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  1. Team toughness is my biggest concern going into 2017/18. We were already getting pushed around a lot, leading to a landslide of injuries. Now, we're without Sbisa and Tryamkin, two guys who weren't afraid to push back. We have way too many soft forwards on the team, and soft defense. Dorsett and Gudbranson alone do not make a tough team to play against. Dorsett is lucky to play 10 mins a game. It's going to be another season of being pushed around, watching the Sedins get abused, and seeing the injuries pile up again. Benning needs to wake up and realize physicality is still a huge part of hockey. Beef this team up already.
  2. I've been to Tampa multiple times, but thanks for assuming. I've been to several places across the states and Canada and again, outside of the Canucks, if I was drafted, I'd want it to be Tampa. If San Diego had an NHL team, then that might come ahead, but until then, Tampa is where it's at.
  3. Beautiful beaches close by, Florida weather, it's perfect. I could care less about the party scene or whatever.
  4. Tampa for sure. I've watched a game there and it's so incredible. One minute watching ice hockey inside, next walking outside in perfect weather with palm tree galore.
  5. It really is such a stupid, time-delaying thing, the coach's challenge for offside. If they're so by-the-book, wanting to make sure it's 'on side', why can it only apply directly after a goal is scored? For instance, what if a team came in offside, but the other team's goalie covered it right away, creating a new face-off, but the off-side team scores right off the face off? Shouldn't that be allowed to be challenged too? It's all so lame. If the linesmen miss it, it gets missed. That's part of the game. There are a lot of missed calls in any game.
  6. This is a pretty funny read. Can't watch the live, so appreciate the humour here.
  7. I'm just going to say right now that if Tanev is traded to Toronto, Benning will need to go, stat.
  8. Oh good! We maintain our 4 pm start time in our home game against the Leafs. Wouldn't want to upset any Leaf fans out there in Ontario. We live to serve!
  9. Tanev is our best defenseman right now. He was a plus player on one of the very worst teams last year. Given the loss of Tryamkin and Sbisa, I'm all for keeping Tanev. He has next to no offense, but the quiet and effective job he does on the back end is gold, and that type of talent isn't easy to replace.
  10. I think Tanev was a plus player... more reason for him to stay.
  11. I feel bad for the son. Imagine a mom like that? What kind of man will he become?
  12. They would teach every kid in school that Indigenous people migrated to North America. I'm not saying that may be true. But consider the following: Indigenous beliefs (including spiritual) are on the basis that Indigenous people across North America (otherwise known as Turtle Island) started on their land. All of their creation stories have similarities, and none of them are about travelling from other parts of the world; Despite what was believed for years about the crossings from Siberia to Alaska over ice ages, genetic evidence is still lacking, and they're finding new fossils locally that go further and further back in time in North America. I've heard it said that government(s) were quick to support the land bridge theories because it makes all 'settlers' and their ancestors feel less guilty about invading land that was previously occupied. Just some thoughts to hopefully open some new perspectives. Do any of us know for sure, without a doubt? If not, then why act certain about something that offends another culture's worldviews? Is it, in fact, to make you feel better about your own place on the traditional territory on which you stand?
  13. He seemed to take a lot of shifts off, and his outspoken attitude in the press was his nail in the coffin last season. A new coach, new season and new opportunity exists now. Hopefully he has matured and become more consistent. He's still quite young and has so many assets, I don't think anyone is giving up on him yet.
  14. People have always been so negative about climate change, which is very strange when Canada seemingly has a lot to gain. Most of our country currently is inhabitable. 75% of our population is within 100 miles of the US border. If it does warm up by several degrees, our country could become a world power down the road. We could be growing all kinds of fruits and veggies where there was only ice before. True leaders will tell you that change is good. Embrace it. Keep your car running longer. Don't turn off the lights just because you're leaving a room. Keep the water running when you're brushing your teeth. You're helping your country!
  15. Poor response by the police officer, but all we see in the video is the aftermath. The murdered man had apparently told the officer he had a gun in the car, and he was reaching for something in his pocket when told not to. Police at times do need to make snap decisions, as their lives are often on the line. Too many guns in the US, period.