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  1. It is not wasted years seeing that Petey is just 20 and most major superstars don't win the cup until 24-27 years old if they are carrying the team. I wouldn't worry about the wasted year and also, we just need depth but if it happens again where injury bug strikes, we ought to be prepared that we might not be good. I am more interested in being a cup contender, not playoff contender. Once you are in, anything can happen but you miss the whole point, let them develop together rather than a big UFA splash signings just to be a playoff contender then miss the playoff altogether due to injury bug. If they get injured playing in the playoffs, they potentially miss some summer training just because we signed the UFA this summer to push us to the playoffs. The sooner we start the training, the better it would be for our young players. If next season, we did something big and made the playoff spot without a big UFA signing and show a potential for a cup contender then we can afford to spend big UFA signing to ensure that we are a cup contender then by all means, go for it. It is not worth the hassle of signing big ones just to make the playoff spot, we have other holes to consider.
  2. I agree with you, I would rather Tanev traded this summer for any package that would upgrade D or picks. For now, Tanev is just simply too injured prone for any team that is interested to trade for him. Just make sure that we have some kind of cap space for any replacement that is taken in expansion draft for 2021 UFA class. I just do not want to waste a D spot when we could sign someone else in 2021. At this point, it's simply about the asset management and whatever we have got needing protecting and go for a big splash without having to worry about expansion draft for a long while. We are not contending until at least after expansion draft and we shouldn't go for a big UFA this year, just short-term depth signing is ok with me. We are having trouble with the secondary scoring despite low scoring and our D is playing much better this year when compared in last few years.
  3. I dont' feel that we will finish at bottom 5 finishes even if we don't sign prime defensive free agent. Let them develop together and Hughes will only help with that. We might have 8 games sample size then make a decision over the summer for depth signing but not Karl Eriksson or Myer type. Depth of 3-4 D is what we should focus on over the summer and let our young defensive player develop into something else to become a good one. Stecher/Hutton is one of a good example of what they could have been. I felt that other D needs more time in farm team and Biega is not a NHLer and treading water for now. If we become a playoff contender then we would go for a top D UFA in 2020 or 2021 after Expansion draft where the plan is set and knowing who we lost in Expansion draft to make up a loss. We want a cap space for that loss.
  4. While I agree that D should be a focus this summer but I wouldn't want any superstar signing. If the history has taught us, they usually disappoint with a superstar signing: ie: Messier, Mogliny, Sundin, Eriksson, Vrbata. It is risky to have sign them only to disappoint when they don't meet our expectation. I would rather to build our D depth by signing a couple of them with what we have seen improved D this year in Stecher, Hutton and that can only helps us. A couple of D signing wouldn't hurt but I do not want big splash and be patience with our rebuilding. I also would want to wait to see what Quinn Hughes can bring to the table then adjust the summer strategy but no splurging with Karlsson, Myer, Gardiner, etc. signing. I would wait until 2020 off-season to make a big splash or at least after expansion draft in 2021. I wouldn't want to lose any young D if we sign a big D free agent signing.
  5. coolboarder

    [Discussion] Should Edler be resigned?

    I am not entirely sold on Edler. I am not exactly his fan for years. To show some consistency on his game, he must be playing that way. The Saturday's game has shown me that he can be that bad defensively. He lost many positional battles which led to goals against. I am not convinced that he deserved any NTC or NMC based on his play. I admit that he played well before injury but that injury were a freak accident. I am on 50/50 on giving him an extension. On one hand, the Canucks need defence and we don't have anyone that can play like Edler but on other hand, we need his consistency so if he cannot give us consistent we need then we should let him go. I do not want to give him more than one year extension and if he truly loves this team, he should give up some of long term and prove himself to an one year deal with NMC to show his consistency. I do not want to be trapped in a bad contract long-term so one-year is fine. If Edler doesn't want one-year deal then we let him walk. This transition is the most important time and we cannot afford to have Edler dictate this team by his own whim about how he loves this city and doesn't show it, contractually-wise and by his own play over the years.
  6. I agree. They should cater to the home team fans, not the national TV. Solution: make this game without a national TV and it will start at 7pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday games. That is the nights that SN doesn't have the rights for. It is also unfair for eastern team having to play all the games at the local time at 7pm. Toronto isn't that special. To come to think about it, Toronto is the only team that never play at 10pm est on a Saturday night when games is in Pacific time zone for a long time. After Hours surely need Toronto and rating could go up.
  7. coolboarder

    [PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Vegas Golden Knights | Mar. 03, 2019

    Just want to comment one thing: the Canucks had played against tired teams only 3 times while being a tired team more than 10 times. If you compare with the rest of the league, they get the tired teams at least 9 to 13 teams on average. So that would about 20 potential points being lost in a back to back situations while being tired, they lost a lot of points right there. The schedule has to be fairer and we would be in a playoff conversation with about 6 to 10 extra points, potentially. Keep in mind, they played games without any benefit of playing against tired teams so that's too much to overcome, imo. It is difficult to gauge on where we stand if we had the benefit of the schedule on both side of coins.
  8. coolboarder

    [PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Vegas Golden Knights | Mar. 03, 2019

    One thing about this group of team, we were in a playoff contender around All-Star break and were given this group a chance to fight in every games. I felt that we were in it until bad luck injuries has caught up with us. Watching Edler play, I felt that he is not the same Edler pre-injury so I would keep my eyes on him and hope that he would be able to play better in next few weeks and if he doesn't get back to the level and that's concerning and I would let him walk, tbh. I do not want to take a chance on Edler if his play doesn't improve and concussion is unpredictable injury to evaluate to see if he has truly recovered from that freak injury. Unless he is reasonable with his contract demands (no NMC, no full NTC for expansion draft year), I would let him walk this summer and start focusing on defence for draft and UFA. Injury has, however, give us a chance to assessment on our prospects and I see a few of them are ready and others needing more seasoning in AHL.
  9. coolboarder

    Why does Canucks offense suck?

    Offense begin with a good first-pass from D and we don't even any good defenseman to do it so on this team on a breakout and didn't the stats showed that we hit the post/crossbar more often than 10 more times than the 2nd place as shown on the stats on snet broadcast? It also contributed to this with puck luck as well. 10 extra goals could have been as well translated with 10 extra wins considering too many 1-goal defeats. Who knows if we hadn't any bad luck during long losing streak back in November and probably would even been higher in the standing. Remember that 3rd period losses in less than 5 minutes to go as well? Not just once but multi games as well happened in those situation when we had a tied games turned into a loss in last 5 minutes of the game. I count about 5 to 10 of those games could have been an extra points with potential wins from OT/shootouts.
  10. coolboarder

    [PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Arizona Coyotes | Feb. 28, 2019

    This is exactly the reason why, they are just too slow to make a simple breakout pass or a good first pass to spring them into the offensive zone. This has been an issue since the training camp. Even it's an issue, they are getting better with that breakout lately is which I want to see. Hughes can only help but NHL is a different beast altogether than NCAA so looking forward to see him play and see what he can bring to the team.
  11. If the Comets go on a long playoff run, they wouldn't want their young player getting injury, potential a long-term injury where he wouldn't be able to make it to training camp. The goal is to get ready for the training camp, not a playoff run and a potential short summer. Every one of our young players needs the summer training if they are on a NHL team and is slated to make the team. I would leave most of our young players in AHL playoff run if they are not likely to make the team next season. IMO, Gaudette has proven that he can play and its in their best interest to make Gaudette stronger and be more ready for next season. Expect some moves in the summer to make room for Gaudette.
  12. coolboarder

    [PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Colorado Avalanche | Feb. 27, 2019

    Looks like we won the trade at the end after seemingly lost the trade in the first few years. At least if Demko steals a job away from Markstrom and blew us away, we could be set for years to come with extra wins and extra rest as well.
  13. I would love to hire Vanek as our PP coach if he retires this year.
  14. Granlund should be traded away, we have some depth and made Granlund expandable for some type of return at the draft. He is a RFA this summer so I wouldn't even qualify him. Just too bad that Gaudette is sick but I want Granlund gone after that lazy pk play.
  15. It's so clear that Brown doesn't have the right PP strategy for a long, long time. Also, he cannot adjust on the fly and teach something new about the pp, It's the same old strategy that doesn't work anymore. I want to see shots, movements, etc. There's no movement on PP.