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  1. I'm still so pissed off that Tryamkin signed with the KHL. A giant, young, positionally sound defenseman gone. He was one of the few players on the team who could intimidate. This guy needs to get his priorities straight and get back into the NHL.
  2. Cool story bro. You must be living out in Atlin or thereabouts. Watch out for forest fires from tossed cig butts.
  3. Nice... Vancouverites can now be fined $500 for improperly discarding cigarettes By Yuliya Talmazan A number of new changes to the City of Vancouver’s fire bylaw could cost offenders a pretty penny. From now on, Vancouver Fire & Rescue Services says a fine of $500 can be levied against anyone who discards burning material that creates a hazardous situation. Anyone tossing cigarettes or other burning material onto grass, vegetation or debris can be fined by a fire prevention officer or police officer. Capt. Jonathan Gormick, public information officer with Vancouver Fire & Rescue Services, told Global News no such fines have been levied before. “We have always had a massive increase in the number of vegetation brush fires through the month of July, August and September, specifically in 2015 when we had that extremely dry season.” Gormick says previously the only fine that could be imposed was for littering, but it did not reflect the degree of hazard that was caused by improperly discarded smoking materials. “With this new increased fine and with the ability for both fire prevention officers and police officers to issue it, we are hoping it encourages people to discard cigarettes in an ash tray or one of the numerous smoking material receptacles throughout the City of Vancouver,” he said. In addition, fines of $750 per day can now be levied against property owners who leave unoccupied buildings in an unsecured state to help combat an ongoing increase in vacant-home fires and vandalism. Gormick says there were close to 40 fires in vacant or unoccupied properties in Vancouver in 2016. Finally, anyone found to have maliciously activated a fire alarm system, or falsely and maliciously reported a fire could now be subject to a $500 fine.
  4. Car commercials. They're on all the time. Can't go to the movies without seeing half a dozen. Car companies, spend less on commercials and be able to charge less for your vehicles.
  5. Injured, left game 3. That's a big loss for the Sens. Hopefully he returns for Game 4.
  6. His fights were legendary. Not sure if I believe he never wasted a shift, as one commentor suggested, but boy could he throw them. He'd certainly be beating any Canuck who challenged him to a pulp for the Jets today.
  7. I don't follow Utica very closely, but that's a concern and unfortunate to hear. Sure enough, Pedan was +17 while Subban was -5 last season. Not a great sign.
  8. Never believe that kind of sibling talk. Pavel said the same about Valerie Bure.
  9. He sure hasn't had much opportunity yet. I'd like to see him stay throughout preseason to have a good look. We could definetly use his offensive ability to quarterback a power play unit. At this point, I'd take some defensive risk for a team that can score more.
  10. I will laugh when the Leafs take two steps back in 2017/18, fail to make the playoffs and see Las Vegas beat them in the standings. It's more of a possibility than some will let on.
  11. That wasn't Dean's only mistake. How about naming a dog Buttons? It's harder to take the whole thing seriously when he keeps going on about how Buttons is shaking and upset.
  12. I'm beginning to think this might be a particularly tough year if a team from Nashville wins the cup before we do. I mean, Nashville? Really?
  13. It's been a rough couple of years, but we can't complain about the overall success in the last dozen or so years. I have to say though, watching a lot of the playoffs this year really reminded me of what good hockey is supposed to look like. We have a ways to go yet.
  14. I can't argue with any of that. it's an interesting and bizarre video to discuss.
  15. It still doesn't seem to add up as a scam. Too much risk involved, including the fact you'd be in court up against someone with potentially a clean record - so if you tried it more than once, the system would know instantly. If the man filming the video is innocent of anything that may have provoked her, I'd put my money on mental health issue.