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  1. I like Edler and Tanev, they're both stud dmen. Age is the factor with Edler. His career has been hit by two primary pain points that linger and occasionally rise up to damage his play. One is his back problems that can periodically make him half the player that be can be. The other is his confidence problems that spawned from his time with Mr. Tortorella. Deep injuries never truly disappear, they can re-emerge to hamper any consistency, and with Edler, those two issues continue to impact his game.
  2. This international trailer has some subtle differences. I think I like it more, aside from the subtitles.
  3. Pulls his goalie too early in games and pulls himself out before his signed contract is done as Coach. Classless and self-centred. I hope he doesn't get any other offers. Refuses to be on a team in tough times. Just like when he refused to play with Montreal.
  4. Just saying, a true vintage jersey of the modern day Jets is actually a Thrashers jersey. I bet the Winnipeg fans would go wild over that.
  5. Why are the Winnipeg Jets wearing the vintage jerseys of the Phoenix Coyotes? More like Heritage Classless.
  6. Losing Hamhuis is a big enough blow. If we lose Tanev via trade, our goals against will balloon to something nasty this year.
  7. With a name like Oldnews, it's surprising you don't realize that not every old news sound byte circa 1993/94 was kept on the World Wide Web to pull for your reference, but I can assure you it was said. What else is a big brother supposed to say?
  8. Pavel Bure said the same about his brother Valeri.
  9. Character guy who is good to have on a team whether winning or losing. Hope he makes it.
  10. Child or baby, point being people do make mistakes for any number of reasons. I hope the next time you make one people are more accepting than you would be.
  11. It was foolish and costly for her to leave the car, but I wouldn't be so judgemental. The article mentions her baby was in the car. Parents of newborns are extremely sleep deprived and vulnerable to brain farts and domestic disputes. I'm surprised the government allows such access to these animals, to be able to do drive throughs.
  12. The guy's reaction is curious in this video. He gets out of the vehicle then hesitates as if he's about to go back in, then runs after the animal. If he had time to consider the best option at that point, it would be to get in his vehicle and try to run over the animal (while trying to avoid hitting his partner). And honking the horn the whole time.
  13. Any such global attempt like this would come at a cost, namely an invasion on everyone's privacy and loss of some other basic human rights. There is no easy solution with this one in my opinion. It's partially an unwanted side effect of democracy, mass populations, social media, mental health issues, gun availability, govt corruption, etc.
  14. This is more racism. Keep it more respectful.