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  1. It's the coach it is not the team. Dumping pucks into goalies that are great puck handlers is the stupidest strategy. Hiring a power play coach that was amazing, but has him doing the same thing we've seen since he's been gone is ridiculous. Vanek and Lou playing anywhere but the 3 or 4th line is stupid. The Sedin's may be slow, but they are world class smart. The other two are just worn out. Do something, then you deserve good time on top lines. This has been an ugly start to the season, and no one is to blame except the coach and his team
  2. This this and this.^^^^^^^^^ My earliest memories of my grandparents were listening to the Canucks on the radio. Dennis Kearns was her favourite player. We used to leaf through all the yearly team booklets. As kids we'd laugh at the pictures.
  3. Vanek = Correct Eriksson = Correct Sedin's = are you daft? Seriously I hope someone comes into your job and tells you to pack up your crap because you no longer matter. Even though you are still doing as good or better than everyone else there. You could have been the best employee that they have ever had and made the company better than it ever has been. But we want to make way for people who just aren't able to cut it if you are here (lower the bar and it's easy for people to look good) So tired of this mentality.
  4. 1. Most importantly, CORSI does not adjust for strength of competition, which is a huge factor. The difference between going up against the McDavid line and going up against the Edmonton bottom 6 is huge in terms of expected CORSI. The Sutter line was able to keep the McDavid line from scoring, forcing them into a lot of missed shots, blocked shots, and low percentage shots, all of which count in CORSI. They did a great job. The Sedin line played the Edmonton bottom 6 about even -- which is not such a great accomplishment. There are some attempts to adjust for quality of competition but they are woefully inadequate. The explanation is long, but it is very hard to adjust properly for quality of competition. This entire paragraph makes me laugh. Mainly because of all the whiners about the new guys should be line 1. The Sedin's have fought against the toughest lines all their career and flourished. Now the new blood is facing tougher competition and are looking flat. Shows you really how good the Sedin's are and continue to be. The will not go quietly into the night!
  5. Well since no one picked this option. I really don't want to, but we get shut out. (I want Danny to score it though)
  6. Wow can't believe the stats Edler has piled up. Maybe one day we will have a superstar Dman who will knock off all those records.
  7. Say what Say who Alex and the city crew. Just to good to pass up. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O2otNQA0Y0I
  8. Good stoner feels!
  9. Well it's so fitting. Jagr gets to play at the home of the Flying Jagr's. Now the boys can take in a ton of games. Pretty sure that was one of the bonuses in the contract.
  10. My first thought was to give you a -1. But I save those for people who have significantly more posts. Then again if I don't see any worse posts I will definitely come back and give you a -1.
  11. Yea I don't recall Brock being singled out for mistakes. Nor do I recall seeing him sitting in the penalty box.
  12. Wow 77 games 1 goal. 0.012 GPG A top 6 player who is smart and has bad skating see also Sedin - 1248 games - 237 goals 0.1899 GPG Sedin - 1225 games - 370 goals 0.30 GPG Sorry if he was that smart he'd have himself in positions to score goals. Gaunce will never be top 6. Even if he got faster.
  13. Truly have Chaput and Megna been waived? Do my eyes deceive me? Happy Happy Joy Joy.
  14. I really hope no one snatches him up. I think once he gets up to game speed and gets rid of the rust he will be really decent. Good Luck Rodin.
  15. Wow there are some tough cuts yet to be made in the forward group. There will be three tough cuts. Unless we get rid of Chaput and Megna. Defence is easy to know who's going down. Bummed if the news of Goldy going down is true. Maybe he will get an early call up. I hope he puts up numbers and gives them a reason not to!