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  1. More!
  2. Not a new idea, but LED costs are coming way down to make the potential food output more substantial. This could eliminate the need for vast areas for farming around the world, the water shortage problem, water pollution problems from farming, and get fresh food closer to the areas where people live. Lab-grown meat is in the cards as well. And electric cars powered by renewables will be everywhere. The world is going to be a very different place in 25-30 years.
  3. Teams are literally lightening their loads while the NHL gears up the skill, and especially the "young" skill factor, heading into expansion.
  4. Yuck.
  5. Are you prepared?

    1. Wilbur


      No.  I mean, yes.  Maybe?

    2. DontMessMe


      ... To draft Logon brown at #5? 


      Im not... Cant wait to see all the CDC members rage IF Benning picks Brown at #5 

    3. Kazmanian Devil
  6. Cloutier was the most entertaining goaltender in Canucks history. Solid business move.
  7. New single by 90's band Garbage. Basic riff and song. I like the droning synth for the chorus though. Decent single.
  8. Entire first live performance, audio-only: Assessment: They deliver. Rage, PE and Cypress Hill songs. I gots goosebumps y'all.
  9. Glad Bonino's gone.  So he can get a shot at a cup.  He needed to be back on a 3rd line to do it.

    1. Time Lord

      Time Lord

      Still had 16 points in 15 games when Malkin was injured, playing on their 2nd line

    2. 87Crosby


      So happy for him, but he would never have that kind of success here. The speed of the penguins, their offense from defense and the star(s) they have are another class compared to Vancouver. He played with Kessel when Malkin was injured, here as a 2C he would have played with Vrbata. 

  10. Nothing like using fake reports from abroad to stir up nonsense at home.
  11. Oh wow. Big deal there. They're colorful.
  12. As top dog for Fox News, It's his job to be an antagonistic blowhard, but at what point does his act wear so thin that it's just background noise? Now he's saying black lives matter "kills americans" or some bs, doesn't really matter, and I can't help but feel that the general reaction to what he says is... Nothing. No reaction at all. It's Bill O'Reilly, therefore a fart in the wind has more relevance. Does it smell in here?