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  1. I agree that it's for the show and matter to those players when it comes to any performance bonuses for rookies or use that as a leverage for their next contract. From my own personal opinion, it doesn't really matter, it's just a show for made for fans. Here is what I have noticed, NBA, NFL, Baseball doesn't have a TV show called the Award Show that NHL typically holds every year on TV. MLB, NFL, and even NBA announce the season ending award without any fanfare with press release of the result on their sportscaster show.
  2. Calder trophy or any other trophy for being best at something is overrated. It's a nice bonus to see someone on the team win any trophy as a recognition by the wide audience. It's like a popularity beauty contest to see who is best when they do not watch other teams except for highlights and make determination on who is the best at each category. It's virtually impossible to watch every players' ice time to determine the best overall player at each category. Even if Quinn wins the Calder trophy, it's still overrated trophy based on the votes which is a flaw anyways based on lucked out falling on a good team as an example does not reflect other rookies' value on a bad team. The only individual trophy that matters are the stats reflected trophy where it requires no votes are Art Ross Trophy, Maurice Rocket Trophy, not voting based trophy like Vezina, Norris, Hart and even Calder. It's opinion-based trophy.
  3. Blocked shots stat is overrated and allowing 40+ shots on a regular basis during regular season games is not exactly showing that you are an elite defencemen when you play 1/3 of the game. If you are able to defend without allowing too many shots attempts, and able to sustain the pressure in the offensive zone with a clean breakout, it shows that you are an elite defenceman. It is the type of thing I'm looking for from a defenceman and Tanev is not showing me this type of things. He may not take penalties but he does allow shots attempts and block them too many times leading to injuries is not exactly what we need. If he is an elite, he wouldn't have gotten hurt so many times by blocking shots. Elite defenceman rarely get hurt.
  4. The thing is that the Canucks do have leverage over Eriksson. They can do whatever they want to do with Loui by sending him to minor and let him earn his final 2 years of the contract. If he doesn't like it and there is no taker, then he has the right to retire. He doesn't have NMC anymore where the Canucks would not be able to send him to the minors with NMC attached to his contract. If Benning felt that there is a need for a young prospect to make the team, he will do it without hesitation..
  5. Exactly, players like Podkotzin and Hoglander need Manny's coaching to fine-tune their faceoff ability. Manny has had one year left in his contract. I have no doubt that Horvat will continue to improve his faceoff prowess but will have to do it without Manny. There is a lot to teach about the faceoff than Manny would obligate because he knows that he will be a head coach one day and he would want to keep back one of his secret of faceoff until he owns that job. Assistant coach tend to be very short while head coach tend to be longer if you are an elite coach and you can afford to give out some of your top secret once you secure that job. You just give them enough rope while you are assistant with expertise on that area while improving yourself with other areas of coaching in order for them to notice your work and hire you for the ultimate job. I would bet you that all assistant coaches would save some of his knowledge until he get that job and would teach players on what head coach wants him to do while being an assistant. You often wonder why that coach being an assistant did not fare well on that role and did not have a great success and end up being a great coach when he is hired as a head coach elsewhere.
  6. Our faceoff will suffer without Manny teaching the players about art of the faceoff and other aspect of the game. Leafs will benefit greatly from this hire. I never liked Brown so hopefully that we would be able to find a better assistant coach out there. All the best, Manny.
  7. The issue here is that we do not have the good depth at positional and we can afford to let one of them go, preferably Markstrom unless we get a good return at next trade deadlines to shore up the positional depth then I'm ok with a loss of positional depth through trades but still keep one extra player whether it be picks or a NHLer and still retain some of the depth through trades. We still have DiPietro as a back-up as he has proven that he can play at an AHL level but unsure about the NHL level yet but the point is that we still have depth on goaltender for potential in the future. Ian Clark seems to have the knack of developing his goaltender during his tenure whether it be elsewhere or with us.
  8. This will be the last season. Blocked shot is overrated imo. It's zone exit is the most important stats. Blocked shot is only good if it's redirected to the board and winning that loose puck but if it's caromed to the loose puck for an easy tap-in is not despite the good intentions.
  9. It is not that crazy to get rid of Edler, I never liked his play during lean years. Bonehead plays and tried too hard instead of playing within himself. He is only good for one thing: experience and ability to play tough minutes and even in tough minutes, he made bonehead plays that hurts us at the importune time. This playoffs, he did alright but not impressive for that role but he's the best we have for the moment. I would like to see other defensive prospect play and Raffertry, Rathbone and OJ. Use him as a bait for trade deadlines.
  10. As much as we want to see them win the Cup badly at least once at our lifetime. We need to look at a big picture, we are about to lose one of Tanev, Markstrom or Toffoli for the free agent. Even if Brock wasn't robbed by that glove save and Vegas would eventually score at least one from that point to the end of the game, the Canucks wasn't going to score anyways given the way they played even with a lead. They had opportunity with the major penalty to score at least one and failure to score was telling that we weren't going to beat Vegas. 3 shutouts in the series will not help the Canucks. We need more than just top 6, it's bottom 6 and the defence inability to make a great first pass out of the pressure. We lacked offensive pressure except whenever Hughes is on and even if he's on, Vegas targeted Hughes to the point where he is neutralized. He might produce points here and there but he wasn't a threat 3 of those games where they were shut out. Would another PMD make a difference? I would like to think that it could have been. Tanev, Edler, Stecher, Myers are good defencemen but they are not elite passer. If they were elite, they wouldn't be hemmed in their zone so often and by the time they finally got out, they had to change and cycle repeats. A great defence would counter to Vegas possession game to allow for a balanced possession game for both team, rather than one side tilted on one side. Hughes were able to do that. We had all top 6 in the play, by that theory, the ice shouldn't be that tilted that badly whenever they are on the ice. We need more from backend. Hughes cannot be on the ice every time, one of the top two lines and Hughes would be on them once every 4 to 6 minutes and on the ice once every 3 minutes for a minute shift so therefore the top 6 would see Hughes on the ice once every 3 shifts. If I'm the coach, I would make some adjustment to the strategy where I want top 6 playing with Hughes every time so I would throw out 1st then checking line then 2nd line and Hughes on the shift every other shifts since he can play a high minutes. I would shorten the defensive bench for some balanced attack. That is why I think we need at least one more PMD then we might be able to see some balanced or even domination on the ice against the contenders.
  11. It is not even close, not until Petterson dominates the possession game. Vegas and Blues has shown them that they have a long way to go. Best chance would probably come when all of Benning prospects make the team. I do not want to see any placeholder within 2-3 seasons. I see a necessity of placeholder for next two seasons anyways. If all comes together in the playoff at a perfect time, no unfortunately injures at the same time then window will be wide open.
  12. If the price becomes too rich, we need balanced act. If Markstrom agrees to sign for short-term contract, I'm fine with it with Seattle expansion draft consideration. You do not want to lock him long term only for Seattle to nab one of our goalies and be stuck facing one of our own on a rival night backstopping Seattle to victory. Short-term is a must. 2 years contract with just one year of pain and suffering but he will be UFA again and free to choose a team of his choice. Make no deal with your enemy, take a hit and move on. It's forward depth and defence depth that we cannot afford to take a hit while our top two goalies, we can afford to take a hit on that area.
  13. Seattle is more likely to nab one of our two goalies than our skaters. That is why resigning Marky without any NMC attached to his next contract is a must or else we wouldn't be able to protect Demko. I'd rather to keep all of our skaters than one of goalies that we seems to produce out most of in the league. We seems to have the knack of producing a goalie factory for other teams.
  14. I'd rather to have Toffoli signed here than Markstrom if we are being honest. I recalled that Demko had a difficulty with the starting role with Markstrom being out but then I remembered that we had injury woes during the stretch that is not necessarily Demko's fault. I agree with Benning, we need two good goalies and I think we might have that with other goalies in the system.