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  1. Music of 2013

    so anyone here going to squamish fest this year?
  2. Music of 2013

    its pretty good, although it doesn't touch their debut in my opinion
  3. Music of 2013

    halfway through and yeah its awesome. bradford sure does love that vocal distortion
  4. Music of 2013

    bradford is as insane as always, good to see. loving the new single.
  5. Music of 2013

    i'm pretty stoked for deerhunter, it'll be interesting to see where they go after halcyon
  6. Music of 2013

    yeah its pretty amazing. easily my favourite album of the year so far
  7. Music of 2013

    yeah i listened to about 30 seconds of their first single and decided i wasn't going to bother with the new album. their honestly just not the same band anymore
  8. Music of 2013

    new vampire weekend single get pumped! i've only listened to it once so far. its alright, lacks most of the fun that made their first album so great but its still a good tune.
  9. Music of 2013

    yeah, that's the only reason i ever checked it out haha. usually has interesting canadian lo-fi/punk stuff.
  10. Music of 2013

    telstar drugs - s/t from calgary i think, they remind me of deerhunter or women. one of my favourite guitar rock albums of the last couple years.
  11. Music of 2013

    they basically want the album to sound like afp live. which to be honest i prefer, but i still really like the new album even if it is essentially an eraser follow up.
  12. Music of 2013

    livin' in the trenches, postin' on cdc
  13. Music of 2013

    new flaming lips leaked earlier today
  14. Music of 2013

    i've watched the modest mouse and flips ones and they were both incredible.
  15. Music of 2013

    atoms for peace is so much better than king of limbs
  16. Music of 2013

    they remind me to much of the bland indie stuff they always play on the radio around here, the maccabees or whatever. i probably should give their debut another listen though.
  17. Music of 2013

    Iceage seems like it could be cool but I wasn't a huge fan of the vocals in the few songs I've heard by them.
  18. Music of 2013

    freal. those backwards tape loops too, so good. i'm surprised it doesn't get more attention generally, pretty easily their best ep, other than maybe everywhere and his nasty parlour tricks
  19. Music of 2013

    i assumed i had everything modest mouse has done, but i heard the fruit that ate itself today and its blowing my mind
  20. Music of 2013

    its bizarre how much it sounds almost exactly like a followup to loveless that could have been released in 1993
  21. Music of 2013

    so the new strokes song is depressingly bad. i think i'm going to have to give up on this band now.
  22. Music of 2013

  23. Music of 2013

    i'm crossing my fingers for a at the drive in reunion here. i actually enjoy the mars volta's first couple records haha, wanky prog rock if there was but it can be fun
  24. Music of 2013

    man if i had money
  25. Music of 2013

    so excited