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  1. NHL expansion rules spoil new markets

    It became apparent quite early in the year that the expansion rules have swung too far, and the Golden Knights, as well as the GM is, have been spoiled by the NHL. There is no way an expansion team should be playing in the Cup finals, and quite possibly win the Cup. It's just not right.
  2. This trade was a massive gamble for the organization. There were no secrets about Cory Schneider - everyone knew he had a very strong future in the NHL as a starter, with a very solid NHL record up to that point. Bo Horvat's value was entirely based on potential at that point, with no ideas of whether his skills would translate to the NHL. It was a ballsy move, and seemed insane at the time, but now it's clear the value of Horvat was worth the hefty price tag. I'd do it again. Bo Horvat is a genuine winner, with his best days still to come.
  3. I’ve heard that scientists plan to try Facetime with the aliens. It allows an up close look and talk without truly being in-your-face. It’s all about the personal bubble space with aliens.

    Boring..???? What do you mean? We have the Burrows thread pinned. That’s hip and relevant!
  5. Cool topic. I haven't seen the shows yet - are they on Netflix? I often wondered if life as we know it may have actually come from Mars or Venus. These planets are old, and Venus was probably like Earth once upon a time. Same with Mars.
  6. Nikita Tryamkin | D

    All the legitimate interviews that I've seen so far suggest Tryamkin is seriously contemplating a return to the Canucks once his contract is up. I think the fact he isn't wanting to engage with media about it right now when his mind isn't entirely made up is totally acceptable. He still has two years on his contract. My sense is though that he'll be ready for a return when it's up.
  7. [Report] Maple Leafs name Kyle Dubas General Manager

    That's swell of Toronto to announce this on the heels of a Jets Game 7 victory to help steal any deserved attention on sites like Sportsnet. Front page news isn't the Jets going to the conference finals, it's the Leaf's new GM. Classy!
  8. Bolts in 7. It should be highly entertaining.
  9. March 8, 1979

    Today’s Jets or Bolts wouldn’t survive against that old team. Take away all the extra padding on today’s players, give them wooden sticks and basic skates and they’d get outworked and outspanked by our 70s team.
  10. [Discussion] Missed Opportunity: The Third Sedin

    I would have loved to see them play with Loui Erikkson! They played great together for Sweden. I think that would have been the ultimate line, and possibly could have postponed the Sedins’ retirement plans.
  11. Bure / Churla from 1994

    Nasty hit, but well deserved. In today's game, Bure would have never needed to do that because Churla would have been given tons of penalty minutes already for his interference / charging / hooking / roughing / high sticking on Bure in the instances that led up to it. Well, then again, Stars Vs. Canucks in the playoffs.. maybe I'm just dreaming that the refs would be making the right calls for us.
  12. God yes. We are going to need a top 4 defenseman. If we can pull that off, I say yes please.
  13. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    I fully agree. Not only is this thread an embarrassment the makes Canucks fans look like we're stuck in the past, but it conflicts with this board's own rules, given Burrows played for another team for the past year before retiring. Yet the mods turn a blind eye like it was a Sharks vs. Canucks playoff game. For the first half year beyond Burrows' Canuck departure it was tolerable, but it stays pinned, bumping out legitimate and relevant topics from the first page. Not dissing Burrows, he was great. But this thread now sits atop the page like a mod's own personal abuse of power, slowly tarnishing the original beauty that this thread contained. I mean, the Sedins meant just as much to this organization, they *just* retired as Canucks and there are currently no first page threads on them. It's time to move forward and get excited about the current roster.
  14. Could you imagine if they enforced the goalie interference rule in the playoffs when the Canucks played the Hawks those past seasons? We would have beat them every game based on that call.
  15. Marchand Told by NHL to Stop Licking Players

    The issue I have with it is that in a way, it seems like Marchand is pretending he is gay.. I recall he made some comment in a joking way afterwards to the media that the Leaf player was cute. In a way, the whole thing has a homophobic vibe to it by Marchand, acting like the best way to be a pest is to be some raging homosexual on the ice. That's where I would focus any efforts if I was the NHL. If it's supposed to be an inclusive league, Marchand shouldn't make light of that kind of thing.