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  1. When the powerplay goes 1 for infinity, there is no hope. Seriously it looked brutal. Could barely gain the zone, The worst thing and most eye opening thing is how bad it was considering it is Olympic sized ice. If you can't get in and set up on this big ice surface and keep away from the defenders. There is NO hope for the regular season PP units.
  2. The Good - Canucks hockey The bad - not enough words in the English language to reiterate how badly they played. Lackluster, pathetic, lazy, uninspired, lackadaisical, poor, crap, bad, slow........................
  3. He looks as slow as Mogilny would be present day.
  4. Wow not one player stood out on the Canucks for good play. A few stood out for horrid play. Markstrom - bad Boucher- bad Gagne - definitely not good Vanek - ordinary Eriksson - did he even travel with the team? Sure didn't see him do anythin on the ice.
  5. Hmmmm looks like I am gonna go back to bed. There is nothing good to watch here. I was so positive for this season.............
  6. I said to myself "big surprise Dorsett missing the net!"
  7. Looks like an awful lot of ex pats in the stands.
  8. power play looking pathetic, no surprise.
  9. The only things I would like to see change for this list is: Holm for Stetcher (maybe not at the start of the season. I think Holm has greater potential.) Goldobin for Dorsett. I really dislike Dorsett, I like his energy, but Goldobin could easily score more goals than Dorsett. I know he isn't defensively sound, but that what the other 4th liners are for.
  10. Rodin had a few good shifts. The thing is he hasn't really played any serious amount of hockey for nearly a year and a half. He is going to be really rusty.
  11. Yup glad I had my minus 1 he deserved it for trolling. Wish I had more to give per day lol.
  12. Pros Virt looks ready to play. Markstrom solid Boeser love it. White great effort, take a hit to make a play. Cons Dorsett - boo did not look good at all Nillson (sp) shaky Otherwise a good game.
  13. After posting this, me thinks you need to change your forum name to Jimmy McGrill.
  14. Quite often in the history of the NHL teams have gone overseas for Exhibition, preseason or regular season play. It is a difficult thing to have a team go over to represent the NHL. The logistics, travel, time change. Players being away from families and among other things. (Teams over seas since 97 include{mostly in order} ANA, VAN, TB, BUF, CAL, SJS, Nash, PIT, COL, TOR, FLO, NYR, OTT, LA, CHI, DET, STL, BOS, CAR, CBJ, MIN, PHO, BUF.) What if any concessions do the team and or players get for doing this. I mean it is rather risky for team likes Ottawa and Colorado, who will be going a month into the regular season. Just look at the travel alone. Does the NHL randomly draw teams, or do teams volunteer and get some type of payback in the future? It really does baffle me why a team would agree to do this, if they really get no tangible compensation. Maybe merchandising over the long term, of newly created fans? Thoughts? Clarifications?!?!?!