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  1. You must remember also, as mentioned above, Quality of shots. Any shot from any distance that is intended to go in, and not hit a post is deemed a shot. This includes any type of shots from the opposition end, be it icing or clearing attempts. A 200 foot shot has a miniscule percentage chance to go in. If you analysed that data with scoring chances included, then we'd see some real info.
  2. danjr

    Best Sedin Stat

    That was a really great read.
  3. Thanks for posting that Canadian. I never thought of that before by buying or trading for a heavily laden LTIR player. A team can actually get some extra decent players. Now if Louie Erikson would only get an ingrown toenail or ten. (crap this isn't baseball)
  4. I am no capologist, so I am throwing it out there for those who have far more in depth knowledge of these rules. Lievo, Boeser, and Ferland are all now on the LTIR. From what I've heard. I know that players have to have legit injuries to get onto LTIR, but with a bit of fudging I think specialists can pull the wool over the eyes of the NHL execs. Will this be the way of the future? Have guys on you team with nagging injuries, throw them on the LTIR let them rest until the playoffs. While using up that players cap allowance to "pull a ringer" as it were. All the time you hear of these players who have an injury, but wait until training camp to do surgery. Doing training through the whole summer. So would this be the reverse of that? Am I looking far to deep into the machinations of a teams desire to win? Shelving players, just purely for the intent to have them available for when the playoffs start? I remember lots of players all of a sudden being able to play just as soon as the first game of a series is ready to go. Is Van / JB fixing something with Brock, that could be done in the off season, so he can get relief to pull in Toffoli? Opinions?
  5. Well first off I love them both. Maybe Daniel more. The most impressive stat I have unearthed is by Henrik. He had the 6th longest ironman streak. 20 players had 500 or more games streak. Out of all 6500 NHL players only 20 players were that durable. From all of those players with Streaks, only one ever led their team in scoring. Henrik Sedin. (Brent Burns recently led his team while an ironman) He is also the only player to have a 500 game ironman streak and win the scoring title. (He was 400+ games at the time) My other fav stat is Daniels Game and OT winners. Another curiosity is that Henrik has 7 Short Handed Goals, While Daniel has none.
  6. Was it me or was the reffing a pile of doodie? I knew it would be a crap night the three seconds I saw Petey get boarded. We'll get em back in June.
  7. The one thing I like about those guys who are injured...is they are the playoff type players. The regular season they don't do much, but those are the guys who eat hard minutes in the playoffs. I really like our eams make up, if we can hang on and make the playoffs.
  8. Yes Tanev's play has been pretty awesome, but really hard to quantify statistically. He shows up every night and blocks those opposing howitzers. I hate his contract, have since day one. Haven't heard him with a negative peep all year. He earns extra kudos for the PK and being out there in a late game shut down role.
  9. Well at break the team is doing much better than most have imagined. Some players have really taken an additional step. Who is your fav among those in the poll. Or who did I miss. As an additional, write in who is the biggest disappointment to date. There are a few on the team that haven't lived up to what the fans expected. Jacob Markstrom - Biggest winning percentage of his career Thatcher Demko - extremely solid numbers as a young goalie 26 games into his career J.T. Miller - on track to be his career best season Jake Virtanen - already career bests Tanner Pearson - On track for career best points, maybe even goals Adam Gaudette - twice as good as he was last year and not a liability I vote for J.T. Miller. He's been impressive to watch. Biggest disappointment is Benn. I really thought he was going to be a game changer on the back end.
  10. I looked at our schedule ahead and I don't have a good feeling about it. We could easily find ourselves in the midst of a bad losing streak if we don't find an extra gear and some more heart. Everyone is ramping up and we seem to be slowing down.
  11. Look at the goal differential. Also look at goal allowed per team
  12. I would have loved to touch on this as well as bringing stats into it. Probably could have made this a very lengthy article. At that point though it harms people actually taking the time to read it and react to it. Surely I do respect the aspect that those kind of players bring to the game. So many of these guys become local legends, but not the recognition they deserve for the efforts they bring day in and day out. Especially in the playoffs.
  13. Looking at the history of a few great hockey teams. There are some common threads emerging with our young Vancouver Canucks. In the mid 80's a few players transformed a team, they played for the Edmonton Oilers. The catalyst of this was Wayne of course. We all know of his elite talent level. What he also brought was elevation to his teammates. What is elevation and how can it be quantified in relation to those around you. First you have to look into practices. When you have an elite talent going against you in drills you learn by watching and competing against. This also reflects in goaltending, defence and offence. An elite shooter will elevate a goaltenders reaction time and anticipation. Elite skaters will force D-men to think and react quicker to movement changes and shifty tactics. Offensively elite playmakers will teach fellow players how to create those openings and get shots off quicker and more accurately. Another example of a great elite player was of course Mario. He did the same thing with his team in the 90's. Very similarly with Edmonton Pittsburgh kept the same goaltenders and developed them. Sure back in the late 80's early 90's the averages were horrible, but these goalies elevated. Surely in each case it took a few years to get everything to work. It did for each of these teams. I'm not saying that we have a player or two who will be regarded as one of the greatest ever. Elements of their games are elite though. Which brings me back to the elite elements elevating the rest of the team. We have a young D-man with elite skating and playmaking ability. We have an amazing shooter in Brock and an Elite talent in Skating and play making. I think that the dividends of the past few years are now showing tangible effects of that. Looking at Markstrom I think he is one of the best indicators of that inward elevation. I can also see hints of it within some of our veteran defensive core. The future is definitely going to be interesting. What are your thoughts on how internal competition has elevated our team. (I could have gone deeper with statistics and focusing on work ethic, but that would have made for a long dry read)
  14. Just finished watching the game. I almost ditched the game, after 2-0 down at the end of the second and short handed. Scanned a bit ahead and was like 2-2, what the heck did I miss. Rolled back and watched the third. So reminded me of the WCE when they actually decided to stop the teasing of the opponent and send them home with a loss. Man I loved listening to those games on the internet. They were never out of any game.