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  1. Kind of a side note thought... several times throughout the game I kept thinking how impressive Demko's stick handling is. He is quite impressive handling the puck out of his crease.
  2. I heard the two refs for the game are Stephane Auger (out of retirement) and Ron MacLean (first NHL game, apart from an NHL preseason game in 2006). Should be a beauty!
  3. Convincing win! Go Canucks! I hope Elder gets better soon. My guess is that he's having back spasms again this season.
  4. Let this be the beginning of a winning streak. We need to get back to some basics and get us some Ws.
  5. So much shade on this PGT for TG. Credit due to Pens, they have some skill and pressed hard. It was an entertaining game. Unfortunate that we didn’t get any points, but I still have faith. We’re still destined for playoffs this season.
  6. Great game. It's nice to see such jump back in the boys. Edler's injury, I wouldn't be surprised if it was actually from the Ovechkin hit early in the game, maybe tweaked Edler's back from it or something. That's my guess, as it was a very heavy hit. EP, what a shot! Wowzers. Horvat, great to see him win it for the team. Markstrom is a keeper in every sense of the word. We need him to sign long term.
  7. I have one of those weird feelings that Tryamkin's name will be on Lord Stanley's cup. I really hope it's with the Canucks. Can't wait to see this guy back in Vancouver. Also, as much as I like really like Gaudette, the #88 doesn't look as good on him as it does Tryamkin. Since Lindros, that number feels best worn with size. The again, maybe Tryamkin can sport #44, like past big bodied Canucks in that number.
  8. I've really liked JV's game the past half dozen or so. He's bringing a great energy and mixing it up a fair bit. He's an agitator, and getting more involved.
  9. Eriksson is so done with this team, and vice-versa. He's like a dead rat, stinking up the basement. We need to call in the professionals to clear him out of here.
  10. Not too concerned either. We'll turn this around. Glad we weren't shut out.
  11. Nobody could have seen just how injured this guy would get over the past couple of years, but now it’s almost becoming comical. For me, I have zero expectations for him at this point in terms of whether he plays in the NHL, and if he does, it’ll be a bonus.
  12. Sexy jerseys! Agree with an earlier post that white would be better, but black skate jersey is great too. I feel our jerseys will help win this one. Also, as the season goes on, I get more excited to see Demko start. I'm thinking he's deserving of more starts these days.