Marky lets those soft first goals in.......I actually SCREAM at my TV to "pull him, right F^&*@#$ now! Glad neighbours can't hear me.
  5. Emergence of Nilsson

    The preseason was not very good for either of our tenders. Though who could blame them, the rotating door for the lineups was pretty tough to form any chemistry. With the full team, and practices, some normality has set it. So now the goalies can concentrate on perfecting their games. What makes this year different? Age, confidence finally putting it all together? It really looks like Nilsson has done that this season. He put the work in playing with his National team. Putting up solid numbers with a solid team. This really didn't appear to be the case coming into the pre-season. Like I said they did not look good. Could this really be attributed to the team in front of them? The roster of D-men for Nilsson's games were pretty good. But he took a beating on his GAA and SV%. I am thinking the line-ups were just not that good, facing almost full roster opposition teams. Fast forward to Nilsson's first regular season game. He looked so sharp. Great positioning, not over playing and getting good looks. Did not appear to scramble or panic much at all. Good recovery on almost all plays. Second game was much the same as the first. Solid on all aspects. I really think this is the emergence as Nilsson as our true number 1. Especially with Markstrom's really shaky starts in games. (wish I had stats on how many early game or first shots he lets in) Demko wasn't ready this training camp. Though who knows he could come up later in the season. Love him, but it's such a leap to NHL level. Hope Coach Green rides him and lets us see what he has. Would love to see him win a ton and keep us close....then again I'd love to see another early draft pick. Do you think he's our go to guy now? (sample size I know I know).
  6. Well now we know... It is OPEN SEASON...

    There is a difference between hitting a player and throwing him down. The league wants superstars who create excitement and score goals, but then they don't protect them. Bushwhack BS league.
  7. That was a good sequence. I loved the ruckus at the bench.
  8. Nicknames for EP

  9. Beware 2 Rulebooks

    Have you ever heard of Wally Harris. There were some games in the early 80's back to back against the Oilers. Wally gave the Canucks the gears. In one sequence, the Canucks scored a goal, he waived it off and play continued. The oilers blasted one off the post and He indicated the Oilers scored. The Canucks were furious. They protested head office. I believe there was a suspension of Harris for part of a season. He was then awarded the golden parachute and named director of officiating in 1987. I swore it was earlier. Guess how well things went for us after that point.
  10. Beware 2 Rulebooks

    Um it will never changed until a certain statue that protests the reffing of the league meanders away from the rink. As long as that statue in that pose is there, we will never get hometown ref calls. Don't get me wrong, I love Roger. But that statue celebrating "that" is not doing us any favours.
  11. [Official] 2018 Training Camp Thread

    Classy move to keep Gagner close to his family.
  12. [Official] 2018 Training Camp Thread

    In the words of Shaq. Horriawful! I for the first time in my long time as a Canucks fan, want the team to tank to the depths of the Mariana Trench. Looking at the play through the pre season with all the players, no one looks awesome. I think everyone is going to struggle. Especially if we let a lot of first goals in. Bout time we win a draft.
  13. OPTIMAL 2018-2019 CANUCKS TEAM

    I don't mean to be mean, but pure stupidity. You are always going to have tired players on every one of your special teams. Why do you think teams use PP and SH units that are usually only chosen from two lines. Number one so they have chemistry of playing together and knowing what they will do in most situations. Number two, so they are fresh. Another factor is now you are expecting all these lines to become checkers. Due to the fact that the offensive talents are diminished on all lines, letting the level of the opposing checkers match the line. Put the best checking opposition player against the offensive player of each line and now that line is reduced to ineffective. Why do you think teams that roll four lines have low winning percentages. Sure they may compete, but they aren't going to win lots. So in the last 5 years we had the Sedins and no secondary scoring line. We had no scoring if the sedins were shut down. Now you are proposing to take away scoring and reduce the whole team to secondary scoring, that won't score.