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  1. Given the conference Brock plays in and the fact that he lead his team to a championship, scoring four points in the final game, I'd say their years were pretty comparable. And they finished their seasons scoring at around the same clip. Boeser also plays a more complete, all-around game than Connor.
  2. Brouwer won't be signing in Vancouver.
  3. Trust me. It's not going to happen.
  4. Crosby has been miles ahead of anyone on the ice. The third line is the beneficiary of Crosby drawing pretty much everything the other teams can throw at him, leaving them to prey on the weaker match-ups. Sid has been an absolute force so far in the Finals.
  5. If you need a reliable mini-van and someone offers you an Audi R8 for the same price, you don't pass on the Audi because it's not what you were originally looking for. You take the most valuable asset and figure things out from there. Edmonton won't pass on a chance to throw a 6ft 3" franchise winger on McDavid's right side, unless they can acquire something really sexy through trade.
  6. If Columbus is dumb enough to pass on Pulijujarvi, I can almost guarantee that Edmonton won't be.
  7. Lol, give me a break. You've never even seen him play, buddy.
  8. That chart really doesn't look all that bad. Only Bonino is a successful regular NHL contributor and that's playing on a line with two top six wingers, while Crosby and Malkin earn all the toughest match-ups. After that, none of those assets could end up contributing, in a major way, at the NHL level. And I like how that list conveniently sets the cut-off before Benning's fleecing of Calgary in the Baertschi deal.
  9. There's no guarantee he would have had 90 points. Let's see him keep that up for an entire season. McDavid was almost nine months old than Sid was when he skated onto NHL ice, and by the time Sid was the age McDavid's is now, he was well on his way to sweeping the Art Ross, Lindsay, and Hart and was the best player in the world. McDavid needs to prove himself, before he's mentioned alongside Sid.
  10. The thing is, there is no defenseman in this draft on Hanifin's level and none are worthy of passing on one of Tkachuk or PLD.
  11. Clague or Johansen would be great and I'd be doing cartwheels if a guy like Logan Stanley fell to us. If he and Tryamkin could develop into top 4 defensemen... look the f**k out! Hoping Day is still on the board with our third. IMO, his personal off-ice issues (his brother's manslaughter charges, his mother's SLE issues) are the mostly likely reason his development seems to have stagnated. If he can use these distractions as motivation and grow from them, he might finally put all the tools together. He's one of the greatest skaters I've ever seen at the junior level.
  12. I think a foundational piece is an important component of a roster who helps augment star and franchise players. I don't think Benning was a referring to Sutter as a player you build a franchise around but, rather, someone who is key to the foundation of a strong, deep roster. IMO, he's correct. I'd look at foundational guys as players like Brouwer, Fisher, Oshie, etc. Not guys who you're going to dish out 10 million dollars to and build around for the next decade but key pieces to a winning team.
  13. All I could do was shake my head at this circus. It was like a bunch of school children crying to their teacher... "He bumped into MEEE!!!". And then Mulcair steps on his hero soapbox and starts yelling comments above "elbowing a woman". Give me a break. She made a bigger scene than Mike "cry me a river" Ribeiro... he barely touched her. These are the people running our country? Grow a pair.
  14. Uh, do chartweels up to the draft floor where they draft a franchise winger in Puljujärvi.
  15. You say that as if we already have a top line center lined up. We need a #1 center, in the worst way.