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  1. No. My interpretation of your evidence indicates that Hamhuis' point of contact is above the knees whereas Marchand went for the knees of Salo. That couple of inches is the difference between a clean hipcheck and clipping. Not to mention, Lucic was skating forward through the neutral zone, should've expected a hit. Salo was cruising backwards, and Marchand eliminated him. To further dissect the Hamhuis hipcheck, yeah, it can be argued that his arm was around Lucic's knees, you don't flip someone the size of Lucic with just your arms especially when you're facing him to start.....
  2. All these big name touring acts pander to the home crowd. In Vancouver, that means you rock a Canucks jersey. I'm not trying to burst any bubbles, but that's the way I see it

  3. You live in Manchester and support Liverpool? Wouldn't that be like living in Edmonton and cheering for Calgary?

  4. yeah, i'd say so.....

    More evidence that God was a woman, not that I believe it or anything.......