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  1. Loui Eriksson Can't Be a Passenger (Article)

    if he is having a good season with EP, I would try to trade him away to get some value back, he's nothing without EP40.
  2. Yes, 5 on 5 play, I don't mind him but not PP.
  3. Honestly, Edler needs to get off the PP and I'm liking Stecher to play some minutes or Pouliot. Anyone but Edler. If Edler has to play on PP, it has to be on 2nd unit, not 1st unit. This experiment has been a failure despite getting some PP points due to Petterson's brilliance on PP.
  4. EP40 effect to the whole team with his early season play. Once he's back, the effect would continue to ripple on the rest of the team.
  5. Calgary sportsnet host pokes fun at EP concussion

    Once the shot is made, a goalie saved it, and the puck were in vicinity toward the boards and it's still a late hit, period. 2 good seconds gone when the hit was made. Once the shot is made, he is no longer in possession of the puck despite rebound went in the vicinity and he never regained the possession. It's still late and interference which should be a suspended able offense and also it's hit from the behind as well despite not close to the board. A hit from behind on open ice can cause concussion so it's still illegal.
  6. Calgary sportsnet host pokes fun at EP concussion

    It's better not to poke any fun on anyone's expense like the Calgary media did to Petterson and now Johnny hockey got hurt so I won't poke any fun to that as it's a serious issue and I hope that McAvoy would be suspended. It has no place with hockey anymore and Gaudreau already shot and 2 seconds later, boom, he's hit. I still maintain that Matherson should be 5-gamer and McAvoy should receive the same treatment but will DoPS act on that? I hope that they become consistent with their decision. I love any big hit and should be only be legal when they have the puck when the hit is made even concussed by that hit and should remain legal. I would love for that replay being expanded so that they don't penalize anyone with a clean hit if there's injury on the play. If the puck is not there, STOP and show some respect to their fellow players. Gaudreau did not have the puck when the hit was made despite puck being close to him.
  7. Federal Liberals to End Solitary Confinement

    It doesn't matter, they took a life away from the victim so why should we allow what statistics says about the prisoner's life while they took away their life? They already knew what is right and wrong before they committed crimes even a mentally illness criminals knew what is right and wrong. Death penalty should be reintroduced in Canada so that we do not hear from their complaint of their rights in prison or even their mental health rights and that's insane for us to give what they demands while being in prison. That is a silly argument when talking about data when we have all the DNA evidences and better technology that can point toward the murder. We also have the technology where DNA doesn't match and can save the innocent's life from death penalty. For them to talk about removing solitary confinement while serving life in prison doesn't make any sense.
  8. Federal Liberals to End Solitary Confinement

    I disagreed with Liberals bill for a few following reasons: a dangerous offenders should pay the crime as they committed the crimes and if they didn't like the prison, it's a consequences that they must face. It is giving criminals more rights over victims which I am sick of seeing nowadays. It is like, you can commit a crime then get away with it with programs but the crime act has been done for the victims. Second reason, it also cost money to the program that will not have some success to it as criminals might like the new prison environment and might reoffend than if solitary confinement due to human interactions and they wouldn't be able to get that when they get out of prison as many people will avoid that dangerous ex-criminals that is liability to recommit a crime. Once they get lonely in the society, they would do anything to maintain the contact within the prison with the new program that the Liberals are proposing. I wouldn't be surprised if this program will not work 10 years from now as increased crimes will be once criminals get out of prison.
  9. [Waivers} Canadiens De La Rose

    You are not wrong, we have until October 31 on 6th in the priority list then it goes with current standing after Nov 1st. The Canucks is off to a good start so might be a middle in the pack when November comes around. We tend to fall off the cliff after Christmas so whenever we needed a replacement, we were just too high in the standing for any claim to be made.
  10. (GDT) Nucks VS Pens in the Burg

    I'd like to see more of Gaudette but not sure why Green benched him but would like to see him 2nd and 3rd period. Give him another chance.
  11. [Report] Mike Matheson suspended 2 games

    This is a disappointing ruling. The extra shots after a hit is not acceptable. Should be a 5 gamer but I'm a biased however the league can be biased against us so what do we expect, 2 gamer suspension. At least the eastern media wants to see what EP40 can do so the league gives them the biscuit by suspending Matherson. IT also send a message that EP40 is untouched.
  12. [Report] Canucks recall Adam Gaudette

    For any talk of having an AHL team in BC, that's a crazy talk. I prefer Canucks to have the farm team in Utica for a very long time for three reasons: easier travel and more practice time and also work on other things in gym as they do not play games for 4-5 days at a time throughout the year. If you play a back to back game in Utica and an away game to another town, then you can have a practice time the next day for next 4-5 days rather than having a back to back games then fly back home and practice two days later at a very different time zone is a killer. The call-up is an inconvenience if we happens to be at home. It is not a big deal but very beneficial if we happen to be on the road. We seem to get injuries while being on the road than at home.
  13. Elias Pettersson | #40 | C/RW

    My hope is that they would hand him a 5-game suspension for an in-phone hearing, not 2 to 3 games. Even for a first-time offender, this is also a no-no body slam and it's a common sense that you don't disrespect any players with that move and it's akin to slew foot where I have seen players been suspended for. The malicious intention is there and this shouldn't be a 2 to 3 gamer. If the league decides to hand him 5-gamer, it will also send a message across the league that anything extra is subjected for a review as video evidence are there and players should have some respect for each other and a hit is enough but nothing more. You do not want to let players get away with some "extra" leading to injury, put action to a stop right there and players will have to think twice before doing that. Only dumb players would do that if the message has already been sent in the first place.
  14. Matheson hit on Pettersson

    I agree. This is a new NHL that casual fans who is watching the NHL and saw that the Canucks did not retaliate and if NHL does not do anything about it, casual fans should begin to become disgust with the NHL itself for maintaining the old school thinking, not the Canucks. If the NHL decides to suspend Mathersons, then it will send a message on anything extra after the hit should not be allowed to protect other players from getting injured by the extra shots that is not necessary. Hits is good only if it's legal and if someone got hurt by legal hits then I have no problem with that. If they continue to allow the extra shots then they should be punished for their intention. If the NHL really want to protect their stars, it begins now and send a message that this type of extra shots like body slamming or cross checking after the hit should not be tolerated. It also cost the owner money by paying the extra salary by call ups and unable to have their star players playing for a while. If the extra unnecessary action is reduced, the injuries is reduced, the more money the owner is able to save. Is that what the league should aim for, concern for their safety and their bottom line: expense on paying salary to a call-up on NHL money which is still very expensive. If the NHL dishes out suspension for all types of cheap shots and the players who received the cheap shot did not get hurt would also send a message that their behavior on ice must also change for better. The players care about their bottom line: salary and they hate to lose their salary and the only place to start Is to stop this type of behavior on the ice. I love a clean hits like everybody else but it's the extra cheapies turned me off. Every time I see a game that does not involves the Canucks and other teams still do that to other star players has also turned me off. That is not a hockey play. What is the purpose of doing that? None. If the NHL decides to let it pass, it's a scary time for players at this point forward with their career on line and it could end at any time. With a high impact head injury could kill a hockey player someday from that type of cheap shot could happen. It is an open season to ALL hockey players in the league if the league let it pass, not just the Canucks. Had the NHL decided to suspend Moore from Naslund hit as an example, it would have save them money from legal costs in all of it and Bertuzzi's retaliation wouldn't happen in the first place. One thing I know, whatever we learn from history is doomed to repeat it and I really hope that NHL has learn their lesson and be serious about this issues that plagued the league from day 1, 125 years ago. The problem is that there were no video evidence for dirty plays but it existed and fights happened and became a tradition. Fights within the sports shouldn't happen if the league is serious about dirty plays that needs to be taken out of the game. Now we have video evidence and we should not tolerate them any longer.
  15. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Florida Panthers | Oct. 13, 2018

    If the league is serious about this, this needs to be acted with a suspension, 5+ games would send a message across the league that this type of play is not tolerated.