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  1. Quinn Hughes | D

    I really hate to be negative, but "Yay, another boy to be pushed around by men!" (Biega - Stetcher - Del Zotto - Pouliot) It was bad watching our D-men loose so many wall battles last year in our own zone. We really need some D to step up this year and next year. If no players emerge in our back end by then, we are going to be in trouble for many years after.
  2. I don't think they've ever been out in the same game. Not that I ever recall. The closest was last game of the season where Henrik played 11 seconds to continue his Iron man streak and Daniel didn't dress.
  3. I live in Edmonton. My co-worker came up to me ans asked if I heard the news about the Sedin's retiring. I told him it better be a late April fools joke. Such a sad day for me. So wanted Daniel to crack 400 goals. Hockey Hall of Fame for sure. They are just to highly ranked in so many statistical categories not to be first ballot entries. (I'd list some of them, but many of you who've seen my posts see the stats I dredge up)
  4. Well lets preface this by saying. Now future players have targets to aim at. Before the Sedins we had no legendary players. We had no 800, 900 or 1000 point player. We had no player with 400 goals (Daniel better come back and get it). We had one player with 1000 games played. Linden We had three players who edged 400 assists. (besides Daniel) Henrik is two assists away from DOUBLING the former assist leader Linden. Most of our good forward players stay about 8 seasons. The Sedins may come back for season 18 Daniel has 100 GWG and OT goals. Naslund has 54. Linden has 33. (I don't include the other brother for stats, since this is all pre Sedin) We had no scoring champion. We have two. The Franchise owes the Sedins oh so much. They have set benchmarks for future players to aim at. Before the Sedins the bar was so so depressingly low. You want players on your team to take aim at those before them and aspire to be even better. You cannot pay enough to get legends on your team. Do you think people told other legends to go away? They are forever Canucks and this is where they should stay.
  5. Ask Bo Horvat about mentors with the Sedins. I don't think he would have pushed so hard to get his skating to where it is if he didn't have the Sedin's and seeing how hard they work. When your oldest players show up to camp in better shape than any other players on the team, that proves to the other players there is no reason they can't do the same.
  6. I am sorry to say but it is not the Goal Horn. We will never win the cup until the day "The Statue" is removed. I love the guy, but there is no way in hell the league will allow a team to win the cup when a statue they have outside the arena is in tribute to an action against the league. Plain and simple. They should move his statue back to the old arena and move it back after we win it all.
  7. Absolutely. Active sticks are way better. As long as players are conscious of stick angles.
  8. When you are worth this much you should have a security team. If they spent 10 mil a year on security they could have finaced it for 20 years and not even gone down to the 2.99 billion range. I would have 24/7 security if I was worth over 100 mil.
  9. Am I the only person that thinks teams should not block shots. You get so many injuries and there is always the chance you deflect it into your own net. I don't mind 3rd and 4th liners blocking shots as well as lower d pairings, but stars should be there to steal pucks not try block them. Makes no sense to take your best players out for multiple games to save one possible goal.
  10. Congratulations Tony Tanti on jersey retirement!

    From the stories I have heard, he was unbelievable at tipping pucks. Some guys challenged him. They started off firing easy pucks right at the net. He didn't miss any. At the end they were firing them at his head, behind him and even at his behind. Still tipped them all. I believe it may have been John Garret who shared this story. But that was an awful long time ago.
  11. Really don't like Dorsett. The last season he was over paid for what he brought. Right now his pace is unrealistic and will level off. He is penalty minute leader and that is something to be worried about. I am happy he is healthy and contributing. May he have continued success.
  12. Yet another Sedin Stat - Daniel.

    I have watched a LOT of games in my time. The Sedins get less than zero respect from the league and refs. The amount of penalties they get assessed as well as how many should be called against them that aren't. Makes me beyond upset at the officials.
  13. Yet another Sedin Stat - Daniel.

    It took a bit of work there are close to 7000 players, that is a lot of pages of data. So it took a little work, but not really that long.
  14. Well over the years I love to dig out all kinds of weird stats for the twins. This is a kind of short one on Daniel. 6865 players have played in the NHL. 3940 players have scored a game winning goal. 800 players have scored one. 1452 have scored 10 737 have scored a quarter of a season worth of wins. (21 round up) 233 have scored half a seasons worth and a plethora of Canucks are right there. Linden, Bert, Morrison, Gelinas and a few more at 41 Only 62 players have three quarters of a season worth of GWG. Daniel is in exclusive company of 82 Game Winning Goals. He is the 32nd player to hit this number. A few gooad active players ahead of him, but few anywhere near him. So he should move up the list a bit more. I think that is pretty awesome to think you have been part of winning that many games for your team. Wish I could see a break down of most for a team. He could be right up there. Anyways hope you like the Cliff Claveness of this.