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  1. Eriksson and Edler? Do We Really Need Them?

    Eriksson is such a waste of skin out there. That 6 shmill could have been thrown at Kane this offseason or OEL the next. Edler will be off the books soon enough, so no need to worry there.
  2. Elias Pettersson | C/LW

    I'm not sure what games you were watching but Pettersson was better than Andersson and most certainly Nylander. Nylander was quite disappointing, throughout the tournament.
  3. Stealth-Rebuild Is Possibly 91% Done!

    Not really, since we're already near the top of the NHL's organizational rankings. We have elite prospects at every position (Pettersson, Demko, Juolevi) who, along with Gaudette, are all top 50 prospects. We also boast depth that this organization hasn't seen in forever, with Lind, Gadjovich, Dipietro, etc. all developing nicely. Outside of maybe Philly, I can't think of too many teams I'd rank above the Canucks.
  4. Elias Pettersson | C/LW

    This I completely agree with. This current version of the Canucks is soft as warm butter and we need some physicality injected into the line-up. Hopefully, one or all of Lind, Gadjovich and Gaudette can provide that but we need more sandpaper. If we don't luck out and nab Dahlin/Boqvist, I wouldn't be angry if we added a 6ft 3", 220lbs Tkachuk to this group or even Kane. Couple that with Tryamkin possibly coming back and, hopefully, we lose the moniker of being easy to play against. We need some muscle and grit to augment what Petterson/Boeser/Dahlen would bring to the line-up.
  5. Olli Juolevi | D

    I would imagine last year's captain would be a shoe-in for this year's team, especially considering the season he's having in Liiga.
  6. This Team Has No JAM!

    We don't need knuckle-draggers or s**t-disturbers on this team; what we need are players with an insatiable drive to win and a infectious competitive fire. Players bound together with a pack mentality, willing to go to war with one another, who play with motor and stand up for their teammates, when pushed. The culture of this team is changing but it won't change completely until the Sedins and Edler hit the road. The Sedins are two of the best citizens hockey has ever seen, class acts in every way and deserving of their spot in the rafters of Rogers Arena. But they don't play hockey the way I, personally, would like to see the Canucks play it. Give me a Crosby, a Forsberg, a Messier, a Bobby Clarke... guys who absolutely hate to lose and would literally bleed out on the ice for a victory. These leaders set the tone for the roster and are the heart of their clubs. There's a reason other clubs have said that the Canucks are easy to play against and it's not because we don't have a roster of goons. We're just too damn polite. Damn I miss Kesler and Bieksa. Now, those guys had jam...
  7. [PGT] St. Louis Blues vs. Vancouver Canucks

    And people wonder why Canucks fans have such a bad reputation throughout the league as being fair-weather... If your team is not talented enough to win every night, the solution is not to boo them. "Fans" like yourself should just stay home.
  8. Nikita Tryamkin | D

    Bobby Orr, Doug Harvey and Raymond Bourque are generational defensemen. Do you really think Tryamkin was on that path? And who's to say how much influence Tryamkin and his wife had on his decision? You can't just start firing people when a player decides to leave, as the Canucks may not have really had any control in the situation.
  9. Elias Pettersson | C/LW

    I have a feeling that, in a few years time, four NHL teams will be wondering how the hell they let Elias Petterson slip through their fingers...
  10. Elias Pettersson | C/LW

    Where are these Peter Forsberg comparisons coming from? Forsberg's mesomorphic body type is completely different than Petterson's ectomorphic build, so don't get your hopes up that Petterson will fill out like Forsberg did. But, even beyond that, they don't play a similar style. Forsberg was a tough-as-nails, physical beast more similar to a guy like Kesler with that "I will do anything to win... even if it kills me" mentality. Does that really sound anything like Petterson? I think (well, at least, hope) that Petterson is going to be a tremendous NHL forward but Forsberg is the last comparison I'd use. I see more of Zetterberg/Backstrom type of player there.
  11. [Official] 2017 Training Camp Thread

    Alex Burrows has always played a better 200 ft game than Alex Ovechkin. Does that mean he was the better overall player? Boeser is ready. Pure and simple. Forcing him down to Utica is the wrong move.
  12. [Official] 2017 Training Camp Thread

    Even if he did start in the bottom six, Boeser wouldn't be playing limited minutes for long. He's the best right winger on the team.
  13. Brock Boeser | #6 | RW

    Backwards logic. So Boeser has to play in the NHL for a significant period of time before he proves he's ready for the opportunity to play in the NHL for a significant period of time? Nice paradox you've created for yourself there. Boeser HAS proven, in his brief stint with the Canucks, that he's ready for a long look at the NHL level. Whether he sticks is up to him. By your logic, no player ever proves they're ready for the NHL. Brock has done everything he can at the collegiate level and is ready for his chance, whether Stawns here likes it or not.
  14. Brock Boeser | #6 | RW

    You disagree, yet, your entire post is littered with inaccuracies. Gaudette and Dahlen won't be playing in Utica this year. Most of Vancouver's top prospect depth is still in junior or overseas and Travis Green is gone, so there's no reason to suspect that Utica is going to be all that much better than they were last season. Thinking he should be stuck in the minors to mentor other players, when he's never even played pro hockey himself, or to over-ripen him is not the solution. When a prospect is ready, they're ready. Brock has proven he's ready.
  15. Here is a little lesson in hockey management... there are no hard "trends" in the NHL. NHL success is dictated by the quality of the players on your team, not by the style they play. Do you honestly think that the NHL has changed so much, inside of a few years, that the narrative that big, hard-working teams can't compete is actually true? Yeah, no... Most second-rate GMs follow what they believe are growing trends and usually end up trying to catch up and just end up looking stupid. Every year, a different "style" of team wins the Cup and everyone thinks that "that's the way the NHL is going". Detroit wins and it's all about "European skill".... Boston and Los Angeles win and suddenly the shift is toward "size and grit". Then Pittsburgh shakes things up and all we here is "speed, speed, speed". One team wins with a Norris and Vezina-winner and suddenly everyone thinks that the key to success is to build from the next out. Then all that turns on it's head, when another team rides two generational talents to back-to-back Cups. Personally, I always got a kick out of the clowns who said that two-way centers like Toews and Bergeron were more valuable than elite skill players like Crosby, Malkin, McDavid and Karlsson, just because their respective teams won the Cup (without factoring in the other 22 players on the team. Now, all of sudden, defense is the only way to win championships. But what does it really takes to win a championship? A damn good team, regardless of the style that team plays. Even though everyone likes to think there's a magic recipe to success, that's simply not true. What do all the recent Cup winners have in common? They're all tremendously well built, with franchise-level talent, a plethora of depth throughout their line-up and tremendous leadership. Whether that skill and depth is tough, skilled or speedy, isn't the reason they won. It was because they were damn good. The Canucks will find success not from following trends but accumulating as much talent and depth as possible, whether they're skilled or gritty, North American or European, big or small. Just focus on building the best team to can.