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  1. Schedule makers colluding with the Canucks

    I feel that the Canucks should do the training camp in Utica with preseason home games at Utica at some point in the future and request the league to start the season with 7-8 games on the road with games starting in Washington and work their way to home with stops at Philadelphia, NJ, NYR, NYI, Boston, Montreal, and Ottawa. This is not a tough travel as all of the players would be getting used to eastern time zone for a month and half. Next trip: start in Toronto, Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Columbus, Detroit. Finally, the road trip starts in Nashville, Carolina, Florida, Tampa, and Dallas. All of the trip is in order, not zig zag. If you notice all of those destination routes, it's not out of the way trips. I have calculated a few years ago that the Canucks could reach at 39,000 miles, even without Seattle being a factor. This only works if the Canucks is hosting the training camp in Utica. A couple of seasons ago, they went 43,500 miles and that was their lowest point of travelling in their history. This is very important because the cities I laid above is not on the plane for more than an hour at the most except for southeast part of the USA. Best part of the plan I laid out here is that Canucks would be having more practice days early in the season than an extra day without a practice because they are travelling, costintg them a few days of practice.
  2. Quinn Hughes | D

    If He is truly ready, he will make the team and preselected game off at the start of the season with 50-60 game schedule so that he can focus on two things: gym time and practice time as well and avoid the rigid of 82-game schedule. The goal is not to burn him out in his rookie year and have much better sophomore season with a full schedule. That is if they are more concerned about his development plan. If you play him with a full schedule and he will burn out and will not be effective for us considering his age.
  3. Thank you for the correction. Liberals liked that taxes and kept it which they broke their promise. It is better not to promise anything that you do not intend to keep.
  4. I wouldn't know about it. Conservatives might remove that. Will find out their platform on taxes issues once election is called. As for NDP, they favor that tax as they need to collect as much taxes and spending. Green would be in favor for environmental reasons and Conservatives is well known for cutting taxes and cutting spending as been done in their history. They cut from 7% GST to 5%. Liberals always have been introducing new taxes and sometimes increasing taxes. GST was one of the example by Liberals.
  5. All for the reason to vote out Libs and vote for any party that would allow for province to decide for themselves, not the federal.
  6. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    507 pages worthy of his whole career storybook ends here. I suppose you could make a book extract out from this thread about his career. A great career that anyone could have asked for from ECHL to first liner in the NHL. It's just too bad that outside Canucks fans didn't really appreciate him as a player back then in the first place. Wishing you a happy retirement, Burr.
  7. Benning is doing a great job! (Discussion)

    All of those contract (4-years) can easily be traded away at 50% retention. If it were to be a case, it would be more of a manageable trades assuming we doesn't get any cap dump in returns. I would be fine with 3 years and on 4th year, we use cap retention so that those extra millions won't be terribly burden on the cap space. It is the cost of doing business through free agents and those aren't cheap. We are in direct competition with 30 other NHL clubs for their services. After today's deal, we still have plenty of cap space going into the season of 12.8 million space with Edler, MDZ, Nilsson and Dorsett's contract coming off the book next year. This will free us up for another 13 million coming off and can be used for Boeser's contract extension. 25.5 million of space cap for 2019 off-season and that still leave us with plenty of options on next crop of free agents. We still have Virtenan to sign and that cap space will be coming down slightly. We are not expected to do anything special unless Boeser, Patterson, Goldobin, Horvat, Hughes etc are making some noise. Defence and goaltender is a question mark for this coming season.
  8. For those who feels that this term is too long, we can always trade him with a cap retention at 50% in his 3rd or 4th year of the contract. This is nothing to fret about and I do not think that this deal has NTC in it.
  9. 4 years at 3 M per year is too much, imo. It is not price but term that I am not too keen about. I'd offer him slightly higher and shorter term of 2 years at 3.25 to 3.5 million. There'll always be free agents for similar role that Russell plays in 2 years. Keep it short to give us some flexibility without having to buy him out after 2nd year if things don't work out.
  10. what does he really mean?

    If the NHL ever goes with unguaranteed contract, I'd bet you that there'll be lots of movement every year where young players earn their way into the league rather than teams stuck with a few veterans mailing it in just to collect paychecks. Because of guaranteed contract, it's harder to make room as teams having their cap space set for the year at the end of the training camp and buyouts is not even possible until end of the season in June. Even if he is sent to minors, his cap hit still count and almost no room except for $900,000 be taken of at the maximum. GMs are unwilling to make any trades except for minor trades until the TDL as they would want to evaluate players that is having a good year even on their final year of the contract for their playoff run with no risk of being stuck with a bad contract for next season. Also notice that there is not much movement at the draft day either compared in the past. Teams also refused to trade up into top 10 when some teams is trying to trade down for extra picks. Montreal, Arizona had no choice but to overreach their picks to get what they want. It is a changing of the way they do the business nowadays.
  11. Draft winners and losers

    I agree with you there. To me a true draft winner is the team that wins the Stanley Cup with its own home-grown talents from the drafts or using those draft players in a trade for great returns. Not every draft picks pan out so even in a trade that is not panning out with a return that helps to win the cup is the winner as well. (See Eric Lindros trade that helped Avs to win the Cup). Those are the type of draft year we will not know for a long while to see if it's the case.
  12. Canucks release 2018-19 regular season schedule

    My take on this schedule: 7 cross-continental trips which is 2-3 trips too many. The ideal is 4-5 cross continental trips to save some air miles. . I do not like the fact that we have to visit 4 central teams one extra times according to schedule matrix and Seattle can't come soon enough. Good news: we have only 10 b2b games this year, 8 of them are on road, 1 home b2b, and 1 home/away b2b. It looks like that the air miles will increase a few thousand miles than last season. I have covered from other post that Canucks could have reduced their air miles to less than 40,000 miles every year with better travel itinerary. I am not a fan of opening the season one game at home then hit the road for 6 games when we could have holding a training camp in Utica with a training camp facility similar to baseball training camp in Florida and Arizona where they have everything, including dormitory. New York Islanders held their training camp and preseason games in the West back in 2009. After preseason games, we could have hit the road right away without having to fly cross-continental and we would have extra time practicing, getting ready for the season with similar road schedule, 5-8 games, all of them in the East. With U20 World Championship in Vancouver/Victoria, we have no choice but for next season, I'd like Canucks hitting the road before Christmas, All-Stars weekend and 5 bye days with cross-continental trips so that we do not have those dreaded first game back home from long trip effects. I would like to see such experiment for a season with training camp in the East and still have preseason home games in Utica. The goal should be: more practice time as much as possible. This schedule is not what I would like to see.
  13. I am ok with signing Tavares, he is only 27 and UFA which fits in my philosophy, sign any UFA for a long term contract before they hit 30. We have cap room for that and plus he will be 34 when the contract expires so it won't hurt us too much if he keeps producing points for us. Should we successfully trade away Erikkson, and sign Tavares, he will be the highest paid player unless Boeser continues to do what he did in his rookie year then he deserves the top dollars. With Patterson coming in and if he does what he does in SHL and playing with Tavares, then the line would be a nightmare to defend. I'm liking the Tavares-Patterson-Boeser line combo.
  14. [Rumour] Canucks interested in Hanifin

    I wouldn't do any trades that involves our top prospects. We have too many good prospects and I'm willing to wait for an elite defenseman out there for our top elite forward if all of JB's picks are panning out. If we get both goalies that is potentially to become a superstars, then I'd be willing to unload one of them for any elite Defenseman in the future. Now is not the time to trigger for any deal. If JB's 7th pick is better than Hanifin then it's better to hold his position. What's more: he might not be waiver eligible as he played more games in last two years so pass on that one.
  15. [Rumour] Canucks interested in Hanifin

    I do not know him but I wouldn't part our first round pick to acquire him. I do not mind unload one of our forward for him, ie: Granlund, Baertschi as one of those examples. If not, I prefer to stay put if Hurricanes doesn't want those type of players.