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  1. meh. People went nuts over Bouwmeester a few years ago.
  2. What's wrong with the water levels? The controls are decent. Could use more green shells though. The Eel scared me as a kid. The Jolly Roger Bay theme is relaxing
  3. Although my love for gaming has died down quite a bit since my youth, and my main focus now is towards my future career, I'm really tempted to get a 3DS mainly for Mario Land 3D and Ocarina of Time. I really hope they continue to do remakes of classics, or sequels to the classics. I'm still waiting for the day this is re-made or made into a sequel. How great would this game look in 3d?! How sick it would be if Mario popped out of the screen every time he jumped.
  4. My mind was blown when I first played GTA 3 on the PS2.
  5. For once I don't feel too bad about being unemployed.... Lots of snow to shovel, but it ain't too bad.
  6. Love the user name. What's your high score in Bonestorm?

  7. gonna need a full size of your avatar. thanks

  8. yep. my sig came from a japanese magazine cover