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  1. Would love to watch this game too.
  2. Is Tuesday's game televised?
  3. Foolish of Boston to do this deal at the peak of his career, coming off his point high last season and looking like he belongs on Team Canada. My guess is Boston regrets the signing within two years from now.
  4. Kucherov is a very special player, and worth the picks. He'd put bums in seats and make us an instant contender with Sedins still around. Plus Tryamkin would have another buddy.
  5. I guess that's one building owner who doesn't take sh!t from anyone. not the best satire, but whateverwhatever.
  6. If the British really cared about us, they wouldn't have let the US push Alaska borders into BC. Look at a map and let's fight to get our coastline back!
  7. Yo Gs, minimal lifestyle dudes. Great strategy is to wear underwear inside out, get double the use of each pair, cut the supply in half. Maybe even go without.
  8. Love it. Babych rocks. Still tough as nails. I wonder if he used his moustache to help get them down the cliff.
  9. I have no doubt you're a fine owner, and sorry to hear about having to put your pet down. The bottom line to me is the incredible amount of avoidable tragedies that do occur by dangerous breeds due in part because of irresponsible owners. Pit bulls and other dangerous breeds have the potential to be killing machines. I'm glad to hear yours was the opposite, but it doesn't change my opinion on a solution the best serves victims and future potential victims.
  10. CTV BC: Surrey pit bull attack stirs up debate (from 3 days ago) Best quote in here: "It seems like through all these tragedies that people would wake up and see that these dogs are not meant to be pets."
  11. Ignorance is blaming the media for giving dangerous breeds a bad name.
  12. The ratio doesn't matter. Dangerous dog breeds are regularly hurting other pets, innocent children, and elders. There is no excuse for owning one when THOUSANDS of other breeds are available. What do dangerous breeds offer that others don't that would justify putting innocent lives in danger? Maybe they make those with size issues feel ... Bigger?
  13. Exactly. Sean, you're saying every Rotty you've encountered is wonderful. That's your data? I'm linking videos that give evidence of a problem. Childish much indeed?
  14. Calling someone a troll is such a cop-out."this person must be a troll because I disagree with him and he's not using any pro-dangerous breed data'
  15. All pet owners are passionate about their pets. I think the most common attacks from dangerous breeds happen when they start to attack another dog first, then the owners try to get involved. Those kind of attacks are so cruel, because the less dangerous dog plus the owner suffers. This video captures it. And keep watching from 2:45 onwards to see how terrifyingly hard it is to shake a dangerous breed off another dog once it has its bite on it.