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  1. Fish

  2. is this bjb gerg

  3. What's your New Year's Resolution?

    Jerk off less. Unless I'm really horny lol.
  4. How CDC was conquered

    We in there.
  5. Fish

    What's the deal with the lack of halibut in fish & chips these days? When I was younger, cod was the crappy fish and ballers used to swim in the halibut but now it's all like "ooOoo, Cod plssss, pollock is for the poors lol."
  6. sure, just forget about me. jerk.

  7. you s.o.b

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    2. Pure Class

      Pure Class

      mylol was never here.

      is cdc worthy?

    3. ModoExpress


      Who knows but lets milk this circle-jerky rep system

    4. Pure Class
  8. Ask Jazz Anything

    What is this Forum? How come I'm not banned?
  9. Ask Jazz Anything

    rate me
  10. Where oh where did my little modes go

    oh where oh where could he be

  11. Why can't things go back to the way the used to be?

  12. You're the best


    Nothins gonna eva keep ya down

    You're the best


    Nothins gonna eva keep ya down