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  1. seriously, do we know if there is another channel on Shaw?
  2. Baseball sucks so bad. Do we know if there is a safe channel that will show the Canucks game?
  3. Excited to see how Pedan looks out there. Big and mean, yes please.
  4. Arr, ahoy mateys. Where be th' game day thread fer th' Canucks first preseason game happenin' tomorrow? I be excited t' watch th' canucks again. Be Burrows in th' line-up?
  5. Agreed, best Canucks out there today. Love his energy and heart, and his wicked smile is very Lapierre like.
  6. Pits and the Oilers may be the only two teams that could get away with winning on talent alone, because they have generational talents on their team. If we get so lucky and land a Crosby of McDavid, I'm fine with no toughness. (And that's not saying Pits and Oilers don't have tough players, but they'll find ways to win with whoever they insert with Crosby and McDavid) But until then, I'll prefer having a healthy dose of sandpaper and grit on this team.
  7. Finally! Good deal, and relief from this fan to see him signed for several years.
  8. I'd rather win and pound the pulp out of teams than win 10-0. You need toughness to survive four rounds of playoffs.
  9. I'm good with this signing. He's getting older but can still score, and good trade value if and when we head towards the basement.
  10. Thanks, I noticed that too. Also, I noticed has low prices too. My understanding is that these websites are legit, but essentially a coordination site for scalper tickets. I'm confused why they would have better prices for tickets compared to ticketmaster / main Canucks site for preseason games. WHL teams just about give away tickets to their preseason games. Why do the Canucks / ticketmaster insist on $100+ a ticket? It would cost my family of four far more to watch a meaningless preseason Canucks game than a priority regular season game in most American markets. For a rebuilding team, Canucks need to give some of us dogs a bone.
  11. Thank you for sharing. That takes a lot of courage and shows vulnerability. And good on you to learn to forgive someone in this respect - ti shows an incredible amount of maturity.
  12. Such a frustrating player. Streaky, and as soon as he starts getting hot, he gets injured. He seems riddled with bad luck.