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  1. I doubt it, the NHL has contract with the sportsnet and local network across the league and I doubt that they will do the PPV until new TV contract kicks in.
  2. I predicted that Tanev wouldn't miss a game, he didn't miss a game yet. I believe he was hurt the final game before the pause of the season.
  3. If players and owner wants the playoffs to take place, they would have to make some compromises related to CBA to being adjusted for one season and back to normal the next season if pandemic has died down or shorten the season after the playoffs is being played with short training camp to ensure that players would get the proper training during the off-season.. NHLPA has to sign off to agree with format for next two season or just cancel the season and start anew in the off-season on July 1st and agree to a lower cap with rollback salary for all players under contract for one season would make the most sense to ensure that players would be able to earn and all players on UFA would be able to sign as if it were projected to be 84 million dollars then roll back their salary the same as players who is already under contract for next season. Complainant buyout should also be considered. Should they exceed the revenue for next season then they would be paid back to the salary that they have lost. Keeping in mind, the players do not get paid for the playoffs or the next 4 weeks of the season so they will miss 2 remaining paychecks if the league decides to go straight to the playoffs after this thing is over.
  4. If the NHL cancels the season, it is fine with me, to be honest. Health and to stop the virus from spreading even further is more important. I do not want players to be infected and impact their future career or even his life is not worth the risk. I just read this page about keeping the 1st round pick if the season is cancelled with no playoffs or worrying about salary cap being lower is disgusting, health comes first before the sport. If we ever come through and hockey is back in near future when pandemics has contained under control or there's vaccine available for this diseases then we can discuss on impact of the CBA between the owner and the PA. This is not time or place for that, imho..
  5. I would like to see how Petterson would do with Horvat and Boeser on a same line. It makes sense to have Miller playing with Toffoli and Pearson for a game or two. All of top 6 combinations would be nice options to have if they do not have a good game and need some shaking things up. I see 4 potential combos that could work well. Current: Miller, Petterson, Toffoli Pearson, Horvat, Boeser Potential top 6 combos Miller, Petterson, Boeser Pearson, Horvat, Toffoli Pearson, Miller, Toffoli Petterson, Horvat, Boeser. Pearson, Petterson, Toffoli Miller, Horvat, Boeser If Miller and Horvat are the top faceoff man with Petterson being the second option if he is waived off and this would still look good in the top 6.
  6. LE could be an attractive option after the bonus is paid and could make a trade to any team looking just to make the cap floor and making only one million on base salary next season and 6 million on his final year but a lot lower on signing bonus. He can still play on the defensive side of things. If any team is rebuilding and if LE is willing to go to a new city despite his NTC but if he doesn't waive his NTC then he could easily retire if he wants to. If any rebuilding team is looking to shelter their young player, LE is an option for them, giving them time is if teams is looking for a reliable veterans and Loui is a reliable veterans that any coach will trust. He is no longer an offensive player. Benning need to ask Loui if he still want to play for a new team and even if no playoff contender is interested in him but if a rebuilding team is looking for one and to reach the cap floor without breaking their bank, LE is one of the option if LE is willing to be a part of it.
  7. I do not think that they will underestimate them again because of what happened last week. They experienced that first-handed.
  8. The travel will be awful if the Canucks end up in the central division playoff bracket. Let's go through the Pacific division regardless if we want the best chance to win the Cup.
  9. When you think about it, we still have had a good year regardless of the result at the end. It is the test we will have to go through as a fan and come out. You know, when there's a lot of pressure, we will come out as a gold.
  10. I am stunned on how the first goal went in, it is so fluke goal that went against us. It's like the higher we go, the hardest we fall with bounces like that. Also that bounce, this bounce. It's like we are collapsing but the point is that we haven't fully collapse, we still can get back on a winning streak and forget that late season collapse. We are still in the playoff spot which counts and if we ignore the panic, we'll be fine.
  11. Do you realize that there is a rule called 50 contract limits? You can't sign all draft picks and you need balanced youth and veterans and give time to youth in the development stage. You lose your own draft pick if you couldn't sign them at the limit and you do not get those asset back as the prospects are put in re-enter the draft after 2 years.. If you sign all youth from the draft picks, there would be no veterans left over to help out the young guns after their ELC. There is a reason why JB traded away high picks as they will not be ready and if there's a bad 1st round draft like 1999 draft year excerpt for Sedin, you would sell them as soon as you can if you are able to predict the future and you do not win the lottery and get something from it. Predicting deep draft year is a roulette. Some expert said that it's a deep draft pi8ck, how do you know, the expert were wrong in 1999.
  12. I love Jim Benning and the work he had done, rebuilt the farm team and rebuilt the prospect pool and if Jim Benning feels that MacEwen is ready to be a NHLer, and Green choose to sit him despite veterans not performing, it tells me that there's fraction between the management team and the coaching staff. If the line-up is not cutting it in Montreal, Ottawa, and even Columbus game, there's something wrong. His refusal to make line-up adjustment until injuries forced his hands tells me a lot about his decision. Green is afraid to make some changes until it's too late. I prefer to keep Benning and can Green as soon as this off-season and allow Benning to continue to do the work. Let's take a look at his deadline body of work, he allowed the guys to get some help after Boeser's injury, showing his confidence on this group and if they don't make the playoffs, it's the guys were given an opportunity and they blew it, it's not the management and it's veteran players letting Benning down. Benning knows that he has stockpiled of prospect ready to replace and if veteran is out of the job, it's the veteran players themselves to be blamed, not the GM. If Benning says that 7 of them are ready to take over, he meant it and he wants to see which veterans is worthy keeping and he has secretly made plans on which veterans to let go in place for the young players. The issue is that the veterans take this game and their job for granted with the way they performed thinking that they will never lose their job as a NHLer. Soon, they will be in for a rude awakening. 7 players is 1/3 of the roster spots easily to be replaced.
  13. Even if Canucks finish 9th and miss the playoff and do not win top 3 lottery pick, I would imagine that they would give their 15th or 16th overall pick away to Tampa, I think that we would have this option just like Ottawa did but the difference is that they choose to keep their pick, risking losing their pick. It would depends on if they are targeting their man and felt could be a top 10 but fell down the board due to other teams off the board picks as we often do see this happening over the years. It is still fairly mid-round pick after all and I doubt that we would fall off the cliff with long losing streak. This could be their protection and be willing to give their pick in case they miss the playoffs next season due to loss of players through UFA and Marky choose to sign with other teams and we do not have enough cap room. Miller is our 2020 1st and we have a gem in that.
  14. And he choose to bench Hughes in last 10 minutes especially with PK. Even though, Hughes don't play PK, he should have played at least one shift of PK to give a different look on PK when Columbus scored a PP goal to tie the game.
  15. Blown lead again, we gave away points like that and came out with zero points. I have been saying that Green is not a right coach and he choose to keep the vets and so casual plays cost us in the 3rd period. Before I comment on this game, I recalled blown goals like Pittsburgh game and they have done that again. Edler is so casual and overcommitted the coverage on 2nd Columbus goal that sparked the comebacks for Columbus. Edler overcommitted on 3rd goal when penalty killing, that forced the top slot be vacated by the forward, and casual getting back on the play. Edler is so casual on this one. If you watch the replay, h e doesn't make effort to get back in play on time. I have had enough of the vets that disappointed us time again and again. It's time for a youth movement if the vets continues to disappoints us with their play. Call up some guys and let go some of vets. We have this problem, Green is stubborn with his line-up decisions, not giving some of the young players a shot when we had a chance to find out what our young guys is made of. Most of the guys is healthy and it's crunch time and we can't afford to give young guys a chance all because he didn't give them a chance. Only MscEwen was given a shot and even if he was healthy scratches, he wasn't given a shot and choose vets over him when he seemed to be ready to play.