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  1. LOL, nice to see you here.

  2. That's great! I am a graduate of the University of Stellenbosch :)

  3. Hi there otto84! Thanks for visiting my profile...:)

  4. hey man, No im here for a year of university and its ????in great. Love being here. Ill be back in vancouver next january though...going back to UBC.

  5. yes

    i made it, I usually switch them around. I'm working on a Doug Weight Neanderthal sig :D

  6. Minus 36 degrees celsius with blowing snow in Sherwood Park, AB at the moment. I tried to snow blow our acreage driveway, but it got so cold I couldn't feel my legs anymore so I had to come in the house without finishing the job..
  7. What happened to that photoshop picture you had of Burke holding a crying Bertuzzi and Pronger with a soother on his lap? Did you do that yourself btw? :)

  8. So what are you doing in SA? Vacation?

  9. Hey, how is Cape Town? I was born and raised there, came back from my last visit there this past January 12th! Left just in time to miss Eskom turning off the power supply on :)

  10. I predict your stay on the Oilers message board will be brief with those troll comments of yours..

  11. Hey, Happy Birthday! That username sounds familiar... ;)

  12. Zomg Leet has been changing his settings so every day is his Birthday..guess you didn't notice. But I did..LOL!! ;P

  13. This guy is having a Birthday every day ,people...

  14. A couple of people. Not a lot. : )

  15. LOL!! Did anyone besides me even notice your "Birthday every day" trick? ;P