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  1. I love their use of flash forwards. Very intriguing.
  2. meh. People went nuts over Bouwmeester a few years ago.
  3. What's wrong with the water levels? The controls are decent. Could use more green shells though. The Eel scared me as a kid. The Jolly Roger Bay theme is relaxing
  4. Although my love for gaming has died down quite a bit since my youth, and my main focus now is towards my future career, I'm really tempted to get a 3DS mainly for Mario Land 3D and Ocarina of Time. I really hope they continue to do remakes of classics, or sequels to the classics. I'm still waiting for the day this is re-made or made into a sequel. How great would this game look in 3d?! How sick it would be if Mario popped out of the screen every time he jumped.
  5. My mind was blown when I first played GTA 3 on the PS2.
  6. they're showing an encore right now!
  7. It's finally here, less than 24 hours!
  8. For once I don't feel too bad about being unemployed.... Lots of snow to shovel, but it ain't too bad.
  9. just finished season 1, love it. thanks CDC!
  10. Love the user name. What's your high score in Bonestorm?

  11. YES I'm at 7 badges in pokemon platinum. i'm so close!! but i'm so sick of playing it.
  12. i'm eating oatmeal crisp cereal. what are you having??
  13. gonna need a full size of your avatar. thanks

  14. yep. my sig came from a japanese magazine cover