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  1. You smell a bit like doggy doo.

  2. i love seeing this thread bumped after games like tonight... :lol:
  3. thanks for the b-day wish, i gotta agree with you on the tim hortons bit... and the beer for that matter.

    and hockey..

  4. happy b-day!!...again :P

  5. welcome to CDC!!! just what we need, more idiots who know nothing about hockey, who just want to post to get in an e-arguement. =)

  6. how come clutch hasnt been posting in his own thread?
  7. isnt he close to league minimum? wait nevermind, our team has 10m free cap space, so that arguement doesnt cut it... i don't know.. burr has lots of NHL experience now.. i'll list the good and the bad good always tries tries to hit every shift uses his speed some nice passes in pre-season so far good in a shut-down role bad falls all over the ice, terrible balance it seems besides breakaways he has hands of stone another small forward in a tough division (but i think he's proven himself against tough opponents already) won't win any fights (and might pull a cooke-turtle too) so... i don't know. burrows doesnt win you a cup, anyone who thinks that is retarded... but truth be told.. i think if kesler-hansen is a scoring line now, and our 4th is shut-down... maybe burrows SHOULD be on the 4th line (or scratched for a fighter) and have one of our young guys with HANDS stuck with kesler-hansen... burrows is definitly the least-skilled guy on that line now.. imagine what they could do with a true power forward making space for them?
  8. good read. i hope we get to see you in a canucks uniform next season!.. out of curiousity what kind of music do you play? i think the canucks dressing room needs some heavy metal \,,/
  9. don't argue with this guy, hes impervious to facts and reason