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  1. Actually it will be 3 in a row, not 4. So far, he has missed the playoffs 2 years in a row. Next May will be his 4th year but if he missed the playoffs, it will be 3 in 4 years that he failed to have his team to make the playoffs unless there's a great surprise that the story will be different with Green on the bench.
  2. I like Green and I doubt that Sedin and Edler will run the bench because he is his own man. If he sees something he doesn't like, he will be fair and make them miss their shifts to get the message through and if he still doesn't get it, a period or the game and if he still doesn't get it then press box off he goes.
  3. I wonder how long the contract with a KHL club will last? I hope that it'll be one-year thing and we could bring him back if we become a better team. It's no fun playing for a losing team and Tryamkin did not enjoy that losing culture. If I were him, I would probably do the same. If Tryamkin wants to come back to NHL, we still have his rights. My bet is that he will continue to improve his conditioning in KHL and already knows what a proper training looks like and he will not repeat that same mistake by putting himself out of shape when he wants to come back. There is also risk involved with this decision, if we suddenly have a depth on D, it's harder to crack in the line-up than he is right now.
  4. I feel that it should be 3 years from now. Young talents take time to develop and he should be given a chance to draft some more players and assess from that point on Benning's 6th draft. This June will be his 4th draft so 3 more years then the watch can begin.
  5. The focus of this organization is development even if the offense is not there. One issue about an experienced coach is that they will always have their favorites while the rookie coach cannot afford to have some favoritism except for Willie in that he is older coach so that's an exception as he is closer to retirement age than Green. That trait of favoritism tend to show a ugly side of a coach that frustrate management who might want to see their new toy after a trade. If a coach feels that he is not ready, he should have a meeting and set a outline plan where to satisfy the management's wish and STICK to the plan regardless of the result. I felt that Willie has failed to heed to the plan and choose to be stubborn. I wouldn't want favorites in a coach's trait in order to have some success. Rewarding the fringe NHLers that a coach loves is the most not good way to help the team win a game. If a coach does not like him, that's ok but he should not oppress his talent but recognize his talent and work with him regardless of his attitude toward the team's culture to make him adjust to the team's success. I feel that Willie oppressed his rookies too much in that team suffers the overall result just because he wants to win in expense of gaining experience. Now, talking about offense, we might have top line or top 6 having some success offensively but bottom 6 will not and don't expect to have a lot of goals until we build up some depth. That will take 3 more years to find some depth with retention and build up some internal competition and the cream will always rise to the top with intensity competition. So we do not have enough talent to carry this team yet.
  6. That would be nice, I like Green more than other coach that might be available, even if a first round coach might be canned this year and there will always be a surprising firing after first round.
  7. Agreed, it's a payback for the 2011 debacle where they didn't support us for the whole final except for Montreal who still hated Boston supported us. Never forget.
  8. I would consider them back if they put up at least 60 points on a 2nd line role next season and I'd have them back for one year deals for as long as they produces 40 points in a season which is a reasonable and realistic goal and the year they failed to meet that goal is when we say farewell. The prospects need not to be rushed so we can either use the Sedins as a stop-gap with a performance bonus laden contract if they reach 60 points. That's what I would do so if they do not meet 50 points next season then I would say good bye but if they surpass that goal, then I'd have them back for one-year at 2 million base salary with performance laden bonuses up to 5 million if they meet the goals and 3 million if they win a Hart trophy or Art Ross. So that would tally up to 8 million so that's a reasonable performance laden contract.
  9. I doubt that it will be repeated as Willie was the only coach to use that system where forwards must be in the zone before leaving the zone once the puck is in our possession and they cannot get out until the puck is out of the zone first. It's like a maze the way out of the zone by the puck possession and it doesn't work out well. Green, Crawford, and Gallant, don't do that
  10. Well, judging the CDC preference, it seems to be different opinion on who is better coach but so far, it seems to be that the majority of posters prefers Green and Gallant seems to be their second choice and Crawford the third choice. I like Gallant but I do not want Crawford even if he would open up the game but it seems to me that we do not have personnel to be able to play run and gun hockey under Crawford. I do not care for entertainment but as long as we win the hockey game, it's entertaining in itself. Winning the cup should be the goal, not the entertainment as other posters who vouched for Crow wants that. He tried with other team and it didn't work. You got to balance things, offensive and defensive. We do have some tool where we can score goals with good playmaker from our youth when they are not stifled under Willie. Our strength is defence and goaltender so let's use that to our advantage and scoring will come in a right timing. Edit: Oh, one more thing, that's what the interview is for, I'm sure that Linden/Benning will ask questions for more ideas and Green might present his case with ideas on many different type of how he would be different from Willie and if they agrees to Green's its own philosophy and he will then be given a chance to make this work. Looking at the farm system in last 3 years, we do not even have a full cupboard of prospects where they might be able to dominate the league so instead, they dominated defensively with strong goaltender behind is what we need going forward. If Green had Boeser, Goldy, Dahlen in the system, we might be able to take a peek on how he uses them properly but he doesn't have that chance to work with them all at once at the same time so he had Baertschi and he is their only offensive player during the Calder Cup run and we already know what type of coach when he gives him freedom to play with the puck. Imagine if he had forward talents, he would give them freedom to be creative within the system as he did for Baertschi as long as they don't cost us a goal against. Until then, they will not hire Green if it is contrary to their plans on what a team should look like. I mean, they may only have one shot at their own coach unless the owner agrees that this team needs more time to develop before hiring an experience coach and give Benning two more chances at hiring two head coaches down the road, one for now and one for an experienced coach when they are further developed before canning Benning. If the owner does not agree that this team needs time to develop then Benning will have no choice but to hire experienced coach now as it's his only chance for his own man of his choice. Benning is not hired to maintain the roster but hired to find young players while giving them time to develop a blueprint for next core with his scouting background. The next core being fully developed requires 5-7 years before it has enough depth to make a run for the Cup. We are in year 3 so he needs 3-4 more years to see this through.
  11. No, it is not about being experienced or inexperienced. After all, every coach that entered in the league was once inexperienced in so many ways gained experienced with bad or mediocre teams but the cup contender teams never hire inexperienced coach. I do not think that this is the cup contender in any shape or form. So hiring the experienced coach may not be the way to go at their current state for now and I would give Green a chance. I do not believe that Green is playing the exactly same system as Willie and he has its own system or develop his own once he is given an opportunity to coach this team. He is only following the order under Linden/Benning mandate to play a similar system in Utica with some variables in the system, giving him flexible to develop guys his own way while playing Willie's system. Even if Baertschi played under Green on the Calder Cup run, he still was benched by Willie when he made the team so I still think that both of them has two different system and Willie is more rigid in his ways than Green as evidenced by the late season despite ordered by the management team to play the young more. Willie was not satisfy with his on-ice performance despite being developed and regained his confidence by Green. Once Green becomes the coach, the AHL coach will follow and play similar system to Green's, that way, when any prospect is called up, he is ready to step in and play to Green's system. I prefer that philosophy than two different league, with two different systems. I do not believe that Green likes Willie's defensive system but follows the management's order. I would bet you that it is too late to change the system with 3 games left but he will be granted an interview and ask questions about how he would change the system and if the management likes Green's philosophy, they will hire him and enter into the training camp with completely different system and whoever the Canucks hire for AHL, they will follow whatever system the Canucks is running.
  12. I prefer Green for a several reasons, we need to train the young guys to be creative after their already structured game working as a team under Willie and Green which works in a similar ways but Green is more dynamics than Willie due to his work with Baertschi, and Virtenan. Under Green, they both blossomed as a player in AHL level when their confidence was shot. His encouragement on being creative helps them to find some open spaces within the system. But don't forget that the management's philosophy is that their AHL and NHL system must be similar so when it comes for a call-ups, they don't have to spend time explaining new system but would be able to step up right away. Green has to follow their directions and his deployment is good, making young players earn their ice time and is not reliance to veterans all the time and he rewards them immediately, within seconds or a game later, it's more of a variance than Willie does. Also, Green is his own man and he has his own system so he may run the system differently than Willie and will be able to run things his way. He also wants the young players earn their ice time and he rewards them accordingly, unlike Willie's system which was harder to crack and rewards the plug differently in a unjustified way than young players on this team. So if we hire Green, I would bet you that it is not exactly the same system as Willie. If he sees a creative guys, he will not hesitate to use them in a positive way. Also, he is able to work so many ECHLers into AHL and win some games and play structured game with a goalie. If he has some talented players in the system, I have no doubt that Utica would be further higher in the standing. What we have to lose by hiring Green? We continue to develop the youth until they are ready and if Green has proved that he is not the man for the job then next coach should be more of an experience coach to get them once they are further developed so I think Green should be given a chance despite his inexperience as a coach. I wanted Green to be our coach after 2015 Calder Cup final but an extra couple of years in AHL does not hurt him that he is a proven AHL coach with limited talent on an AHL level. I do not believe that the Canucks is ready for a playoff push with so many holes on the roster because of the decline of Sedin and Edler. Because of this, Green should be given a chance for a 2-year development run with owner's approval regardless of results and on the 3rd year, he should be given a 40-game run to see if he is truly the man for the job once rosters holes is filled up slowly. Benning should also be given 3 more draft years and on his 4th year, he should be given a chance for a hiring of an experienced coach he wants, rather than Green in 3 years from now. What leverage the Canucks have now? None, in my opinion. They must earn their way back to the top, starting Green as my coach. If Green is for real, we will have some stability for a long time and could be more valuable down the road.
  13. We could do something about it, reduce some travel and more practice time is all we need. Training camp should be in Utica to get away from this city and start out the east coast trip and stay there for at least 8 games with some days off and more practices during the eastern road trip before coming home. That would be a way to reduce the travelling greatly, imo with biologically stability by staying in one time zone in the east for 1 1/2 months and organize trips around breaks that NHL has, for example, Christmas, All-star weekend and 5 days off that focus on the trip to the central or the eastern road trip. Also adjust the schedule matrix. I do not like 3 games against central division which guarantees a second road trip over there as well. If they are able to eliminate a second trip to central division teams in a year, it will help greatly, would reduce about 5,000 to 8,000 miles from 45,000 that the Canucks is going through right now. I did some research on this subject that affects the Canucks and I think that this plan will help the Canucks to recover their brutal trip with some official breaks by the league. The NHL teams are not allowed to organize some practice time during Christmas, All-star weekend and also 5-days off so it's only fair if they go on the road trip before that break.
  14. I agree but it's not the end of the world. I think that the Canucks will have their first overall pick, it's a way overdue so it'll be our year and if we don't, we may be worst next year on par with Avs for the best odd next season so we'll see. We may not be able to get the best odd because some of our young guys may carry this team even further with better D in place.
  15. Well, Dallas ended their season yesterday so they had 24 hours to make a decision so it's a reasonable time frame and hopefully that Willie will be canned tomorrow with an interview. I liked Willie for his first year until the playoffs deployment/match-up decisions and was willing to give him a chance for the second year, injuries has killed us so I was willing to cut him a slack until this year, after winning first four games without playing the lead, I was willing to see if he can play with a lead but nope, losing streak began with back to back shutout with the Oilers/Washington game has cemented my thought about him, and wanted him gone that time. So hopefully that Green will be our next coach for the job he did there in Utica is the only reason why I wanted to give him a shot regardless if he makes the playoffs or not.