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  1. Benning Extended (Official)

    Why would we need that statue still standing? Remove his statue. He is nothing special, imo. All he did was guide the Canucks to the Cup final and hoisted the towel to show his protest on the poor refereeing on that playoff game. I was one year old when it happened and once I learnt of his protest, I thought that it was nice way to protest at the time but the statue is overdoing that to spit the face at the league and the ref as well, imo. It is a hidden message. For as long as I remember, we never had a favourable refereeing in the NHL even when we were a top team in the league and the logic should dictate that we should get some calls from the referee but never did happen while saw Red Wings, Colorado, NJ, Stars, getting favorable calls. Auger incident did not help things but to fuse the fuel even further. It will take generations for this to turn things around with treatment toward teams around the league equally once Bettman is gone and Old Boys Club mentality must go away for this to improve. It is getting difficult to maintain that status quo with 32 teams. When it was 21 teams, it was easier to maintain that mentality.
  2. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. San Jose Sharks

    I have been advocating for Boeser and all rookies to sit a few games well in advance because rookies tend to have a sophomore slump due to fatigue with first long season. But that time has well passed. Ideal games for him to go is 65-70 games this year then increase with no restriction in his second season. One perfect example, Temmu Selanne broke rookie record but could not duplicate his success on his second or third year with mediocre playoff record during his time with the Jets. Oftentimes, rookies falters during the second half of the season due to fatigue, physically and mentally. Very rare can sustain that pace over a season.
  3. [PGT] Florida Panthers vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Ekblad had control, knocking the puck with control. If he did that, knocking the puck over the glass, it's a penalty with that swing. So with that same swing, it went in. The puck had more velocity knocking it in even if Boeser touched it with a high-sticking. It's an own goal even with a high sticking. If Ekblad just deflected it in, it wouldn't have that velocity but it's still an own goal. It is a swing, not a waving for a deflecting. It's a Boeser's goal and it's a good goal because Ekblad is the last contact with the puck with his stick. Boeser is more of a deflect with a high-sticking. The rules applies with normal situation anywhere on the ice, if made a contact with high-sticking, touched by that opponents via deflection or any part of his body, the slow-whistling high-sticking call is waved off automatically even with a deflection with no control by an opponent. In that case, the slow whistle for an high-sticking is waved off and free for all toward the puck. The only exception is the glove of a goaltender knocked it in caused by an high-sticking, goal doesn't count unless it knocked itself in by his defender or even with goaltender's stick.
  4. Benning Extended (Official)

    After 3 years, we still need more than prospects for depth purpose and we cannot even overpay just to become a cup contender. If we are stacked team and if our prospects cannot even make the team because of it, we can afford to wait to see if our prospect can improve itself just to beat a player within a stacked player via a training camp or call-up and if two or three prospects cannot even crack the line-up, we can use the prospects that cannot crack the line-up because of his lesser skill but still have younger prospects that can replace three prospects on an AHL level and we can trade 3 for 1 player that is elite. The issue here is that we sometimes gave them up too early because they couldn't crack the line-up. I think that we need to develop 2nd NHL-caliber teams at the AHL level where we could be even stronger with depth should be the goal here rather than giving them away. Let's use a time 2011 level with great prospect pool that Benning has assembled in a short period of time, do we give them away just for one depth player (Higgins, LaPierre, etc) for a shot at the cup or more shots for the cup at future years if we kept all prospects?. At the worst, the longest we can keep their service at an AHL level for 5-6 years, depending on UFA age by 25 or 26. Why should we be in any rush to give them away too early? Unless he cannot crack the stacked line-up but he could be a top line with different team approaching the waiver eligible limit, we can use that as a trade for their best younger prospect and picks in the system and wait until he is able to crack the line-up on a declining veterans and still don't miss a beat by supplying the NHL-ready prospects. This sounds difficult to execute but it's not impossible if Benning continues to find late gems at the draft table 5-10 years from now. I see the flaw as proven by Gillis' transaction history. It is time to revisit this strategy by giving away prospects for help as a cup contender. Promoting within internal is the best way to go to retain a staying power because cap system is way too violate and Chicago had to suffer because of it. We should not "borrow" (buying their players for rental) but "lending" (selling our veterans for youth.) Rental market almost never work itself out and it never worked out since pre-cap days because teams almost never have cap space to make trades for any superstar rental players anymore. Most often, the rental would be bottom 6 players or 3rd pairing tier in expense of future draft and our prospects. In 2011, we were already a strong team and we added bottom 6 or 3rd pairing and it cost us a future. Never a good idea imo. It is better to accept that glaring hole and use our overflowing strength to fill our holes in a hockey trade rather than creating a hole just to fill a glaring hole. There might be a chance that our draft picks or development program would be able to fill that glaring hole shortly after. TL&DR: In Cup contender years, we create a gap by giving away our prospect too early on a stacked team for just a rental. By keeping our prospects, we supply them to the team once they are ready and our veterans is in decline at the same time and can use the pending UFA declining veteran that is replaceable as a bait at the trade deadlines to teams that thinks that rental market is better way to go in exchange for their picks or their top prospect and still keep our team stronger and to make our prospects cupboard are even fuller with a stacked team by inserting newly traded prospects in AHL to minimize the loss due to the call-up.. Benching a declining veterans for a call-up to gauge where the stacked team is at with additional of the call-up before giving away our declining veterans for the playoff run. I do not mean older veterans that is never declining in his play, keep him for the run even if he is pending UFA.
  5. [PGT] Florida Panthers vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Its Boeser's goal, he clearly tipped with a high-stick but Panthers put it in the goal with its own high-stick as well so therefore, it should be a good goal either way. It'll be his 28th.
  6. [PGT] Florida Panthers vs. Vancouver Canucks

    The ref is so bad at the obvious one, that blood should be a 4 minute high-sticking. It is obvious that someone made this story up with stick being lifted. I do not even see any stick being lifted. Whoever made this call should be suspended. 2-man ref crew is not working and it's so obvious. Second option, challenge any penalties that seemed to be incorrect just like NBA does, review a flagrant foul and if there's a major or minor, make sure they get this right too. There should be an automatic penalty review for any serious infraction. This will weed out any ref that seemed to be bias that the ref may have.
  7. There are a drawback if Demko goes into a deep playoff run, he would be too fatigue by the training camp opens in September and might not look good. Often any team that has a shorter off-season tend to have trouble get toing by the time seasons starts. If the off-season is 3 months then I would have no issues with that but off-season is 2 months if they play at the Calder Cup final. You need training time during the summer and any delay to start of training for whatever reasons, injuries or fatigue would have a greater effect for the training camp if we want our prospects to make the team.
  8. A Losing Team vs A Defeated Team.

    I agree with you. My solution is to make a request to the NHL to start the season on the 6 to 8 games East Coast road trip on an annual basis, and have a training camp held in Utica, away from the poisonous Vancouver media and hold preseason home game in Utica and have facility similar to MLB training camp and hold a base there every September comes around to reduce the travelling by 5k miles on an annual basis. Players can bring their families during the camp but once season starts, players' families would be send back home. I think that with this model, players would be well-rested by the time camp is done and start the season on the trip but still at the same time zone for 1 and 1/2 months, 3 weeks of training camp and 3 weeks of East Coast trip with one week stay at NYC area with short trip to their training camp base with more time practicing to start out and practice time would increase drastically over the season rather than practice time lost due to the cross-continental trips. My vision of the season opening trip would be like this: Washington, Philadelphia, NJ, NYR, NYI, Boston, Montreal, and Ottawa before flying home. By the end of the trip, they would be less than 1k miles plus 2,200 miles from Ottawa to Vancouver and after this, total would just 3k by the time they come home and their overall travel would be less than 39k over the season similar to East Conference teams. Then their body would be adjusted to Pacific time zone for the rest of the season with 2 more trips to the East conference for rest of the season. The Canucks would have a favorable schedule throughout the year with more practice times that they needs especially when it comes to developing their young players.
  9. Canucks recall Goldobin from Utica of AHL

    I hope that Goldy will have a better stint this time to make it permanent replacing players. I love his skill and we need that on this team. Will it translate in NHL? I hope so.
  10. Markstrom: A lot of Canucks aren't good enough to be in NHL

    One or two bad nights on the ice over the season is one thing which I would expect in every players in the league does not mean that they suck. But to do it over the season, not having many good nights in the league consistently is telling. I am more of a realistic outlook on this team and the Sedin really need to retire as proven with their play over past 2 seasons. This is not a small sample. Even with different type of coaches, the Sedins are not able to produce points consistently on 5 on 5 play and are too slow and are defensive liability. This is a bad combination especially with this era of youth and speed. They can only produce points mainly on PP and that's all. I do not want a PP specialist on this team with the way the game is being called nowadays. The ref let go a lot. I still do not understand the desire of keeping them when it's clearly seen that they do not have what it takes to win games. Their salary do not justify with their play in last 3 years.
  11. Markstrom: A lot of Canucks aren't good enough to be in NHL

    He is right, it is also a message to the owner that his vision of remaining competitive is not working. I do not think that it's Jim Benning's idea, it's Aqualini's idea. To save faces, it's better to acknowledge that rebuild is in order and Benning is the man to do the job in next few years. Look at his drafting history and better to let him do the job in a right way. Stop-gap is good only if you acknowledge that prospects are not ready to play in the NHL without ruining their confidence. It is also a shot to the Sedin and Edler as well.
  12. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Carolina Hurricanes

    I cannot tolerate the Sedin coming back for another year. They have had a great career, and I loved their play and their MVP years. It is time to hang up the skates. It's clear like a day that they do not have what it takes to win games anymore. Allow them to rebuild properly without holding them back.
  13. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Carolina Hurricanes

    IMO, it's a right time to call out his teammate like that. They have been dreadful for a while. They do not deserve to be playing on this team, including the Sedins, Edler. Their effort at the start of the game is like taking this for a granted, Edler made a first turnover which was not supposed to be like that, Stecher made a mistake and it's on Edler for that one. Just a lazy play by Edler on his first effort. It is a job security if you are a Vancouver Canucks with a long term contract.
  14. Brock Boeser and the Calder race. (Updated as of Jan 28th)

    My opinion of Calder trophy is that it is not that important of a trophy for two reasons: it's harder for any rookies to win with a lesser line-up than a strong line-up like Barzal in the Islanders with better players around him. It is just a luck of a draw when you are picked by a team at the draft table. It is the most overrated trophy because it's difficult to measure the individual player properly in that aspect. The only trophy it should matter is the Stanley Cup as a team trophy and Conn Smythe as an individual trophy. If Barzal played for Coyotes, or Sabres, I don't think he would be having those type of points he is getting playing with the Islanders. Calder trophy depends on who you are playing with and if you have a better linemate then that's a luck of the draw, imo.
  15. BC to raise minimum wage to $15.20 by 2021

    Let the free market dictate the wage, not the government telling us what minimum wage should be. Business will end up paying more salary and their goal is to make profit and if their profit is smaller, higher chance that they will cut the payroll and/or move their business elsewhere. If workers that is not of minimum wage doesn't see their salary increase, their motivation will not be very high, therefore creating issues in the workforce all over the province. If the government wants to increase minimum wages, they better cut some taxes so that they can afford paying workers as a trade-off. They wanted more of your slice with the tax dollars even if the cut is not huge, more salary you pay, the higher taxes you will end up paying, hurting workers and business altogether the more revenue from the taxes via the minimum wage, worst the government spending will be. .