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  1. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    It was a facetious question of locking the thread in reference to people going way over the top about Burrows.    Some of you people really need to chill out and have a little levity.  WOW.  Have a nice night.
  2. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    Gah some of you are so unintelligent.  You can't count D-men as forward scoring depth, how dumb can you get.  So that makes Burrows 7th, just a few points short of 6th.   And if you can do the math.....oooops yea let me do it for you.  That is almost top two lines material.   Now if you could extrapolate how many of his minutes are lost due to being on the ice and killing penalties.  Well dosh garn he would probably be firmly in second line territory.   Can we close this thread until the start of next season?  Some of the responses just need to be thought on a little longer before posting.
  3. Never talk ill of the hockey Gods.  They have a long memory and rarely forgive.
  4. Under-rated/Over-rated Canuck players

    The last 15 games prove that Horvat could be more than a franchise leader, he could be a league leader. He's being groomed slowly and paying his dues.  Hasn't complained once and still puts in all the hard work to get better. I cannot say enough good things about this kid....a few more years and I would love to make some of these CDC'ers recant publicly.
  5. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    I watched Burrows quite intently again last night.  He sure battled hard.  There is something wrong though.  Some of his passes were just horrible.  A few pass receptions were terrible.  Then he managed to snag one really hard pass with ease. It just seems so weird to see him make some really bad mistakes on easy plays. There is no denying he was working hard, but something is amiss, maybe confidence, family issues....something deeper in the locker room?  Wish I had the game recorded so I could go shift by shift and analyze it a bit better.   Love the guy, but something isn't right.
  6. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

     I don't care what his contract is right now, or how long.  That game seven goal is worth every goshdarn penny to me.  Go back and watch that clip, over and over and over.  Then tell me that isn't one of the greatest moments in the history of the Canucks franchise.
  7. [Discussion] Goalie Equipment & Ryan Miller

    I agree about changing the size of pads.  It is ridiculous how large they are.  Even in mens leagues guys grab the biggest stuff they can get. I don't think safety is a concern.  I played goal with almost every generation of gear, except for the newest stuff available in the last few years.   I used to feel shots through my old CCM pads with deer hair in them.  My D&R's were pretty damn good, felt a few but never got hurt. My old Brown catcher, I loved it, but man some of those shots hurt like hell.  My newer Vaughn's only the top players make my hand feel anything. Old chest protectors, wow did I take some stingers that would bruise me the size of grapefruits.  The newer chest protectors wow.  Built like flack jackets and weigh nothing.   Even the helmets are godlike.  I used to use a Hasek type helmet and cage.  Took a shot in warm up and got a pressure cut.  The halfmasks of today are outrageous. I have not seen a guy get his head blowed up like Richard Brodeur in ages.  How about when Rick Viave broke that guys knee with a slap shot.  I cannot recall the last time a goaler got hurt from a puck below the neck. The padding is fine and can be scaled down to form fit.  Goalies aren't going to get hurt.  I mean hell how long did Marty use his POS chest protector, then finally decided to get a more modern one.   Just my humble opinion.
  8. Wow the guy has 33 wins already. Caps have 31 games left to play.  47 wins is what Luongo got here.  Same year Brodeur got his 48.  If I recall correctly. If he plays 22 games and wins at his current winning percentage he could easily do it. I think if he is within 5 in his last ten games of the season the team will go for it, instead of resting him.  That would be a hell of a record, considering the state of the NHL and resting starters a lot more.  I think it would be cool.
  9. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    Glad this was moved.   I don't know what game people were watching, but this game by Burrows was terrible.  Game before last he was terrific.   Something is amiss with him.  Love him for what he has done and contributed....he just isn't giving us what is required of late.
  10. Random Stats

    I put 733 then it was supposed to be a parenthesis which I missed hence the 9. God you CDC guys are a bit too harsh. At least dude put you in your place with the Hansen Stat.  Thanks for the backup Jag.   Typo will be fixed so another CDC'er wont cry.
  11. Random Stats

    Henrik Sedin is one assist away from tying Trevor Linden's points as a Canuck 733(4th)  and 24 behind Nazzie(3rd). Burrows is 6 PIM away from 1000 as a Canuck. Daniel has more Overtime Goals than 342 other players had in their entire time playing with a Canucks Jersey.  Only 38 players who played for the Canucks scored more goals than Daniel has game winners. No matter what you think of Burrows his plus minus is decent.  Hansen is the next closest forward to him and he's +67 behind. Daniel has scored more goals than almost half of all the other Canucks added up all time.  (He Just passed Grabner) Burrows has 23 Short handed points (3rd) 2 behind Linden.  At Horvat's current pace, He could pass burrows in about 33 seasons.   Hansen has 11 short handed points, but would have to go on a Claude Lemuix tear to catch up.   Daniel has 11 more shots to crack 3000.  He has almost as many shots as Edler and Henrik combined.   Daniel noted for his goal scoring prowess has 0 Short Handed goals.....while his brother has 7.  This is why we don't have a cup.  (Joking) Finally Henrik is 4 games away from becoming the franchise leader in games played.  Way to go Hank!
  12. Can We Start Cutting Vey A Little Slack?

    I will admit first season I hated Vey, then I was informed he was a rookie.  Really curbed my knocking him down.
  13. What is Sven Baertschi Worth?

    3 years 6 mil sounds like a really good deal.  It doesn't go over board and it's not rewarding him for stuff he hasn't done.  A longer term means the team actually has faith in where he is going. I'd be really disappointed if they offer him only a one year.  I don't want a guy with potential slipping through our fingers.
  14. I really think Benning is trying to shake up the market place and get some movement going.   Can anyone remember any team ever sending three roster players down through waivers in such quick succession?  Maybe Buffalo in tankfest mode?   I for one think it's a great move if those monies are retained towards overall cap space, that extra month of three player salaries could make a big difference in who can be picked up.  I hope one of the resident capologists lets me know if we save team cap from these moves.
  15. Ok the symmetry between the Sedin's has been legendary through most their careers.  Henrik has a 27 point lead in 25 games more played. Though Daniel has 20 more points Through Olympics, Team Sweden and Worlds. Henrik does spend more time in the Penalty box, by 25%.  So could this be a difference maker, giving Danny extra rest later in the career?   Some of this is all tongue in cheek.  But I for one would love to see them tie the all time Canucks leader boards for points in a Career. So vote how you will and give your view on who will be the leader and why.