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  1. Lets put this in perspective about being worn down. Daniel didn't miss a game. Henrik played the 6th most games for the Canucks. Not bad for a pair that goes against the other teams top line game in and game out. They come into shape each year top of the class. Now also they could have extended value if we ever produced legit scoring threats from any of our other lines. If we could have balanced scoring then maybe just maybe the Sedins would get a chance to exploit some weaker lines.
  2. That is what I meant when I posted it. I didn't say it. That is what GM's were reported to say to the drafting team of the Canucks during the draft weekend.
  3. Z Hockey nice list. Though I don't think goalies are ever steals. They are always low on draft consideration in the history of the draft. I think Pavel was the greatest ever educated steal in the draft. Vancouver did their homework and stole a player that everyone else had deemed ineligible. Over the history there have been some remarkable finds through the draft, so never stop hoping. I mean lots of people groaned at the selection of Bo Horvat. Many GM's congratulated the Canucks after the draft for selecting one of the best all round players of the draft. Who knows the kid could end up being the best of his year...only time will tell.
  4. In truth I think they singned Stetcher for one reason. To make sure Boeser has someone in the organization that he knows. Just in case he opts to stay in school for an additional year.
  5. Alright depressing season over...lets look forward. Positively. Best chance to get our first overall draft pick. Whatever we do pull, lets hope he's good. Henrik and Daniel are posed to both break the 1000 point barrier. Sid and Ovi are going to do it also. What would be cool is if the Sedins will follow in sequence. I think Ovi will pass Henrik. Hopefully Sid will race past Henrik as well. Ovi will be 84th. Sid Hopefully 85th, Henrik 86 and Dan 87. But that is posing a lot of variables. Should be a neat little race to watch. First Canucks to crack the 1000 point barrier. Burrows if he stays and has a reasonable season could pass a load of players and become 8th highest goal scoring player in team history (16 goals) Passing 200 goals. Bo could crack top 50 Canucks goal scorers with a 31 goal season. Which he could do. (yes we have a pathetic list of goal scorers) Burrows could also crack top ten points for canucks with a reasonable season. 44 points to pass Lever. Ryan Miller could pass Corey Schneider for wins. If Markstrom could win 20, he would crack top ten for Canuck goalie wins. Not to shabby. Well those are some player statistics to look forward to. Sure will be exciting to see what the kids bring to the ice next season.
  6. I still say Burrows is worth every penny we will and have paid him. Underpaid 30 goal seasons, penalty kill deluxe, timely goals. Same goes with Sedins worth every penny. What kind of price can you put on having they league leader in scoring. Only one player earns that honour each year. Especially when competing against other future hall of famers.
  7. One of the best posts I've ever read on here. If you sat back and watched the trade deadline objectively you could see that no one was willing to pay any sort of price for assets. I am glad JB stood pat and didn't weaken the trading market. Next year prices could be higher, especially if teams that could have bought an asset and didn't get booted out of the playoffs really early. Was watching a segment with Burke and he talked about not caving in to demand and then next year teams know you are serious and actually give you realistic offers. If you cave in to someone once, they will always see you as an easy mark.
  8. In this day and age, it makes absolutely no sense to advertise yourself as sellers, unless you want your players to under-perform. Teams do not risk doing any trades weeks prior to trade deadline, because the market is soft and always will be. Just look through the history of lack of movement, until trade deadline. You will not get asking price for any player, it's more getting the best return for a player. Mitigating loss if you will.
  10. Looks like another game with no Canucks scoring. Where is the entertaining brand of hockey we were promised when Linden and Benning took the helm?
  11. Gosh hard not to be negative. Oh well I guess call it a night....or rather a season.
  12. I was going to make an amazing long detailed post about how things did not work out for us in this game.... Then the Canucks work ethic rubbed off on me.
  13. It was a facetious question of locking the thread in reference to people going way over the top about Burrows. Some of you people really need to chill out and have a little levity. WOW. Have a nice night.
  14. Gah some of you are so unintelligent. You can't count D-men as forward scoring depth, how dumb can you get. So that makes Burrows 7th, just a few points short of 6th. And if you can do the math.....oooops yea let me do it for you. That is almost top two lines material. Now if you could extrapolate how many of his minutes are lost due to being on the ice and killing penalties. Well dosh garn he would probably be firmly in second line territory. Can we close this thread until the start of next season? Some of the responses just need to be thought on a little longer before posting.
  15. Never talk ill of the hockey Gods. They have a long memory and rarely forgive.