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  1. I think that Eriksson will be cut based on his history in last few seasons where he did not live up to the contract that we paid him with 30 goals seasons before he joined the Canucks. Maybe this team is a wrong team for him to play with and is not a fit. If nobody is willing to trade for him, put him on a waiver and hope that he would be taken by a team and teams would be hesitate to claim Eriksson because of his cap hit and most teams are near the cap and only a handful of teams do have the cap room but will not take him because teams would rather to play their young players. They do not want to become stuck with his contract in next three seasons. Hence is the reason why Eriksson won't be claimed and the Canucks do need to keep a few guys to further develop their game rather than lose them through the waivers. Gaudette will make the team, not because he is not ready, he is ready and his work ethics impressed the coach staff and the management team and would reward him to make the team and give their prospects some moviation to work very hard in the summer and give them opportunity to make the team out of the training camp in the future. If Gaudette doesn't make the team, it will also show the prospects from afar off that they don't matter and might not be so motivate to work very hard in the summer regardless of the depth chart in the future because history has shown that this team is a veterans proven players and difficult to crack in the line-up based on the seniority. I think that the management team would want to change this perception and show them the stick on the carrot approach with their philosophy, if they are good enough to make the team, they will make room for him regardless of their salary.
  2. That's tg Ok, thanks. I'll edit my prediction in the time capsule. I was thinking of Ottawa's situation in a trade whether to keep the pick or give it to Colorado for the 1st conditional. It happened two seasons ago. It was a lottery protected pick as a conditional trade. So if they miss the playoffs, they can make those choice whether to keep it or give it to Tampa to complete the trade. So therefore, I'm sticking to the prediction that they will make the playoffs.
  3. I'd love to see statistic on how many times it were held and the same year won the cup.
  4. That's good comparison except for one huge difference, ref in 2011 were calling every penalties in book without game management and they capitalized and in 2019, ref are not going to call everything and there's game management involved and they are not going to call penalties just because of Auger indecent and I still see that they have a long grudge and it will take about another 10-15 years before the old school refs who disliked Canucks to retire. Unless there is obvious penalties, they are not going to call in favor and call weak ones against Canucks. That's how I see it for now. Wait and see how they would do this season.
  5. Canucks play most of its games without any major injury and that includes playoffs. Minor injures might happen here or there but no major injuries like last few years. They are overdue for a good year, injury-wise, allowing Utica Comets to develop their own prospects and gel as a team and be even stronger next season and make the team. Some of Utica Comets players might stick, overtaking a few players in the depth chart. Chris Tanev plays all 82 games for first time in his career. We make the playoffs. Eriksson is gone before the start of next season. I won't be surprised if Markstrom allowed a few bad goals, paving the way for Demko to take over later in the year but still a very good 1B goalie.
  6. I don't' believe in jinxing someone or the team. I mean, someone is bound to say something publicly and so do the other fans in the league bound to say something and didn't happen. He could not be a real hardcore fan if he said that. So don't fret.
  7. Based on three preseason games, not counting split squad games, I like all of the depth players and I wish that there's 30 NHL spots and keep them all. Tough decision upcoming for Green and depth is way better than it was ever before and with continued drafting, depth will be getting stronger and stronger and be a contender for years to come with Benning strong drafting and could afford to lose players due to salary cap constraint and replacement would be found by the depth players. With stronger depth, it becomes easier to make a few trades for much better players in return than we have to teams lacking depth or picks. I find that Benning strategy of internal competition is working and will become harder to crack this line-up, and will make us stronger team in the future should a rookie make the team out of the camp which means, he is better than a strong player. That is a plus.
  8. By the regular season begins, nobody will remember those words. Not everybody watch the preseason.
  9. I agree. It is only preseason and is not indicative for regulars to prove themselves but bubble guys./rookies to prove themselves that they belongs. I hope that Erikkson is the bubble guys. He might think that he is a regular due to the hefty contract. The sooner he is cut, the better it will be. We'll see if it presents "tough decisions" to make.
  10. I would not mind letting Eriksson go for free via the waivers if there are no team interested in Eriksson even for a sweetener offers. Chances are that the teams would claim him for free without losing their assets because other teams know that the Canucks don't have enough space for to absorb a cap hit and could stonewall the Canucks. The Canucks got Eriksson for free through free agents and they suffer no loss in term of assets. I wouldn't want to go with sweetener offer just to get rid of Eriksson when considering we got him for free 3 seasons ago and waste even more assets with sweetener offer.. If nobody claims him then the Canucks could send him to minors and help the farm team which is a plus. If Eriksson ever decide to retire, it would save ton of cap space despite some bonus money remaining.
  11. It could be a good thing, to get away from a division rivals for fringe players looking for a big name with dirty tactics or have someone ordered a target by his coach looking for any advantage he could get from the start of the season. I also would rather Canucks to hold training camp and hold preseason home games outside division at Utica, in the east coast and start the season on the road so that their bodies would be in eastern time zone for a month (2 1/2 weeks of training camp/preseasons and 1 or 2 weeks on the road in the east coast). Travels would be very light for a month, is what they need the most, imo.
  12. Well, Ottawa will have its preseason road trip from coast to coast, literally. They played in St. Johns, Newfoundland last night. I find that weird.
  13. I think that it's Tippet effect. Phoenix used to have a good faceoff team because of Tippet so I would think that it is the case and the Oilers were playing Tippet's system. This might be one-off as a bad night and hopefully that it won't be the case going forward.
  14. If the Canucks has to lose someone, think, cap hits. Seattle has to fit 83 million for 30 players. I believe Vegas is exempted from ED so that would work out to $2.7 million per player on average so if Seattle opts to get top heavy contracts from some of the teams' best 3rd liner or a top 4, chances that they wouldn't touch our high priced players. I believe that they cannot get above the cap from the ED so it will not matter because some of the 2.7 million dollars are easily replaceable through free agents. If we have some depth, we could always protect and negotiate a trade for them not to touch one of our own after 11 protected players if necessary. (7f, 3d, and 1g). We probably lose one of the prospect with 3 years of pro hockey experience or our 3rd liner. I still feel that we still don't have enough depth from prospects pool to actually push for a roster spots yet for Seattle to be interested in and they probably would take one of the vets and he can be easily replaced anyways through free agent. If we ever make the playoff in next two years, it will be because of EP with good supporting cast, nothing else.
  15. Jake definitely will make the team and Erikkson will not. He hasn't shown that he is better player when he said that he is better from World Championship. He should know that his job is at stake despite 6 million dollar man.