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  1. In the new collective bargaining agreement that is being done up, they should retroactively penalize teams that took on contracts of players who were on long-term injury and had no intention of playing again. It’s just as sneaky of a way of circumventing the cap as the Luongo contract, and in my mind it’s worse because it unfairly rewards teams that have huge markets and funds to be able to get away with it, when the whole point of the cap was to bring smaller market clubs onto an even playing field.
  2. Luckily, a lot of their players hadn’t returned to St. Louis yet to practice. But of the small group who were practicing together, O’Reilly, Tarasenko, and Pietrangelo were all in the mix.
  3. Put a GPS chip in them and monitor their whereabouts, especially Auston Matthews and Virtanen.
  4. The interviewer and his agent spoke like it was a fact that he couldn’t start until start of next season, so I’m just assuming these playoffs are a no-go. It’s a shame though, especially since Benn is likely leaving the team for a period when his child is born, and will likely have to quarantine before coming back. Plus, we know how quickly our defence can get decimated.
  5. It’s almost time that we see Tryamkin signed. He’ll be critical to our defense next year. It’s just a shame we have to wait until ... December?... until he’s able to play for the Canucks at the start of the season.
  6. Crap! Killer whales are walking now? This can’t be good.
  7. The NHL's return-to-play agreement that is being finalized will allow players to opt out of this summer's restart. Are there any Canucks who you think would choose to opt out? I feel like it's a long shot, but people have potentially different health-related reasons with folks in their respective bubbles, and then you have other situations, like Toffoli, who becomes a UFA, and may not want to injure himself before signing a new contract, and Horvat, whose family just welcomed their newborn. I'm hoping the whole team remains available, but if anyone decides to opt out, who do you think it would be?
  8. Will he opt out of the play in? Will he end his contract early? Will he be our playoff MVP? We he score another own goal? The sky is the limit!
  9. That’s good. I feel better about having the Canucks in Edmonton than Vegas. Interesting to see players will have the option to opt out of return to play. Hopefully all of the Canucks are dedicated to the cause.
  10. Fight the power! These are beauty sweaters and they’re Petey’s favorites. Might as try to make him feel as good and confident as he can be for play-ins.
  11. Assuming some of these games are played in the same arena, I wonder what they’ll do if some games go into lengthy overtime. Start times could start to go out the window.
  12. Congrats! And glad this was able to happen before the potential restart of the NHL. That’s a big sacrifice that Bo may have to make to be away from his little one for some time if the Canucks are able to do any damage in the playoffs.
  13. I say dark skate jerseys in Vegas. That should keep the Corona away!
  14. Not sure if this was posted yet or not, but as per Sportsnet: • If the NHL does not return to play, the following eight teams (based on points percentage) will have equal 12.5% odds of winning the pick: Canadiens, Blackhawks, Coyotes, Wild, Jets, Rangers, Panthers, Blue Jackets Let’s hope the season doesn’t get cancelled. Ironically, since BC said no the hub health criteria, we may have created enough concern and doubt in the minds of the players to sink it all when it comes time to vote.
  15. So worst case scenario now is that the season extension/ playoffs don’t happen, because in that situation we don’t finish bottom 8 by win %, plus we don’t get any playoff experience.