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  1. Just addicted to a smash hit video
  2. I hate Brenda and a.. bad guy hit me in the shin and I peed all in my pants!
  3. Since Edler went down early against the Avalanche, we're 3-1 without him. We're a below .500 team. Aren't we supposed to be missing him?
  4. I doubt we would have made it to OT with Edler in the line-up. He's had an awful season, oldnews. Sorry to break it to you.
  5. I have to admit that I didn't really miss Edler tonight. It sure would be great to get something for him.
  6. I'd love to see Tryamkin get nastier out there. I wonder if bringing Pedan into the line-up would help Tryamkin in that sense. They speak the same language.. maybe Pedan's short temper would begin to rub off too.
  7. Victory. Thank god(bransen)
  8. One of the most important games of the year. We're not winning with shots and not playing very physical. Fire Willie?
  9. Kadri looking like a chicken flapping its wing. That's a penalty??!
  10. So help me, if the Canucks lose this game, I'm going to fire Willie myself.
  11. Tryamkin needs to get angrier out there.
  12. Nothing fancy, just take lots of shots. Crash and get rebounds.
  13. Canucks haven't been strong finishers. Hopefully they do it tonight.
  14. Spooner to be traded to Canucks?
  15. Canucks 2 minutes for melting the ice.