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  1. Calling all car mechanics

    Finally got it resolved. Like most of you, mechanic even thought it was the alternator. It appeared that the alternator was actually overcharging the battery. He thought his machine was malfunctioning when he tested the battery and saw what it said so he drove it to his friend's shop but his machine showed the same thing. So we replaced the alternator. It worked fine until I didn't drive it one day. Next day I went to start it... completely dead. Called the mechanic, he said it was likely the battery got damaged from overcharging, take it back to Canadian Tire and exchange it for a new one and then bring it in. I did but they wouldn't let me exchange it because they tested the battery and it showed it was fine. So I took it to the shop on Thursday of last week. He replaced the positive terminal and did a couple other things and even hooked up a different battery just to see. By fluke he had his metre connected and noticed there was a draw. Turns out it's something to do with the A/C so we took out the relay and left it. It's not going to be worth whatever it might cost to fix the A/C at the time being.
  2. I have a 1997 Doge Neon (I know I know but it was given to me for free). Last Tuesday I went to start but it wouldn't turn over or anything at all. Got it jumped. Figured I needed to replace the battery, so I did. It worked all week until Saturday. Sunday I didn't drive it at all. This morning when I went to drive to school... completely dead, again. Not sure if this could be related but depending on the day, sometimes the car will just turn off when I slow down at a light but it'll turn right back on. Some days it does it, some days it doesn't. Anybody have any idea what it might be?
  3. Nah dude it was my bad. I didn't know that the realignment was rejected when I posted what I did.

  4. They will be in the same conference but not the same "division" (since the NHLPA rejected the whole realignment plan for next year). Sorry, I put my quotes around the wrong word in the wall post.

  5. ... Your post on Kanucks25 wall... I don't even... Anaheim is going to be in the same conference as us so it doesn't make sense.


    My blackberry adds a +1 to all my numbers. I know how to set the country code to unknown but when I do that, my text messages come in with a +1 and then I don't know who it is texting me. How can I fix this??

    I recently got a blackberry 8520. I don't have long distance so when I go to call someone and it adds a +1 in front I can't call anyone. I turned it off in smart dialing but now I can't tell who somebody is when they text me. All the texts come in with a +1 still. How do I fix this??
  8. What are you listening to?
  9. What are you listening to?

    Nothing of your concert, PERVERT.
  10. Haha, I really hope so. Maybe it was crystal meth Abaddon.

  11. Then I ask you this, Did you?

  12. I cannot remember writing that comment

  13. Me? Flinch? You kid you kid.

  14. I think you are flinch