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  1. Where are we now?

    We are in a much better shape than most teams at the bottom due to salary cap constraint with millions of cap hits coming off the book in next two seasons and we could jump in any bidding wars only if we are ready to make move for a quality UFA in their late 20's. Better prospect pool than rest of other teams in similar position in term of having veterans around mentoring them. We would be able to protect and have a less impact of losing a player to expansion draft. We do not have to protect Eriksson. All things considering, we still have a long way to go but we are in a much better shape.
  2. A look back at the Cory Schneider trade 5 years later

    I felt that we should have gotten more asset for Schneider. We are lucky that Horvat panned out and if he is a bust, this trade is a huge loss. NJ still wins this deal regardless of 5 seasons later. If we were to compare a starter goaltender in a trade for any return, we got way less in return fi you were to compared to other transaction across the league.
  3. My take on this: if the teams were offering the Canucks in that type of price, and the Canucks see the potential to ante up the price by keeping him and cash him later with even higher and better offer than the recent offer only if Sutter is playing better than he was last few seasons. I see the type of moves is needed and it's still a win-win situation, we get to keep Sutter while developing our kids as long as possible and if Sutter is playing better with no injury going forward and if the Canucks are having a bad season with lack of depth and Sutter is playing out of the world performance, I can only see teams offering a premium for him via the bidding war at the TDL. I just do not see the need to trade him now if the kids aren't ready. If Sutter is not playing well and his value plummeted, we suffer no loss anyways and gave our prospect time all they need to develop over a season or two. This move of not trading him in recent time is still a win-win situation.
  4. Bure / Churla from 1994

    In today's era, had that similar incident happened, he would have longer suspension. Nowhere close to the puck and premediated hit to the head. Back then, concussion were largely unknown and people cheered on this play due to their ignorant. This was a bad hockey play even years after the fact. Churla wouldn't be able to play fast-paced hockey and would not be able to do what he did to others and get away with it. Two different era and two different thinking so therefore, we cannot be sure that Bure would have done that in today's game.
  5. I agree but what it has to do with Vegas thread better than the Canucks? It's a year old thread. Since you bring that up, I agree with you. Once Seattle becomes a part of 32 team, I would prefer the league to go with 8 divisions and no conference and schedule matrix would look like this: 8 divisional games each and 2 games against rest of the teams in the league. This will add up to 80 games. With this matrix, the Canucks can go back home in their own bed by midnight often after a short trip which is fine with me. Playoffs would be 1 v 2 then winner play against other division winners and reseed 1-8, 2-7, 3-6, 4-5 according to non-division points, not divisional points. . Their travel would be reduced greatly with this set-up with same division with Seattle, Edmonton and Calgary..
  6. Olli Juolevi | D

    I would rather most of our young players focus on training and getting stronger over the summer than playing games in WHC with risk of getting injured as it's meaningless competition. It does not hold much weight when it comes to assessment in the overall game and the WHC will not help OJ improve his game that much. The training and strengthening will improve OJ's overall game with 3 extra weeks of training than time spent playing in the WHC. Playing for your country is a bonus but hurts his overall improvement in the summer with not enough training time or injury and his training might not begin until he heals from his injury which hurts his chance on making the impression in the training camp.
  7. Benning and Linden quotes on Draft Prospects

    Here is what I think, Benning should not even quote anything about the prospects to give his rival GMs any idea on every prospects' qualities and let them do their homework and make the pick accordingly. It also give away his hand a little bit. I would bet you that other teams would be watching his comments on any prospect closely because of his reputation as a best scout of all time. This is my only take on this one. I would rather to hear his comments on them after he made the pick, not beforehand.
  8. Elias Pettersson | C/RW

    Agreed. It does have some risk to it, Patterson could snub the team Sweden in the future for the treatment that they treated him from in the first place. Proving the Sweden coach wrong is one thing but how the management treated him using the coach's decision might have some effect in the future so they better be careful because Patterson would see how the coach used other players in SHL making the team and has a huge role while he is being cut would leave a bad taste to his mouth. It is up to the management team to persuade Gronborg to keep him based on the MVP season he had. The Olympics is one thing but to cut from WHC is bad enough so its like 0-2. What more does he have to prove at his age? He had proven that he could perform in the playoffs and the final with higher physical plays than WHC, imo.
  9. Jim Benning will represent the Canucks at the Draft Lottery

    Frozen ping pong balls? Anything is possible. I sincerely hope that they are being done fairly. If they could not do that fairly, then it's time to do a different system that I posted in other thread about this lottery system.
  10. Bring back Gully?

    I am not too keen on bringing back Gully as he had not been good as an head coach in Dallas and recent short tenure at Calgary. He had some players with more firepower at his helm than the Canucks and yet he hadn't done a great job keeping the team focused at hand. If Greener is looking for a new assistant coach, it would have to come from somewhere. Some outside perspective who hadn't been a part of Canucks for some fresh insight would help to make some adjustment to defensive side of things. Baumer, I'm not too keen with him as well so this is my opinion. Right now, as an organization, we need to reduce some injures on our roster so maybe some adjustment to our team play might help as well. We had some injures at a very high rate in last 3 years so might be good time to take a look at this area.
  11. Jonathan Dahlén | C/LW

    Oversea is not considered a professional league in the NHL rulebook if your age status is under 20. Only NHL or AHL but not counting European league if you are under 20 years old. I believe that is the case. I could be wrong. Also if you joined AHL late in the season without playing 10 NHL games, it is not considered a professional year if you are under 20 also. This is related to expansion draft rules on exempted list so I think Dahlen is exempted. The situation would be similar with Gaudette, if he joined AHL straight from NCAA, he would be exempted from expansion draft but he joined the Canucks so counted for a professional year even though he didn't play 10 NHL games due to the age. Patterson year in SHL did not count for a professional year in NHL's eyes.
  12. I prefer 4-year draft rules. No lotto but finishing according to the standing. If you had 1st overall pick, then your team will be ineligible for first overall pick next season. If you finished last next season, you would be bumped to 2nd overall pick. If you finished 1st and 2nd in consecutive years but you finish last, you'd be bumped to 4th. Once 4-year rules is up, you are eligible for first overall pick again but ineligible for 2nd overall pick if you finished 2nd last but bumped to 3rd pick. This will discourage tanking and you would be able to tank once every 4 years. there will be situation where 3 teams already had first overall pick and 2nd overall pick in last 3 years, the team who finished 4th, 5th, and 6th would be leapfrogged to 1st, 2nd, 3rd and teams that leapfrogged would be ineligible for first overall in next 4 years It is just a solution and tanking is not guaranteed to climb yourself out of basement in next 4 years. You also do not want to tank on any year, ever because you do not know if next McDavid coming in 4 years so let them be naturally bad team to be rewarded 1st. If next McDavid is known 3 years when he is 15, teams will do everything in their power not to tank in next 3 seasons for a chance to pick McDavid so win-win situation on tanking issues.
  13. Draft Lottery

    I prefer no lottery system with a rule where if you finish last, you are automatically picking first overall pick but with a catch, you are ineligible for first overall pick in next 4 years and would be automatically go 2nd overall pick the season after and next man up would be eligible for first overall if they haven't picked first overall pick in past 4 seasons. The same for second overall pick, you may be able to pick 2nd pick but next season, you are ineligible for 2nd overall pick but bumps down to 3rd pick but is eligible for first overall the year after if you finished last but ineligible for first pick overall in next 4 years after they pick 2, 1 and would be automatically go 4th if they finished last. If you picked 1-2 picks in consecutive years, you'd be automatically go 4th if you finish last. With this system, it will prevent tanking if they already have had first two picks and also allow for teams to have their first overall pick that they desperately need without being robbed by the lottery system. I would prefer to call this "4-year draft rules" for this very purpose. I think we should allow for some tanking but it has some risks to it, you can only tank once every 4 years.
  14. Message from the top

    It's time to drive our local media out of town. They are a true villains to our team. Constructive criticism is always welcome but with the way he talks to him like that makes me wonder what's going on with the media nowadays.
  15. Draft Lottery

    With the way the Sedin came out on the top like that in last few games makes the lottery hopes of picking #1 feeling irrelevant this year despite a great opportunity to land Dahlin. A surge of winning stretch in last 8 games helped this team more, giving them a taste of what winning atmosphere is like similar to playoff games motivates their young players more than anything despite our greatest need is #1 D in Dahlin. If we win this year, it's a bonus all top of it. There will be opportunities to land #1 pick in the future and we still have chances to land that covet spot but that will come in due time. 1% less than if we had lost in regulation time against the Oilers. Everything will work itself out for good no matter what the Canucks do for the future. It's still bright with the way they have improved a tons this year.