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  1. He had a concussion from last season and if I were him, I wouldn't fight when there's a chance of recurring concussions. It's a common sense. If I have no history, then by all means, fight.
  2. I would not be looking for any rental. A hockey deal is fine but no rental this year. If I were Benning, I would stay put and wait until off-season and I would also attempt to offer Baertschi for any picks with conditions that if Baertschi is play a game in the playoffs for 2nd rounder. If he is a top 10 scorer in the playoffs, I would ask for 1st. I think that this would be fair deal when considering that his contract doesn't expire until next season. That would be the only move unless he has scouted other teams' players and find another Miller but no 1st round deal as a part of the package.
  3. Ferland should not have fought earlier in the season, and it was staged. Stupid move. It led to a domino effect injuries this season.
  4. The problem with PP is that Boeser doesn't shoot that much and even his shot is not effective when compared to his rookie season. Even if he get the puck, he opts to pass and when he does get to shoot, he hesitated for a second then by the time he is shooitng, the opponent is easily stop him by blocking the shot or goalie is set. That is the issue of the PP and the opponents is keying on Petterson's one timer. Lack of puck movement and too stationary are easy to stop them. They tend to score when it's broken play, lucky bounce, tipping or line rushing. They rarely score on a good set-up. If you take a close look on their 5 on 3 PP opportunities, they don't score at a reasonable rate and is easily stopped. They play like it's 5 on 4 when it's 5 on 3. This falls on Newell Brown and his philosophy on PP has passed him by.
  5. A simple solution would be short suspension to send a message, like one game suspension to cut down plays like this. IT is the same as blindside hits but only it's late hits that don't result in injury but still a bad hit. If it is in best interest of the league to have their superstar healthy as much as possible is get this type of play out of the game when it comes to late hit. 3-4 seconds late is not acceptable on what happened to that play on Tuesday night and deserved such response from DoPS and it's a safety issue as well. Hits 1 seconds after passing is very safe than the 3-4 seconds late hits is more dangerous no matter how harmless the hit might look like, it's still late.
  6. It is one of the type of game where schedule was: back to back in the east coast in the afternoon games then a day off. No practice at all and you can see that there's no jump to their game. PP has been that bad for a while and that's falls on Newell Brown. Boeser is not sharp for a long while so why not try other players like Virtenan on Boeser's spot on PP? Also Virtenan has been playing well with the first line so why change just to get jump-start Boeser's game? If he is playing better on 3rd line then might consider reunited them together. Is it me or has Boeser lost his shot release that was able to go past the goalies in his rookie year? Is he playing with an hand injury or what?
  7. What's with skaters falling down early in the game for both teams?
  8. I sure hope that Brackett decided to stay with us for a short period. I mean, the Canucks as a whole is not a finished product. At the moment, Defence is the weakest sore spot with exception of Hughes. Edler and Tanev is older and might need to replace them at some point in the future. He deserves a promotion but not sure which position that might suit his strength at the moment other than scouting in whom he Is seeking to keep him happy..
  9. The talent that we have on PP should easily burn other teams with their skill during the set-up but they are not executing it well. It was obvious from the start that it is Newell Brown's issues. Most often we see PP goals were either off the rush or broken plays with just one opportunity to shoot and it's in.
  10. One thing caught my eyes, is Tanev that can skate very fast with the puck. I wondered why he wasn't skating with the puck, boy, he can really skate that didn't show us since he joined with this team over the years. Hope that we can keep him next season even against the cap. Maybe Myer can be traded this off season for something and gives us some room, cap-wise. Myer is still worth 6 million on any other team. His contract will become a modified NTC this off-season. Most teams will take him in a heartbeat, even for that salary. Ask ourselves a question, do we want to keep Tanev and let go Myer or keep Myer and let go Tanev? I would take Tanev.
  11. Bad shootout today. Demko couldn't get it set up and he should get it set up rather than waiting for Hurricane to make its move and left some of the side open because he is not following the puck right. Horvat is trying to be too cute. He hadn't scored with dangle goal this year and why should he start now? If he scored a dangle goal off the rush then we can start encourage him to get too cute with the puck for the shootout but this is not the time to try that when he is not too hot with the puck this season. Overall, great game, I missed first two period but was able to catch the 3rd and Petterson did well with a bad angle shot that opened up against the grain. For me, I personally hate the matinee games on the weekends. I wouldn't mind if it's 4pm EST start, not 1pm or 2pm EST starting time. Stupid Super Bowl weekend where no hockey games is on the evening and I haven't watched a Super Bowl game in 6 years. I found it too boring. LOL.
  12. Keep in mind, Boeser didn't have a full training camp due to holdout and an concussion plus his father's illness. . He has been behind the whole way despite getting points early in the season. He will be fine regardless of what would happen in the future. He will be stronger because of it. I am not worried.
  13. I long for the day of no longer broadcast by SN but old days like BCTV or CHEK but what local station can carry all 82 Cannock's games these days?
  14. Coming up next, the shark fears the most, the empty net with a boat on the way. Will Loui delivers the net?
  15. I surely hope not. Players should never go to the forum and read. It is akin to the players reading newspaper the morning after the game. We as a fan are mostly not aware of the inside scene and make an ugly comment if things went wrong in a game or days after game. It is of my opinion that players shouldn't go to a team or hockey forum, neither should the management team read anything about the team. We as a fan know nothing until we become a part of insider. Even if we are an insider, then we will no longer post any message on the forum. We can only speculate on the forum for our entertainment and nothing more. This is the job of the management team and the coaches to criticize the players privately and expect them to improve, not the fans on the forum. We simply express the opinion of players by booing at the game and they know it.